Is there Rent Control Law in the Philippines?

You probably don’t know it, but there is a law controlling rent prices of most “Houses for Rent” in the Philippines. Did you know that this law forbids a landlord from arbitrarily increasing the monthly rent charged to a house?

Housing rentals are covered by the Philippines’ Rent Control Act of 2009, a law which may not be familiar to most renters in the Philippines but actually has been approved and in effect in the country since 2009. This “Rent Control Law” is essentially intended to protect millions of Filipino renters nationwide.

According to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2018, there are at least 1.5 million renters in the country, and 97% of these renters are renting units with rates costing P10,000 per month and below.

The Rent Control Law, therefore, provides a much needed relief to millions of Filipinos still without their own homes and left with no choice but to rent property.

The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) is the government agency in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Philippines’ Rent Control Law or the Republic Act (RA) 9653 or “An Act Establishing Reforms in the Regulation of Rent of Certain Residential Units, Providing the Mechanisms Therefore and For Other Purposes”.

RA 9653 was approved in 2009 and expired on December 31, 2013. Since then, the HUDCC has been extending the provisions of the Act — and its latest extension is from January 1, 2018 until December 31, 2020.

This means the applicable rules and regulations of the Rent Control Law — its most salient points explained below — are valid until December 31, 2020.

Here are ten (10) important items from the “Rent Control Act” which you probably are not aware of but ought to know, regardless if you are a renter or a landlord.

1. Only houses with rent P10,000 and below are covered by law

The Rent Control Law or RA 9653 covers residential units in these locations charging the following rental amounts:

  • (a) in Metro Manila with monthly rent between one peso (P1.00) and ten thousand pesos (P10,000) per month; and
  • (b) in other highly urbanized cities in the country, with monthly rent between one peso (P1.00) and five thousand pesos (P5,000).

This simply means the Rent Control Law applies only to houses for rent in Metro Manila charging rent of up to Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000) per month and houses for rent in other cities, outside Metro Manila, charging rent of up to Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000) per month.

Rent here refers to housing rent alone and does not include water, electricity, utility, or other charges that may be charged to the renter.

The covered units do not refer to “house and lots” solely. Specifically, these units as defined in the law include:

  • 1. Apartments;
  • 2. Houses and/or land on which another’s dwelling is located and used for residential purposes; and
  • 3. Buildings or parts thereof, which are being used solely as dwelling units, boarding houses, dormitories, rooms, and bed spaces.

Condo units fall under number 3 above, which means they are covered by the Rent Control Law as long as the monthly rent is P10,000 and below.

2. Units with monthly rent above P10,000 are exempted

Housing units that charge rental rates beyond Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000) per month are NOT covered by the Rent Control Act.

The law, in effect, exempts these units from coverage, which means whatever amount of rent and escalation rates, if any, will depend on the agreement between the landlord and tenant.

The owner may charge any amount he or she wishes as long as the prospective tenant will accept it. The parties are also free to negotiate and agree on rate increases and frequency of such increase, since there is no law governing units with monthly rent above P10,000.

3. Rent-to-own units, commercial spaces, motels, and hotels not covered

Rented units which are used as motels, motel rooms, hotels, and hotel rooms are not covered by RA 9653.

Commercial spaces, including those used for home industries, retail stores, or other business purposes, if the owner and his or her family actually live therein and use it principally for dwelling purposes, are also not covered.

Units under a rent-to-own scheme also do not fall under the Rent Control Act because they are governed by separate contracts. Typically in this contract, the landlord may engage the tenant in a rent-to-own agreement that will allow the transfer of ownership of the rented unit to the tenant at a later date. This is a separate, binding agreement between the lessor and lessee and, as such, is exempted from the Rent Control Act.

4. “1 Month Advance, 2 Months Deposit” is illegal

The law is clear regarding the imposition of the “1 Month Advance, 2 Months Deposit” rule. Owners of residential units cannot demand more than that; anything beyond it is considered illegal.

In addition, the law requires landlords to deposit said “2 Months Deposit” in a bank under the lessor’s name. Interestingly, all interest that accumulated and accrued on the deposit shall be returned to the tenant at the expiration of the rental contract, according the law.

The deposit and accrued interest may be used, as allowed by law, to pay the remaining obligations of the lessee, including unpaid bills on water, electricity, telephone, and other utility bills, or for the repair of damages and replacement of broken furniture, accessories, or components in the rented unit.

These portions of the law are surely noteworthy, but we’re sure very, very few unit owners abide by this rule. We’ve heard stories of landlords requiring “2 Months Advance, 2 Months Deposit”, sometimes even more — clearly a violation of the law — but no one seems to have been prosecuted for this violation.

5. Maximum 2% price increase for Houses with Rent below P5,000

As prescribed by the Rent Control Act, residential units charging monthly rent of up to P4,999.00 can only increase the rental price a maximum of two percent (2%) per year. Anything above 2% is not allowed.

For example:

From January to December 2018, Spiderman rented the unit of Lady Vermin with monthly rent of P2,500. On January 2019, Lady Vermin is increasing the rate to P2,550 per month. Is this allowed?

Answer: Yes. The rent may be increased by a maximum of 2%, that is, a maximum of P50 (computed as P2,500 x 2%) since the rent is less than P5,000. Therefore, by January 2019, the new monthly rent of P2,550 that will be charged to Spiderman is allowed by law.

6. Maximum 7% price increase for Houses with Rent from P5,000 to P8,999

Housing units charging monthly rent of P5,000 to P8,999, meanwhile, are not allowed to increase rates by more than seven percent (7%) per year, if the unit is occupied by the same tenant.

Example #1:

A condo unit in BGC is charging P8,000 monthly rent. By how much can the rent of this condo be increased next year? (See also: Tips when Buying Condo Units in the Philippines)

Answer: P560.00, because rent can only be increased by a maximum of 7%. (P8,000 x 7% is P560.00). Thus, for next year, the condo owner can raise the rental rate charged to the tenant up to P8,560.00 per month.

Example #2:

Pepper Potts was paying rent of P8,000 per month to landlord Thanos before deciding to leave the unit. Iron Man saw the vacancy and was interested to move in, but Thanos told him the monthly rent is now P9,000 — an increase of 12.5% from the P8,000 rent paid by the previous tenant, Pepper Potts. Is this allowed?

Answer: Yes, landlords are allowed to increase the rental rate, beyond the set percentage limit, to be charged to a new renter. Even if it’s beyond the 7% maximum rate prescribed by RA 9653, this is allowed since the landlord is not prohibited from charging a new rental rate to a new renter.

The only exception to this rule is when the housing unit is offered for rent to students. (See No. 8 below)

7. Maximum 11% Price Increase for Houses with Rent from P9,000 to P10,000

According to the provisions of the Rent Control Act, houses for rent charging monthly rent of P9,000 up to P10,000 are only allowed to increase rates by a maximum of eleven percent (11%) per year, if the unit is occupied by the same tenant. Any price increase beyond 11% is not allowed.

For example:

The monthly rent for a condo unit in Makati is P9,000. What is the allowed rental increase for next year if the unit will be rented by the same tenant?

Answer: P990.00, because rent may be increased by a maximum of 11% (that’s P9,000 x 11% = P990.00). This means the new rental rate for next year can be increased to a maximum of P9,990 per month (that’s P9,000 original rent + P990 increase).

Again, take note that this limit applies to units occupied by the same tenants. A new rate, which could be higher than an 11% increase, may be charged to a brand-new renter as this is allowed by the Rent Control Law.

8. Boarding house or bedspace for students can increase rent only once a year

As per the Rent Control Law, boarding houses, dormitories, rooms, and bedspaces offered for rent to students can only increase rents once a year, even if a new boarder occupies the unit within the same year.

For example:

Gamora offers bedspace to students at P1,000 per month. When the previous student-tenant left in April, she increased the rate to P1,500 per month. One month later, she found another bedspacer, Rocket Raccoon and she charged him P1,500 per month. After only 3 months, Rocket Raccoon left. His friend Groot was interested to bedspace, but according to Gamora, the rate has increased to P2,000 per month. Is this allowed?

Answer: No. The law states that no further increase on the same year is allowed for units offered for rent to students. Since the rate was already increased in May when Rocket Raccoon moved in, no additional increases will be allowed in the same year — even if if there will be a new tenant.

Take note that this strict rule only applies to units offered for rent to students.

9. Valid grounds for evicting tenants

Aside from tenants, landlords and unit owners are also protected by certain provisions of the Rent Control Act. What are cases wherein the landlord is legally allowed to terminate the lease contract and to eject the tenant?

Here are valid grounds for ejecting renters from the property:

a. The tenant sub-leases the unit (that is, offers the unit for rent to other renters) without the explicit written permission or consent of the owner;

b. The renter has three (3) months worth of unpaid rent;

c. After the expiration of the rent contract, the owner has a legitimate need to repossess the property for his/her own use or that of his/her family as a residential unit, provided that the renter was notified three months in advance;

d. The unit owner needs to make necessary repairs on the unit, which is the subject of an existing order of condemnation by appropriate authorities, in order to repair the property and to make it safe and habitable; and

e. The lease contract has expired.

Take note that the Rent Control Act expressly disallows the eviction of the renter merely on the basis that the property has been sold or mortgaged to a third party, regardless of whether the lease or mortgage is registered or not.

10. Penalty for violators of Rent Control Act

The Philippine Rent Control Law is definitely commendable, but we believe its effectiveness may be hampered because of three (3) things:

First, tenants must be made aware that such a law exists so that tenants will know their obligations and rights. More information and public awareness campaigns should be conducted by government agencies in order to inform Filipinos about this law.

Second, tenants who may have complaints about their landlords must know the proper avenue where they can air their grievance. Where exactly can tenants go if they have complaints or issues with their landlords about unauthorized rent increases? Honestly, we ourselves don’t know.

Lastly, complaints must be dealt with swiftly and properly by the appropriate government agency so that justice can be served for both landlord and tenant.

According to the law, violators of the Rent Control Act face a fine of not less than P25,000 but not more than P50,000, or imprisonment of one (1) month and one (1) day up to six (6) months, or both. These are decent penalties butt we hope the law can have more teeth in running after unscrupulous landlords who exploit their tenants.

An effective implementation of the law can definitely benefit millions of Filipino families who currently have no choice but to rent a house or condo unit. Here at PinoyMoneyTalk, we simply hope and pray that the government can provide more avenues to educate Filipinos about their rights and obligations, both as landlords and as tenants.

NOTE: Prior to December 31, 2017, the implementing guidelines issued by HUDCC impose a limit on residential units charging monthly rent of up to P3,999.00 of a maximum of 4% per year, if the unit is occupied by the same tenant.

At the same time, housing units charging monthly rental rates between P4,000 and P10,000.00 before December 31, 2017 were not allowed to increase rates by more than 7% per year, if the unit is occupied by the same tenant. These rates have now been changed as explained in the latest and updated provisions above.

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  1. I agree with your concerns James, I just hope the implementing rules and regulations for the new law will address all the concerns you mentioned. May I also add that the new law does not cover rent-to-own agreements which offers greater flexibility to real estate investors. Besides, why rent when one can go for rent-to-own right?!

  2. The Rent Control Act of 2009 is commonly violated. A 3BR with 2CR will cost 15,000.00-18,000.00Php, excluding water & electric. The worst is they dont issue the official receipt. What government agency to report? Please help. Thank you.

  3. Hi to everyone, could you please comment on the below instances?
    -The owner of our rented apartment charged us with an additional 10% from our rent of 9k.
    -The increase was demanded this July, so us, together with 3 more tenants of the building decided to not agree with it since the New Rental Law was already released.
    -The owner instead served us with a legal letter demanding us to vacate our rented units.
    -Though no contract was active in our 41 years of living in the said unit, we have with us every monthly bill paid as rent.
    -He wouldn’t follow the Rental Law and insisted that he is going to charge additional maintenance fee as payment for his 2 security guards, a total of 28k to be divided among all tenants of the 4 storey building, raising our monthly rent to 14k.
    -We decided to move out as we felt we were being pressured to do so.
    Question:–What can you comment on this? Also, what i know is that since we are forcibly pushed to go, though we are constantly good payers of the monthly rent, that we are allowed a free 1 month of rent so as to give us ample time to look for another residence.Please advise if this is correct, as the owner is insisting we pay for it. You’re fact based comments and suggestions will be very helpful. Thank you.

  4. Hi to everyone. I just want to ask when and in what newspaper or general circulation this Rent Control Law 2009 was published? I really need this for my research. Thank you so much in advance.

  5. i need information if my landlord is allowed to increase their rent even if they do not give me official receipt of my monthly rental???

  6. i have a question here folks…i hope someone could provide me an answer..are landlords/landladies allowed to lock the place ur renting or even lock the water meter, something like that, and force u to leave the place when in fact u have an agreement with them that u will pay them the whole rent when u find a new place to stay…and also where/to whom is the 3-month leeway apply? and if they’re not issuing a receipt are they considered illegal? also, theyre adding up our rent a 200 increase for water, is that possible?

  7. Hi. please advise. I had been renting our apartment for six years already. I started paying at 4,500 monthly, but our landlady increased it to 5,000 last year. Then again, she decided to increase it to 6,000 this month.
    Why such law being violated?how would we react to our rights? Our worry is, she might just force us to vacate if we insist about the law?We are currently residing at Pasay City.

  8. hello..were currently renting amounting to me nagpunta dito homeowners association at singil kami monthly dues..kasi homeowners daw nagbbyad ng street lights at sa garbage collector..dapat ba talaga magbayad ang mga nagrerent po ba un..
    need an answer asap.thanks.Godbless

  9. nagrent po ako ng house sa c-5 bago pinaayos ang space ng store at house nagkasundo kami ng lessor na di ibabawas ang magagastos pero titira ako hanggat kaya kong magbayad kaya nagkasundo kami na gagawa ng contract after a month pinalow-up ko ang contract of lease to sign pero ng ipadala nya sa bahay ng contract nagulat ako kasi 1yr lang ang inilagay nya at nilagay pa na all expenses are deducted sa rent kaya di ako nag sign, nagalit sya at ngaun pinapaalis na kami sa house, tama po ba ako na ipaglaban ko ang karapatan kong sundin ang napagkasunduan namin ,,saan po ako dapat mag complain sa ginagawa sa amin ng leassor ,, pls, reply,, tnx

  10. im a tenant in one of the prestigious school here in davao city with an area 1.75x .3 meters in the amount of 9,900 based in weeks not in monthly cycle so that amount covered only in 4weeks which only covered by 28days,we are not close in contract but by monthly renewal,the options for this is up to the tenant if they are able to renew or not after a month we have only sign a M.O.A for this and not notarized by a lawyer. is this policy is acceptable by the law? i really looking legal advice for this,thank you

  11. ako po ay nag rent ng commercial stall, ako po ang nag pa install ng tubig at kuryente at the same time pinaganda ko po ang lugar at pina secured ko kasi wala manlang kandado ang lugar at madaling pasukin ng magnanakaw. pero nung huli nag decide po ako na umalis na ksi ang hina ng kita doon. dahil nanghinayang nman ako sa pinagawa ko, sabi ko sa may ari kung pwede pasaulian ko nalang ang pinaayos ko, tutal ganun din naman ang mangyayri magpapaayos din ang papasok na bago. nag oo naman sya. pero ang di ko maintindihan kung ano daw pinalagay ko di ko na daw makukuha lalo na ang kuryente at yung linya ng tubig.tama po ba yun? kaya ko pa natanung yan dahil gusto ko nalang po kunin kahit ang pina install ko na linya ang tubig at kuryente. kahit maiwan nalang sa kanya ang fix na mga bagay na pingawa ko tulad ng dingding at mga pintuan. para hindi na ako maghabol sa kung sino man ang bagong uupa.thank you

  12. hi, please advise. We, the tenants, having been staying at an apartment for a few years and our contract is coming to an end. Our landlord wants us to repaint the house and make repairs to the front door damaged by rain.

    My question is, whose responsibility is it for the renovation of wear and tear such as the above mentioned for an apartment? Is it the tenant or the landlord? Is there a law that proves it?

  13. Nagrent po kami ng maliit na shops po at tinayuan ng sarisari store. 2 palapag po yung building at sa taas non maraming nangungupahan. Sakop pa rin po ba ng Rent Control Act ang mga Commercial Spaces or Shops katulad nang sa akin? Salamat po.

  14. kamusta? nagrent kami ng maliit na tindahan last Dec. 01 2007. Nagdeposit kami ng Php. 6,000.00 sa upa at Php. 600.00 sa Kuryente at tubig. pagpasok ng Dec. 06 2007 nagbayad agad kami ng Php. 3,000.00 advance payment up to Sep. 06 2010. may 3 years contract kami pinirmahan pero tineterminate na agad nung may ari. pagpasok ng Oct.06,2010 habang ginagamit na namin ang deposito ay pilit na kaming pinapaalis ng may-ari. at nalaman namin na tumanggap na pala sila ng deposito sa ibang tao ng walang sinasabi sa amin na may halagang Php. 20,000.00. hindi man lang kami inabisuhan kung itutuloy pa ba namin ang upa. hindi po ba bawal yun? dahil katwiran nila nung pinaalis kami ay gagamitin na nila pero papaupahan din pala nila. salamat po and more power… teejay

  15. hello po!!
    nag rent po kami ng apartment dito sa cavite, 5 thou po ang rent namin!
    ngaun poh early this year nagkaron poh kami ng mga months n hindi kami nakapagbayad, now nakakabayad poh kami monthly pro ndi namin macover up ung 3 months na delay kmi…ngaun poh aalis na kami,dahil pinipilit na nila kami. even though nakakapagbigay kami monthly ng 5 thou dahil sa utang namin na three months gusto nila kunin ang mga gamit namin,sabi namin aalis nalang kami pero ayaw nilang pumayag na wala kaming gamit na iiwan.tinatakot pa po nila kami na ilolock daw poh yung bahay at wala kaming gamit na makukuha. yesterday the son of the owner even threatened us, maliit lang daw ang cavite at hindi daw kami taga dito siya daw taga cavite. pwede poh ba un?pinapaalis na nila kami pero pinagbabayad pa rin nila kami?may karapatan po ba silang ilock or kumuha ng gamit sa amin?
    at tinatakot pa nila kami!it’s not the 1st time that it happened!!plz sagutin nyo naman poh.

  16. @angelie, bayaran mo kasi utang mo bago ka umalis para walang problema
    dapat may clearane ka pasalamat ka nga at nakautang ka pa ng 3 months

  17. covered ba nito yung utilities? kase nagkaroon kame ng conflict ng landlord dahil sa overpricing ng electricity bill namen. tama bang dalhin na sa baranggay itong issue na to?

  18. greetings!! ask ko lang po kung may laban po ba ako para makuha ko yung reservation fee na binayad ko,usapan po kasi namin refundable yun kya lang nung gusto ko ng i refund dahil may nakita akong mas maganda ayaw na po nila ibgay pera ko sa brgy na lang daw po ako magreklamo.thanks

  19. hello.. we rented an apartment at makati nagstart kami magrent 1997 for php14,000 a month. dahil meron ng RCA covered ba kami sa php 7,500 a month?

  20. hello.. my question lang po ako kasi i have friends na foriegners with different nationalities and then inalok ako na manage ang units na condo’s for short term rentals, since my business license ako na related sa  sa lessor/service nag ok ako at nag run until now pero question ko is gusto ako ipa ban ng building dahil sa ka competensya na nila ako at gusto din nila mag operate ng short term rental na gaya namin na imbes long term property rentals lang sila. Isa pa my karapatan ako dahil my contract lease din ako sa ibang unit owner. Question, pwede ba nila ako ipa banned?
     Salamat at more power…na lang po and God bless.

  21. hello…i am renting a commercial space  since June 2011 for 8,000/month for a canteen, I gave my 3months payment as 1month advance and 2months deposit as stated in the contract last may 24. I ask the owner a time for renovations since ayaw nila ipa renovate at ang umuupa daw ang nagpapagawa. Since naibigay ko na ang pera pinagawa ko narin including kitchen, sink, work station, some electrical outlet and paintings. Sabi ko sa owner target date ko is june10 but since late ako nakapagstart magparenovate coz nagkasakit anak ko and i let them know naman. I started my canteen operation by July 4. By July10 they ask payment for june 10 to july10 daw. They know july4 ako nag-operate pero ayaw nila pumayag 1week lang daw binibigay nila sa umuupa.So binayaran ko. And now I decided not to pay for Aug10 to Sept.10 kc nga super hina ng market or sabihin ng wala talaga and walang bumabalik even my capital for everyday cooking palagi pa silang nag-papadvance payment even morning na nagluluto pang ako at wala pang benta, sometimes ulam naman which is nakakainis kc ang aga pa kumakatok na sa kitchen.wala pang customer na makagamit ng cr kc nga common cr minsan parang sinasadya at ayaw magpagamit.Theres a lot of reasons na mababadtrip ka everyday 2 sa anak is drug addict and the other is my sayad na humihingi ng pera sa customer,even pinapatay nila linya ng tubig kahit lunch time na oras ko ng pag-gamit na kasama ng linya nila.They charge me 700 for water bill monthly. Marami ng customer nagbigay ng warning na hindi ako magtatagal wala daw tumagal sa pwestong yun. Diko pinansin sabi ko kailangan possitive ako palagi bawal ang negative pero as everyday happens na nalulugi ako at nababadtrip sa kanila, Naisip ko gamitin nalang 1month advance ko di nako nagbayad Sept.10 hindi ko sinabi kc alam ko di nila papagamit. Now my question is pwede ko bang irefund yung 2months deposit ko. Sinadya kong wag bayaran Electric bill ko amounting 1052.00 and 500 for water kc inadvance na nila yung 200. Tama bang kunin nila yung key ng canteen sa tindera nung magpasabi ako ng gagamitin nalng 2months deposit. nagalit sila at panagsisigawan yung tindera ko at pinilit kunin ung susi. hindi ko daw makukuha mga gamit ko. Nagpasabi ako na makikipagusap n person by monday. d parin nila binigay yung key. How can I protect my things which is more enough ang value sa 1month na ginamit ko at 2months deposit na nasa kanila pa. pasensya na po sobrang haba. i am new in the business kaya siguro di pa ko aware sa ganito. i hope some of you can help me clear my mind. THANK YOU…

  22. Good day,  ask ko po if pwede ba akong magpaalis ng nangupahan sa bahay..kasi 3 months na silang nakapagbayad at ang hirap pang singilin…wla po ba akong malalabag na batas..

  23. nagrerent po kami for almost than 8years sa isang building dito po sa urdaneta city,ask kolang po sana kung puede po ba ung ginagawa nilang mismong sa kanila galing ang bill ng tubig at kuryente? may sarili po kaming mga contador pero sa kanila parin nanggagaling ang lahat ng bill,pag nagtanong po ako kung magkano talaga ang per kilowatt hour ang sagot lang ng manager mataas daw ang per kilowatt hour sa city,ala pa syang matinong sagot,at ngaun po december nagtaka po ako kasi gumawa sila ng  notice of disconnection of light and water supply,kahit po ala pang bill,they force me to pay 5,960 buwanan naman po ang pagbabayad ko,ang tanong kopo may karapatan po ba akong magdemand na sana galing nalang mismo sa PANELCO ang bill namin sa kuryente kasi po sila mismo ang gumagawa ng bill,dina nila pinapakita ang original na bill…may mga hidden charge kasi talaga ang mga bill ko…salamat po 

  24. may ginagawang construction sa inuupahan namin na diumano hinde totoong engr at wala pa permit sa brgy and city hall malakas lng ata sila ng may ari ang aking mga anak ay nagkakasakit na inabisuhan kami 2days bago nagsimula ang construction at ikinaso namin sa brgy a day pa lng nagtext ang may ari na umalis na daw kami tama po ba iyon?

  25. nag rent kami ng apartment dito sa quezon city almost 19 years ngayon balak na ng may ari na ibenta ang tanong kulang po may habol paba kame kapag naibenta ito..

  26. good day. nag rerent ako ng room dito sa las piñas at three (3) stories building siya at nasa ground floor ako nakatira.

    ask ko lang, under sa R.A. 9653 pwede  ba mapaalis agad agad ng owner kung hindi ka papayag sa pag pataas niya ng rent ng 500-1000 every room at hindi violation iyon under the said R.A. act? ang rent ng room nya is 3,000-6,000 pesos depende sa laki ng room at ako ang pinakamataas na rent dito at ako ang may pinaka malaki na room.

    pwede din ba ang owner sumingil ng 15.00/kilowatts will in fact may kanya kanyang kaming sub-meter at ang computation ko is 11.82/kilowatts and lumalabas sa bill and 150.00 per head sa water at gusto nya pa taasan at gawin 200.00 per head.

    wala kaming contract dito sa inuupahan namin at ano ang mga violation ng may ari  at saan kami pwede mag compliant with regards to this matter?

    please help me educate and guide me to this matter. thank you.

  27. good day po, nagrerent po kami dito sa isang bldg. dito po sa sampaloc, ang problema ko ay nung unang pagtira namin dito sabi po sa amin na di sila mag iincrease pero bahala na po kami magpagawa ng ibang kukumpunihin dito sa titirhan nmin kami na rin po ang nagpakabit ng kuryente kasi po ang alam ko ban sila sa meralco. Hanggang sa maputulan na rin po ang buong bldg. ng tubig ng maynilad last 2yrs. at saka sila ng increase ng rental. Pero di po ako pumayag na magbayad ng increase my grounds po ba sila na pilitin kami mg bayad ng increase gayung ang ipinalit nilang tubig ay deepwell at natatakot po kmi sa magiging epekto po nito sa buong bldg. kasi po nakatayo po ito sa ilalim ng bldg. ito po ay 5th story bldg. at sa tabi rin po sya ng poso negro ng buong bldg. Pwede po ba kmi mapalayas ng basta basta lng ng may ari? Di po ba dapat pag nagpaupa ka ay titira ka nlng? at dapat my malinis na tubig at kuryente at dapat po maayos? Saan po ba pwede isangguni ito pong mga problema na ito. Umaasa po na matutulungan nyo po ako. maraming salamat at more power sa inyo.

    Respectfully yours,

  28. Sir, pls kindly advise me how to evict room tenants/boarders who resists to vacate the rooms rented to them… Our property was sold this early August and as early as the first week of May the tenants/boarders were already advised to find a new place where they can transfer. Many months have passed but they(tenants/boarders) refuse to leave the premises but instead they filed a complaint with the Baranggay for a mediation as they insist they have the right to have an extension of 3 months. Will I be correct to argue that since there is no written rental contract as all conditions were based only verbally, the treatment of their rental period is also on a monthly basis and therefore the extension of their stay will also be based on a one month period, and, is there a need for a written advise since a verbal advise was already announced to them since May? I have given them to stay only until Sept. 15, 2012 and after that, the structure will be demolished as part of the conditional sale executed with the buyer for the purpose that the land zonal valuation will be based as residential lot and not as a commercial lot as it is located in a major road here in San Juan City. Another question, Sir, will I be liable by law to anyone if I remove the roofing (yero) if they still refuse to vacate the rooms they occupy since it is considered a private property?
    Thank you Sir for giving me the opportunity to share with you my problem, and looking forward to receiving your most valued comments/advise. God Bless you always


  29. hello po…magtatanong lang po ako…we currently moved in a new house…we’re renting it…for 4 thousand a month…we have three dogs…me and my bestfriend are living there…tapos…we left for a day…mga 3 days na kami dun ngstay…then a complaint came in…about the dogs poop…i rushed home to clean it up…then after few days…pinagchichismisan na kami ng katapat bahay namin na balimbing at ung ngrereklamong kapitbahay namin…we are 2 dentistry students…and we afforded that house…we are paying for the rent ‘coz we are working part time as korean tutors…they said that we made the house a “bodega”…question number 1 ko po eh…may right ba silang pakialaman ang gusto naming gawin sa bahay na nirent namin?kasi ung mga kalat po is within the gate…though other people can see it…it’s not bothering nmn…wlang mabaho…nilagay po kasi namin un doon dahil nabasa ang ilang mga gamit namin while were transferring them…then…a second complain came in…i told them na everyday we’re cleaning the dog’s place…simula ng may nagreklamo…ngayon po…after a month of staying there…may nagreklamo nanaman po…lahat na pinakialaman nila…tapos…few people said that maybe they are just making other things up para palayasin kami sa bahay…kasi…everyday and every night…never fail na naglilinis kami sa labas… though hindi nga namin natanggal ung mga dating nabasa na gamit…now we cleaned the place outside…moved the things inside the house…i don’t know kung anung next na sasabihin nila o irereklamo nila…wala naman kaming ginagawa sakanila…pero palagi po nila kaming pinaparinigan…hindi ko po alam kung naiinsewcure sila…kasi simula dun sa tatay na kumausap sakin na parang palengkero hanggang sa anak nyang lalaki na mahilig sumilip silip sa division ng bahay…pareparehas ang ugali…may right po ba kaming idefend ung about sa labas ng bahay namin?dahil nasa loob po ng gate ang mga aso at ung dating tinatawag nilang bodega?may law po bang sumusuporta doon? maraming salamat po…-KC from silang cavite…

  30. Hi. we are currently renting in apartment with commercial space. we never delayed in our monthly rental even in paying the utility bill. My right po ba and landlord ko na hindi po ibigay ang 2 months deposit kung gusto ko i-cancel 4 months prior to the expiration of contract. wala naman po nakalagay sa contract n di po kami pwede magcancel and wala po nakalagay n pag nag cancel kmi forfeited and deposit namin. hung po ko nagpaalam sabi nya ire refund n lng nya and we have 15 days to stay on the place. but know she planning not to return my deposit kc one year daw and contract and commercial space daw po yun. please help.

  31. Good day po ngrerent ako ng apartment dto s jenny and suddenly nagbara ung drainage ng inuupahan nmen at umaapaw p pg umuulan sinabi n nmen s caretaker pra iparating s may ari ung problema pero hndi p rin ngreresponse sbi nung caretaker kpag ganun daw magbabayad daw kme pra mpasipsip ung bara….tatanong ko lng kung shoulder b tlaga ng tenants ung mga ganung cases kc naun lng ako nkarinig n ung umuupa ang mgbabayad ano po kya ang pwede kong sabihin s may ari para kumilos xa kasi s totoo lng ung ibang umuupa eh nagrereklamo n din dahil may pagkamukhang pera ung may ari

  32. Good morning. how can i opt out of our contract (apartment)? two of my neighbors have left already due to troubles created by the landlord’s son. our family is the only one left. the landlord’s sun exhibits behaviour not normal: puncturing wheels, punching any men who are unfortunate to cross his path. He is always yearning for a fight. i had one with him years ago, which contributed to my daughter’s confinement. she seems to have now nervous breakdown that whenever she’s alone in our apartment, she triple-locks the door or goes out rather than being in the same compound with that person.

    i am now looking for a place to transfer but my worry is that this person might be creating trouble when i’ll inform them of my intention to move out. one my my neighbor mentioned above was charged another month when he came back to ask for the deposit (2 months) he made when he first rented the place.

    advice please. i cannot allow my daughter to be psychologically held hostage by this person.


  33. i have a tenant and haven’t paid me rent in over three months. i don’t know the procedure regarding eviction. help please. thank you.

  34. tanung ko lng po, is it necessary na ung ini-issue dpat nun landlord na resibo sa mga tenants nya is BIR accredited or may TIN dpat? Since may kontrata syang pinapapirmahan sa mga tenant nya which is also notarized by attorney, pede ba na ung iissue nyang resibo is ung nabibili lang sa recto? And d ba dpat may fire exit ung apartment? Panu kung walang fire exit?

    • oo franz dpat may resibo with stamp BIR ,at fire exit depending on what type building it is. But its better n mag look k n lng ng place mo n the landlord is providing all your needs. Recibo de BIR and fire exit.beyond that magagiging magulo abala at magastos para s yo kung ipipilit mo ito s kasalukuyang kinatatayuan mo…

      • I have a question atty. i have been staying in the apartment for more than years. The lessor wanted to increase are rental fee from 10,000 to 12,000 monthly. Is it right for the lessor to have 20 percent increase for our rental? What if the lessor insisted? How much increase should it be?

  35. ngbara lang ung lababo, namintang na na sinisira ung apartment nya? ngpabarangay pa, eto malala ipapahold daw nya ung pinsan ko paalis ng bansa… pede ba nyang gawin un???

    • 1st of all franz ikaw mismo ung gumagamit ng facility, and ikaw lng ang pwedeng mkasira dyan s apartment..the owner itself does nt know how u care/ maintained it.kung nag kabara ung pvc line its your faults.kalat mo ung nag stuck dun.. 2nd..but sana nag try ka nalang bumili ng liquid SOSA very effective ung, s bara…and un hot water pour it s main pvc line solve n problem mo…

      • Need help atty. Legal and binding po b contract ng tenant and landlord even if wala business permit and other local permits plus di nkregister sa bir kasi wala provide official receipt. Salamat po in advance

  36. hi atty. ask ko lng po.nagreserve po kmi ng 3 friends ko ng isang room. pero before pa po kmi naka move in, may nkita po kming mas maayos na place. so rinequest po nmin kung pede pong marefund yung reservation fee nmin. sinagot lng po kmi na, at saka na daw pag may nagrent na para daw fair. . . so we bargained and sabi nmin, magsestay na lng kmi ng 1 month to consume yung reservation fee na ibinayad nmin. ayaw nya rin kcdapat daw po bayad talaga ng 1 month adv and 2 months deposit. plsadvise …salamat

    • anu nang yari almost same tau kaso saakin yung down and deposit ko ayaw na ibalik khit no contract pa 54k nag backout nmn ako kasi ako nag papagawa bigla sila nag demond na pagandahin ng hussto yung place para pag alis ko pauupahan nalang nila

  37. Hello po Atty,am about to leave sa condo na tinitirhan q at lumipat nalang sa cavite.Kaso am worried about may balance.May balance pa po aqNakaissue na po aq ng postdated checks.pwede po ba aqng moveout na dala ung gamit q?O ihohold po ba nila ung gamit q?Am actually hoping na okay na ung checks.

  38. Hello po . . . Confirm ko lang po if magrerent ka ng bahay at naglapse na ang 1-yr contract at nagsabi ang may-ari na magrerenew ng kontrata magtataas ng renta ng P500.00 at gusto nya pati ang rentang 1month advance & 2 months deposit at advance namin pati sa ilaw at tubig ay gusto nyang itaas din . . . Tama po ba eto?

  39. magandang araw po. nagpaparenta po kmi ng commercial property, 3 units lang naman po. yung isang tennant po namin hinihingan po kami ng official receipt. nasa batas po ba na kailangan namin mag issue ng official receipt, ang renta lang naman po nila ay 12k/mos.? isang floor lang po yon na hinati sa 3 units.

  40. hello po! nagrerent po ako ng apartment since march 17 2015 up to present and gusto ko na po sana lumipat sabi po ng meari 1 yr contract daw po dto yun 1 mo dep and 2 mo advance at pag d daw po natapos un contract porfeited daw po un 2mon advance ..problem is matagal ko na pong hinihingi yung contract until now wala pa po so i guess pwede ko po gamitin na lang yun advance ko kasi wala naman po akong napirmahang contract, is it possible>? ayaw naman po pumayag ng meari nakalimutan lang daw po nya yung contract ..and its been 3months..Nasa batas po din ba yun kagustuhan nya? aside po dun wala din pong tin number or kung anuman yung recibo nya monthly..

  41. Magandang umaga po. Ako po ay nagpaparenta ng isang single-detached house sa las Pinas City and currently may nangungupahan pong isang pamilya. Most recently, nagrequest po ang pamilya na aalis na daw po sa nasabing lugar. Madami at iba’t-ibang reasons po ang binigay and ung most aggravating is dahil daw po na madaming ipis at garapata sa paupahang bahay at nagpamedical check up po sila kasi ung mga bata daw po ay puro kagat ng insekto. Wala po kaming alagang hayop prior sa pagpapaupa namin sa nasabing lugar plus more than 10 years po kami nakatira doon at hindi nagkaroon ng episode ang mga bata na nagkaroon ng madaming pantal at sugat. Pinipilit nilang kunin ang 2 months security deposit at kailan lang nalaman namin na meron na silang bayarin sa Meralco, PLDT, Maynilad at cable provider na umaabot na sa P40,000. Earlier today, inalerto kami ng kapitbahay namin na nagaalis na sila ng mga gamit sa bahay. Nagpulong na kami sa baranggay maka-ilang linggo na nakakaraan.Iminungkahi ko na ipapafumigate at pest control namin ang lugar to avoid ang ganung incident pero tumanggi sila and they insisted on breaking the terms of the contract. Kilala po kami sa area namin na malinis at maayos ang pamamahay kaya it was a surprised na ganun ang allegations. It was agreed they will leave on Sept 5 para magamit nila ung advance payment nila. Napagkasunduan na a week before they vacate the premise eh ichecheck namin ang vicinity for damages. Ngayon unti-unit pala ay nilalabas na nila ang mga gamit nila. Is this something we can bring to the court? I’m afraid iiwanan nila kami ng maduming vicinity at patong-patong na bayarin. I would like to know if we can ask any authority/court to make sure they have settled their obligations and will leave the vicinity kung paano nila dinatnan. Thank you po sa mga comments

  42. hellow..
    good day po ako po ay mag rerent sa isang comecial for carwash detailing nung nag deal po kami na ako mag papagawa ng reenovation and kuryente tubig so ok na po ako dun nag down ako ng 54,000 for down payment for 2 months advance and 1 month deposite ngayun po ang problema nung nag papagawa na po ako naninita na at yung gustto nya ay pataasin ko yung halo blak at ful close peroo aabut po ito ng 4 to 500,000 kaya i decide to stop and backout ngayun wala ppa kami contrack at reservation lang ang pinirmahan namin reservation fee is not refundale pero hindi po ako nag pa reserve nag full down na ako para maka pag start when i backout ayaw na nila mag bigay ni piso hep? please

  43. hello po nag pareseve po ako ng room nagbigay po ako ng advance payment para sa room nna uupahan ko …pero after 7 days ikacancel ko po sana.marerefund ko pa ba yun.may btas po ba na automatic di na ibigay ng nagpapaupa?hndi ko pa ntirahan…

    • depende po yan sa napagkasunduan, pero baka hindi na maibalik sayo yan. kasi po since nagpareserve kayo, inaasahan ng may ari na ikaw na ang uupa. at dahil dun, hindi na sya tumanggap pa ng posibleng mangungupahan sa kanya. kahit 7 days palang yan. marami ang nag hahanap ng mauupahan, at kung hindi ka nagpareserve malamang may gumagamit na ng room at kumikita na ang may ari. Kung mabait yung may ari, itry mo nalang pakiusapan. fault mo rin po kasi yun, kaya nga po kayo nag pareserve eh.

  44. Pls help. Need advise. Legal ba ang contract with landlord ng 1 unit apartment kahit wala sya permit from mayor and not registered sa bir.

    • Ang contract po ay between sayo (Lessee) and Landlord(Lessor). dyan po kasi nakasaad kung ano mapagkasunduan nyo regarding sa pag rent. Kun ano man mapagkasunduan nyo at napanotarize yung contract, legal po ang nakasaad dyan na parehas nyo napagkasunduan. Kung with regards sa permit at hindi registered sa bir, ibang usapan yun. kung hindi ka kampante dahil walang permit at bir, edi wag po kayo pumayag . kung ayaw po ng may ari na kumuha ng permits, edi wag po kayo magrent sa kanila. hindi po legal ang negosyo nyang paupahan. kung pumirma ka sa contrata nya, ibig sabihin non, pumapayag ka sa kasunduan nyo kahit alam mong wala syang permit and bir

  45. paano po kung walang contract of lease between the tenant and landlord? wala na po ba karapatan ang tenant magreklamo kung pwersahan kami pinaalis sa inupahan namin commercial space?

  46. Hi atty. Yung mga friends ko 7 sila sa isang boarding na obviously hnd maganda dahil una sa lahat laging walang tubig at hnd sila lagi nakakaligo ng maaga na lagi silang late sa ojt nila. bale ilaw at ung sockets lng ang meron, na phone at laptops lng nasasaksak. at ang every month is 15k. Nagtatka ako parang overpricing kasi wala namang mga high voltage machines na mag cause ng malaking babayarin sa kuryente at pati tubig TTh lng nagkakaroon. Nakikitulog ako dun since bf ko ung isang tenant, and sinisingil nila ako ng 75 per night,considering thefact na hnd naman ako nakikiligo, as in matutulog lng ginagawa ko dun. Hnd ba sapat ang 15k per month at kelangang magbayad pako? nagtaka ako ung resibo ung nabibili lng sa kanto. ang alam ko 15k isang unit na un. So bahala na ung tenant kung sino pwde patulugin or bisita. pwede po ba un? is it overpricing?

  47. Hello po, my contract of lease expired last May 2016 but up to now hindi pa rin naibabalik yung 2 months deposit ko. My part dun sa contract ko na “deposit shall be refundable to lessee in not less than 90 days after end of agreement”.
    Legal po ba yun or violation against RA 9653?
    May provision din kasi sa law na to return deposit upon expiry of lease contract. Expiry po kasi nung contract is May 2016.

  48. Good day. Nais ko pong paalisin ang nangungupahan sa aking apartment dahil palaging delayed ang upa. Wala po kaming kasunduan dahil di naman po naka-rehistro ang aking apartment dahil maliit lang ito. Ilang buwan po ba ang pwede kong ibigay sa kanila para makahanap ng malilipatan?. Maraming salamat po.

  49. Meron po akong nirentahan na bahay sa isang subdivision, may kontrata po akong pinirmahan sa may ari ng bahay na 1 year. Nakalagay po doon na hindi ko pwedeng irefund ang 1 month deposit ko. Ngayon po after 7 paid months ay lumipat na po ako. Pwede ko pa bang irefund ang 1 month advance tutal hindi naman rehistrado at walang permit ang pagrerenta ko at hindi din naman notaryado ang kontratang pinirmahan ko?

  50. Good pm atty.
    Manghihingi lang po sana ako ng payo sa inyo. Kame po kasi ay nagrent ng bahay last june2016. Nagbigay po kame ng 1month advance and 2months. Alam po namin na may kontrata ito na 1yearkasi may kakilala po kame n umupa din dito dati. Mangyari lang po nung pagbigay namin ng bayad binigyan lang po kame ng isang papel na katibayan na nagbayad kame ng 2months dep. and 1month advance na may pirma ng mayari. Hindi po kame pinapirma ng kontrata. Ngaun po dahil s ilang mga issues sa bahay napagdesisyunan po namin na lumipat nalang. Naka 4 na buwan lang po kame s bahay at nagpaalam n kme sa mayari na gamitin na ang advance namin at kuhanin ang 2months na deposit ngunit hindi po sila pumayag dahil may kontrata daw po. Ngaun po sinabi naming wala kame pinirmahan na kontrata, ngunit sabi nila itatanong daw po nila sa nanay nila na mayari ng bahay. Nung una po sabi nila pag may umupa nalang daw po ulit, ngayon po na may nakaupa n sa dati naming tinitirhan after 3months pinatawag po nila kame para sabihin lang na wala daw po kameng makukuhang deposit. Ano po kaya ang dapat naming gawin? Hindi din po sila nagiissue ng resibo sa tuwing magbabayad kame monthly. Sa tingin nyo po may karapatan kameng habulin yun kapag kinunsulta namin sa barangay? Please po pasagot naman. Maraming salamat po!

  51. gud am po nag uupa po kami sa isang subdivision at yung bahay na inuupahan namin ay kami po ang nagpaayos na pumayag naman po ang landlord na ibawas nalang sa upa sa loob ng 4months at pagkatapos ay saka na kami magbabayad ng monthly rent w/c is sa pang 5months na binayaran naman namin now po napagdesesyunan namin na magpagawa ng tindahan na pymayag din po ang landlord pero dina daw po pede iawas sa upa so pumayag padin kami kaya nagpaga ako tindahan at kinuhaan konadin ng business permit ar meron din ako pisonet at xerox kampante po ako at tuwang tuwa kc nakakuha kami upahan na kung saan pwede kami makapag negosyo na kahit maraming cra inupahan parin namin at aming pinagawa may pirmahan po kami ng kontrata na 2yrs.pero wala papo kalahating taon pinapaalis na kami ng may ari dahil ipapagawa daw nila ang bahay gagawing apartment dapat daw after 3months wala na kami.ngaun po ay namroroblema po ako kung saan kami lilipat eh yung mga pisonet ko inutang ko lang hulugan at tindahan ko kakagawa po plsss.ask lang po if wala naba kami magagawa kundi umalis nalang.plsss reply

  52. Ask ko lang po lilipat na po ako ng bahay ginamit ko na ang 2mths n deposito ko ngayon aug 5 byran na pero d n ko nagbayad kase paalis na ako pero mga bills binabayaran ko pero sapilitan na kami pinaalis ng may ari at kung d pa aalis magbayad na daw e may batas po ba talaga na may 3 buwan palugid para sa nangungupahan para makalipat pero ako d naman po ako aabutin ng 3buwan ask ko lang po kase narinig ko lang po un

  53. Gud am po atty aalis na po kasi kmi sa dorm tapos ang sabi po saamin babayaran daw namin yung para sa september at october eh hindi naman na po kami dito lilipat nga kami lugi daw sila kaya kailangan daw namin bayaran wala naman kaming pinirmahan na kontrata. plus yung resibo di naman galing sa BIR kaya nagtataka kami kailangan pa namin magbayad ng 10,500 bago umalis. Di kami papaalisin pag di daw nabayadan yung natitirang month eh lilipat nga kami.

  54. Mgandang araw po atty. Itatanong ko lang kasi ung tunkol sa dati kong landlady. Nngupahan ako dati sa apartment nya for 2000/month + 500 sa kuryente at tubig. dumating ung time na sabi nya sa akin magtataas sya at gagawin nyang 2500 na ung upa. Sabi ko aalis na lang ako kasi hindi ko kaya. Pero inabot ako ng 1 month bago makaalis dahil naghanap pa ako ng malilipatan. After 1 year hinahabol pa rin nya ung 1 month na hindi ko nabayaran kahit matagal na kong wala dun. may karapatan po ba syang magdemanda pag ganun?. Wla pong kontrata ang pagupa ko Sa kanya noon.

    • Nangupahan kami para sa mga tao namin for special project sa laguna. May apartment na naupahan kami worth 10k kasi marami kami. Nung due date namin singil na kami total special project lang kami, pinakiusapan namin ang may ari na gamitin nalang yung advance namin pero di siya pumayag kasi gustu niya magpayad pa kami. Kung di kami magbayad kasi due date na namin umalis nalang daw kami kaya nagtaka kami bakit pinaalis na kami ehh may advance pa dapat kami na gagamitin pero sabi ng may ari hindi daw pede gamitin ang advance kasi iiwan daw yun. Ibig sabihin kahit magpayment pa kami para sa sunod na buwan meron padin maiwan na isang buwan na rent na hindi namin makukuha. Kaya ang ginawa namin nag exit na kami kasi ayaw pumayag yung may ari na gamitin namin ang natira na isang buwan.

      Tanung lang po sana kung pede pa po ba na kunin namin o irefund ang isang buwan na binayaran nmin na hindi naman po nagagamit.

  55. Good morning po,tanong ko lng po kung karapatdapat b ang dagdag n 500 per head sa sobra na nakatira sa inuopahan nming bahay na may limit daw ang tao hangang 4 lng.

    • landlords reserve the right on how many persons they want to occupy their properties. as for rent increase, that’s another issue. refer to the article.

  56. Good day po… gusto ko lng po malaman yung karapatan ko po bilang tenant… nangungupahan lng pi kc kmi buong pamilya.. inuupahan po nmin buong bhay po 700 a month… isang taon n po kmi dito nkatira, ngayon po… ng dhl s bagyo last oct.. nasiea ung cr nmin.. pinaabot ko po s landlord nmin n nsira ung cr sk tumutulo ung bubong nmin… umabot n lng n dec hnd po naayos ung cr at ang bubong… ngayon ng singilan na.. sinabi ko s anak ng may ari n kung pwd kmi n lng ung magpapaayos ng mga sira tapos iddeduct n lng renta ung nagastos s pagpapaayos.. ngalit po sla sabay sabi umalis n daw kmi.. bunutin ko daw lahat ng pananim ko at umalis… may vegetable garden po ako… makatarungan po b n ganyanin ako… nagsisigaw ung landlord ko s labas ng bhay nmin.. that time wala po husband ko,, ako lng at anak kong 5 yrs old… nababastusan po ako s inasta ng landlord ko.. pls advise me kung anong dapat kong gwin..

    Xeh of zamboanga sibugay

  57. what’s the basis for the 2% maximum increase on rent up to Php 4,999.00? I couldn’t find it on the website of HUDCC and it’s not in the Rental Control Act either. I only saw 4% max increase for rent up to Php 4,999. in HUDCC. Our tenant is using this website as basis. Thank you.

  58. Hello po gusto ko lang po sana magtanong regarding sa increase of rent. Since 2003 until now, nangungupahan parin po kami dito sa apartment along metro manila. Before nag start po kami 7000 monthly rent hanggang sa nabenta po ng owner yung apartment sa iba, tapos yung bagong owner ng apartment last 2012 if not mistaken nag umpisa na po sya mag increase ng rent;
    year 2012-2013 – monthly rent 8,000
    year 2013-2014 – monthly rent 9,000
    year 2014-2015 – monthly rent 9,900
    year 2015-2016 – monthly rent 10,800
    year 2016-2017 – monthly rent 11,500
    than again nakareceive kami ng bagong notice galing sa owner na increase for year 2018-2019 monthly rent will be increase to Php12,650.00
    Gusto ko lang po malaman, if how many consecutive years po mag increase ang bagong owner, and naka saad po kasi sa batas na since nasa 7000 yung rent namin dati dapat increase lang sya ng 7%, tapos ngayon po umabot na sa 10,000 up ang upa namin, Ano po ba ang rights namin mga tenant if ganito po ang patakaran ng landlord? at saka po yung landlord madaming daing pag may mga nirereklamong major repair sa property nya. Hoping na may makapag advice po sakin. Thank you in advance.

  59. paano po kung si tenant nagbabayad naman po ng rent pero lagi pong late?? pati yung kuryente at tubig hindi binabayaran on time. mag 2 years na sila nakatira sa amin and ever since hindi sila nagbabayad sa tamang oras. pwede ba silang mapaalis???

    • refer to your written contract. if none, make one and put interest % in late payments/conditions. you can only evict a tenant if they have not paid for more than 3 months with the proper eviction process

  60. Good morning po Bawal mag luto, maglaba, mamalansiya, maahigpit sa curfew at iba dito sa dorm namin.naagbabayaad po kami ng 2000 pesos tapos naniningil pa po sila ng additional 200 next semester. Hindi rin po maganda ang paguugali ng mga landlady dito sa dorm namin. Biglang nagsesermon ng madaling araw at laging mahigpit sa mga student tenants nila. Ano po ang dapat namin gawin? Salamat po

    • that’s 10% increase, 7% is the allowed percentage. any internal problems you have with your landlord (bawal magluto maglaba etc etc) is not covered in this act. you can look for another dorm

  61. Good pm ako po ay nagunpahan ng 1500 po ang upa ng inuupahan ko, 5 years na po kami naka tira sa paupahan nya, tapos mag tataas daw po ng upa ng bahay gagawin na daw po 3000 bali 1500 po ang itataas nya. Tama po ba un. At ano po bang parusa sa mga nag papaupa ng gayan?

  62. Hi po, ask po sana ako regarding sa pre-trrmination of contract. Meron po kami 9 months na rental contract, 12,000/monthly sa isang Condo. Ngayon po, gusto ko na i-terminate yung contract, may 3 months pa po kaming natitira. We paid 1 month advance, 1 month deposit. Ngayon po, sabi ng may-ari need daw namin bayaran yung 3 months remaining dahil 9 months daw po contract namin. Bale 6 months lang yung duration ng renta namin. Nasa batas po ba yun na kelangan bayaran talaga yung remaining months kahit hindi na namin titirhan?

  63. Hi goodpm.
    Tanong lng po ako. Pwede po bang mghabol ng last payment ung landlord f cya po mismo ngpaalis po samin dahil ng reklamo po kme dahil kapatid nya.. Pinaalis lng kme ng basta2 na d mn lng ngtatanong. Tsaka ung singil nya sa kuryente tsaka tubig ay sobra2.. Anu po pwese nmin gawin. Tanx

  64. good day ask ko lang po kung pwede ko isue ung lndlady ko dahil lage nya kami pinapatayan ng tubig from the main line except her line..wala po kami outstanding bill sa water mahigit one month na nya ginagawa ito samin..and yung mga kailangan repair sa roof hindi nya pinapagawa ang ending may leak sa room namin..anu po dapat namin gawin salamat po

  65. just want to ask if the due is on every 2 of the month and you are already demended for the money is it harassment and how many days in our law is the allowance inorder to settle your obligation. And no receipt is ever given to us and they dont declare it as bussiness. plz held

  66. Good day po..
    Nagrerenta po ako ng house dto sa puerto galera at pinapaalis na po ako until may 12 un din ang end ng contract nag.deposit.po aako n 20k and then nagbayad pa po ako ng rent nong april.20k parn po ba ung makukuha ko? Kc bayad na nmn po ang bills

  67. I’ve been renting a space in a four-storey house in Cainta, Rizal along Imelda Avenue for three years now. Is this area covered by the Rent Control Law? I’m not sure if Cainta, technically not a city, can be considered a highly urbanized city. The landlord has decided after 3 years to increase rent by 22%. I tried to negotiate and she said that she can lower it to 17%, and that it’s her prerogative to do so.

  68. Hello,

    Just want to ask if ung verbal agreement po before kami magupa sa bahay eh 1 month advnace and 1 month deposit lang, ngaun yung kapatid nung kausap po namin eh kinukulit kami na dapat 2 months deposit daw po dapat ang ibayad namin, sobra na po ung verbal abuse and emotional stress na binibigay nung kapatid ng landlord namin. tama po ba ung pagsingil nya smen ng isa pang month kahit 1 month advance and 1 month deposit lang ang unang kasunduan namin? thank you in advance..

  69. Happy Father’s Day po! Good afternoon, gusto ko lang po sanang malaman kung may karapatan po ba akong mag complain dahil po pinad lock ng anak ng land lord ang water meter ko kahit ako po mismo ang nagbabayad nito ng walang abiso at ang reason po nya ay para magbayad ako ng rent where in fact may usapan na po kami na after ko magbayad ng rent eh magbibigay ulit ako ng rent after 2 weeks. the same day na napad lock ang water meter ko ay same day din sana na magbabayad ako ng rent based sa paguusap namin. feeling ko po kasi na violate ang karapatan ko dahil lang sa gusto nila akong inisin dahil sa paghingi ko ng resibo sa renta at pag angal na magbayad para sa paglilinis ng building kaya po ganun ang ginawa sa akin.

  70. Good Afternoon po, is there such law for giving discount to the Lessee who wants to pay me in 6 months advance rental?
    if theres any? upto what % can i give them as discount?

  71. Hello po. Nangungupahan po kami ng mga pinsan ko sa isang bed space dito sa Makato. Pabago bago po ang timpla ng may ari. Last year po tatlo lang kami sa kwarto dlwa kming lalaki and yung pinsan naming babae. Ngayon po pinauupahan samin yung isang buong kwarto na for 4 person dahil 3 lang daw kami and now na may nhnap kming isa pa gusto nilang ilipat sa ibang kwarto yung pinsan naming babae. Wala po kaming contract and wala din pong iniissue na receipt. Ngayon pinapaalis kami ng may ari dahil ayaw daw po namin sumunod sa patakaran nila. Nagbabayad nmn po kami ng maayos without any delays. Saan po pwede ireklamo ang mga ganong landlords? Please reply po. Thank you



  73. please help. saan po ba pwede ireklamo pag overpricing na singil sa sub-meter na kuryente. singil kasi samin ng nirerentahan nmin is php21.00/kwh. right ba ng owner n mag price nun o illegal na ang ginagawa nila? maraming salamat po

  74. Good morning umuupa po kami ng apartment May contract naman po kaming hawak , more than one year na po kaming nag rent . Recently nag karoon po ng konting miscommunication sa parking at cleanliness ng area sa Ibang tenant kasi walo pinto po tenant dito . Hindi talaga maiiwasan na minsan May Gantong problem na ma e encounter lalo Kung yung iba walang concern sa kapwa tenant . In short kami sinabihang umalis kasi kami daw ang naging complain ng tenant na Kung tutuusin hindi man Lang Nila kinuha ang side namin to explain our side. Basta na Lang nag send ng message sa messenger na umalis n kami by this coming October siguro naman daw naka hanap na kami ng bagong apartment . Maraming salamat po sana po matulungan nyo kami kung ano ang pwede namin gawin to protect our rights . God bless po .

  75. We’re renting a commercial residential unit in the heart of Manila for 32 years now. From P3,500 rent last 1986 we are now renting P20,000. From P17,000 last year the owner increased the rent to P20,000 just last September of 2017. Lo and behold, the owner just talked to my mom yesterday and informed her that rent effective December 2018 will be P30,000. Is this even legal?! Not to mention the penalty they are charging us whenever we are late in payment that is P50/day.. Please enlighten us.

  76. Good Day po sa lahat,hingi sana ako ng advice tungkol sa renta namin sa bahay na walang original na resibo binibigay sa amin. Tapos nag paalam kmi sa my ari kung pwedi pansamantala gawin naming opisina ang garahi namin dahil kasalukuyan nererenovate yung dating opis…hindi po nya kmi pinayagan ,anu po kaya magandang gawin namin tungkol sa hindi pg bgay ng tamang resibo sa halagang 25,000 upa ng bahay,,,sna my mka advice naman po sa amin.

    Maraming Salamat

    • Hi, tungkol po sa pag-convert ng garahe niyo bilang opisina, pwede niyong balikan ang rental contract niyo at hanapin kung may nakasaad dito na pwede kayong payagan ng may-ari na gamitin yun bilang opisina. Kung walang ganun o walang kontrata, ang masusunod ay yung may-ari at pwede niyo lang gawin kung ano yung pinapayagan kayo ng may-ari.

      Tungkol naman sa resibo, kelangang may resibo na ibinibigay sa inyo kapag kayo ay nagbabayad ng renta. Ito ay para din sa proteksyon niyo para kapag hinabol kayo at sinabi kayong hindi pa kayo bayad ay mayroon kayong katibayan na bayad kayo. Kung wala silang ibinibigay na resibo, kayo mismo ang pwedeng gumawa ng “Acknowledgment Receipt” na nagsasaad na nagbayad kayo ng renta at iyon ay para sa renta ng nasabing buwan. Ilagay niyo rin dun kung sino ang tumanggap ng bayad at papirmahin siya na tinanggap niya yung bayad.

  77. Hello, are we violating any laws if we, the landlords, requested to have the utilities cut. The tenants we have 1) haven’t paid their 2 months’ (8.5K/mo) rent, and 2) have 20K worth of unpaid utilities
    We want them out as soon as possible.
    Also, how can we held them liable tp pay these costs?

  78. Get your facts straight. The Act No 9653 says about the coverage (applicability), that all residential units in the National Capital Region AND other highly urbanized cities, the total monthly rent for each of which ranges from One peso to Ten thousand pesos. And additionally, residential units in all other areas, the total monthly rent for each of which ranges from one peso to five thousand pesos. And this “without prejudice to existing contracts”.

    So this act applies to all residential units to rent in any highly urbanized city up to 10,000 PHP, and residential units to rent in any other area up to 5,000 PHP. Seems like a pretty important mistake to me.

  79. Sana meron makasagot sa akin concern nangugupahn kmi studio type 4800 po yung upa times 57 ang tubig kht mern nmn metro ang tubg at times 24 ang meralco dhl submeter ito..
    Ang binayad lng muna nmn 1buwan lng muna.. Pero bgo kmi lumipat nagsbi na ako sa kptid ng mayari na cra ang pinto ng banyo natatanngal na sa pagkkbit at doorknob nia cra din..
    Ang sbi papaaus.. Nag byd muna ako ng tubig at kuryente pra sa buwan na konsumo nmn.. 2buwan lng kmi dun dhl dw mern na daw lilipat itong ka tapos ng buwan.. Mern kmi outstanding bill which bbyrn muna nmn yung nakonsumo nmn itong buwan na huli 2 buwan ako di byd sa bhy. Sbi ko bbyrn ko bgo kmi umalis ang problema minamdali na kmi umalis kc mern na daw lilipat. So bbgyn nmn siya byd nmn nakonsumo nmn ng 1buwan itong tumkbong araw pa nmn dun.. Sbi di dw p rn nia I ibgy mga gmit nmn hanggng di nmn byd ang kabuoan.. Sana mern po sumgt dito…

  80. Hello po lilipat po sana ako ng room sa building na inuupahan ko.Kaso ang gusto ng may ari agaran in that week kinausap ko nag caretaker sbiko magppack ako ng gmit kung pde sunday me magpack kc me work ako gbi nko dumarating sunod na week hakutin ko lahat.ayaw daw pumayag ng may ari ng bahay kv sayang daw ang araw.Nakiusap ako kaso ibingay sa iba sabiko sige na nd nako lilipat ayusin nalang ang mga tulo sa room ko wala akong utang sa kanila lagi me on time mgbyad.pero dpat daw irrenovate nag room ko ililipat ako from 6500 sa room na 7k ayaw ko pumayag.nagexpire contract ko nung aug 16pinapirma ako ng bagong contract na before 4 katao pde sa room now 3nlang daw at may byad na 300 pag may pang apat wala silang notice na magging 3nlang pinasaynan skin ng caretaker internal arrangement nlang sana namin.Then balewala na daw yun pinasaynan nya kc ala p syn angay ari at kung ayaw ko daw lumipat eh umalis nalang ako.nsstress ako nhaharass ako sa gngawa nila since tulo ang problem s labas ang problema gusto ivacate ko agad ang room eh considering na me work ako mapasok kods ko work ko monday-sat.Nagalit ako tinawagan ko maya ri hinharass kakao ako eh kaso sbi ng maya ti ayusin n namin ng caretaker ayaw pmyag ng caretaker kc yun daw sbi ng maya ri sbiko brgy nlang kmi mgusap harassment ang gngwa nila skin.Now may i know all my rights about thay svenario?typo

  81. Good day. May paupahan po ako. Isang 6k at isang 7k.
    Na mapping po yung bldg ng city government.
    Kailangan po ba namin talaga ng bussiness permit eh wala pang 15 k yung paupa namin.
    At nag babayad naman ako regular ng 22k na tax sa munisipyo.

  82. HI po, nag re rent po sa apartment for 7 years na at a rate of 9k a month. Mag increase na raw kami to 10k na ok lang naman sa akin matagal tagal na rin. Nasabihan raw nila ako nung Jan. 2019 pa pero nakalimutan ko naman, at pag nag papadala ako ng deposit slip sa landlord ko for 9K a month, hindi naman sya nagreklamo until now. Pinasabi daw sa balae ni landlord, walang paper na may signatures kami as proof. Dapat daw mag retro-payment ako from Jan 2019. At sabi ng landlord ko dapat daw nga 20% yearly ang increase ko na nasa contract daw namin nung una akong lumipat nung Oct. 2012. Wala naman akong nakitang 20% dun. Ok lang naman sa akin yung 1K na increase, pero yung 20% after this year na upa hindi po ako makapayag. Yung lawyer na lang daw nya ang kakausap sa akin kasi next year daw yung lawyer na mag collect ng rent. Para rin maayos na raw ang BIR issues nya kasi malaki raw ang VAT na dapat mga umuupa ang nagbabayad. Kasi naman nung nag start ako mag rent nung 2012, mga ilang months lang ang OR na issue sa akin, tapos until now hindi na sya nagbigay ng OR sa lahat ng mga tenants dito sa compound. PLease advise sa mga karapatan ako as tenant. Salamat.


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