PRC Online Application for Board Exam Takers in 2020

Are you planning to take the board exam this 2020?

Good news! You may register online using PRC’s online registration system in order to apply for the professional licensure exam quickly and conveniently. Follow our step-by-step guide below on how to use the PRC LERIS or the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System.

In the past years, examinees taking a licensure exam were required to visit a PRC satellite or regional office and to line up for several hours in order to apply. At present, thanks to the new system of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), it is now possible to submit your exam application online.

This a welcome development, of course, but one downside is that applicants are still required to physically visit a PRC office. Yup, unfortunately, you still have to visit the PRC to submit all documents which you filled out online. But the good news is, the queueing and waiting hours have been drastically reduced because you can now choose your preferred schedule and visit PRC at a pre-determined appointment date and time!

Here’s a handy guide on how to use the PRC LERIS in order to register for the board exam and to secure your appointment date.

Board Exam Application Requirements

First things first: even though the application may now be submitted online, examinees are still required to print the documents (from the PRC LERIS system) and to submit these and other requirements and visit a PRC office during the scheduled appointment.

The complete list of application requirements varies depending on the Professional Board in charge of the licensure exam, but the usual documentary requirements are as follows:

  • 1. Filled-out Application Form (to be printed from the PRC exam application online system);
  • 2. Transcript of Records (TOR) with scanned picture and with remarks “For Board Examination purposes only”;
  • 3. PSA / NSO Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly National Statistics Office (NSO);
  • 4. PSA / NSO Marriage Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly National Statistics Office (NSO) – only for married women applicants;
  • 5. Valid NBI Clearance – required for some licensure exams, not all

If you are ready to apply, check out our step-by-step guide below on how to use the PRC Board Exam Application and Online Appointment System.

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How to Register Online in PRC to take Board Exam

Step 1. Visit PRC’s LERIS website

Visit the PRC online appointment website, called LERIS or Licensure Examination and Registration Information System, at

Please note that in some cases, the website may be inaccessible and under maintenance, but simply come back at a different time to access the website. An alternative but official mirror sites that you can also access, if the above link does not work, is and

PRC Online Appointment website for Board Exam takers

If you previously used and created an account at PRC’s other website at, please note that user accounts created there are no longer usable. The PRC now requires applicants to register a different account at the new PRC LERIS (Licensure Examination and Registration Information System) website.

For first-time users, you need to register and open a new PRC LERIS account first. If you already have a valid LERIS account, just login then skip and go directly to Step #4 below.

Step 2. Sign up and open a LERIS account

First-time users need to register and complete their profile. (If you already have an existing account, skip to Step #4 below.) Make sure you have the following information before you begin:

  • A valid e-mail address (with password)
  • A working mobile or cellphone number
  • Personal data (including date of your graduation)
  • Soft copy of ID photo, saved in .jpg format on a computer, phone or tablet. The photo should also be 2×2 in size, in plain white background; taken no more than 6 months prior to PRC ID renewal; and the applicant must wear decent attire WITH COLLAR in the photo.

To register and create a new account:

  • Click the “REGISTER” tab on the right-hand sidebar of the homepage.
  • Scroll below to view the entire Terms of Service.
  • Click on the green “ACCEPT” button.
  • Fill out all required information as printed on your Notice of Admission or Professional Identification Card.
  • Once completed, check the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA then click the green “REGISTER” button.

Step 3. Sign in and create your Profile

Once you have finished registration, log in by clicking the “SIGN IN” tab. Enter your Email Address and Password, then click the “SIGN IN” button.

Once signed in, create your Profile by filling out and completing the form. Correctly input all required information, including your:

  • Personal details, such as full name, citizenship, civil status, birth date, and birth place, etc.
  • Contact details, including complete address, telephone and cellphone numbers, and email address
  • Family Background, i.e., your mother’s and father’s details
  • Education details, such as degree course, school graduated from, and date of graduation
  • Employment details

After completing your Profile, click the “SAVE INFORMATION” button.

Next, you are required to upload a good quality ID photo. If your photo is rejected, your application will be disapproved, so make sure the photo you will upload must comply with the following:

  • 2×2 in size;
  • In plain white background;
  • Applicant must wear decent attire with collar in the photo;
  • Applicant should not be wearing eyeglasses in the photo;
  • Ears of the applicant should not be covered; and
  • Photo should have been taken no more than 6 months prior to PRC ID renewal.

Step 4. Select “Examination” Transaction

To register for the board exam, make sure you’re logged in to your PRC account then click the “TRANSACTION” button which you can find at the top-right portion of the page.

In the “Select Transaction” section, click the “EXAMINATION” tab located at the left-most portion. Choose the relevant exam details from the drop-down menu, such as the “Name of Examination” (what board exam you will be taking), “Examination Type”, “Date of Examination” and “Place of Examination”. Click the “Proceed” button for the next step.

Step 5. Choose your Appointment Date and Time

In the succeeding “Online Appointment” page, from the drop-down menu, choose the PRC Office that you plan to visit to submit your application. Once you have chosen your preferred location, you will be shown a preliminary Appointment Date and Time.

If the appointment details are OK with you, click the “Proceed” button at the bottom. However, if you don’t like the given details, you may look for a different appointment date and time just by clicking the “Reschedule?” button. Select a new Appointment Date and Time, then click “Proceed”.

You will then be shown the total amount you need to pay for the processing of your board exam application.

Step 6. Select Payment Method

To proceed with payment, choose your preferred Payment Method then click “Submit”. You may opt to pay at the “PRC-Cashier” of the PRC office where you will submit your documents.

You may also choose to pay using other methods, such as your Landbank online account, GCash, any Bancnet bank account, or UCPB Connect.

If you will pay using Landbank, make sure you prepare the following beforehand:

  • Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) Savings Account Number – your 10 digit bank account number
  • Joint Account Indicator (JAI) – usually this is the number “0” if the account is owned by a single person or individual or either the number “1” or “2” if it is a joint account
  • PIN number – you will have to input your PIN by pressing the numbers in the PIN Pad

Make sure you correctly input your Landbank savings account number, JAI number, and PIN. Click “Submit” to proceed with payment. Take note that this action is irreversible, which means your savings account will be automatically deducted the payment amount once you clicked “Submit”.

If the payment is successful, you will see this confirmation below.

Step 7. Print all required documents

You must print the Payment Confirmation form so click the “Go back to Profile” button, click “Existing Transactions”, then click the “Payment Details” button. You will then see the “Payment Confirmation” form. Click the “Print” button to print the payment details form.

Also print your Exam Application form.

Step 8. Visit PRC during your Appointment Date and Time

On your Appointment Date and Time, visit and submit to the PRC Office your:

  • signed Application Form
  • printed Payment Confirmation form
  • other documents required by the professional regulatory board of your licensure exam.

That’s it! If there’s no problem with your application, you will be issued a Notice of Admission or NOA which you must keep and bring with you on the day of the board exam.

You’re now registered to take the board exam. Good luck and we hope you pass. Claim it now, future board exam passer!

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