Are you a scam victim? Where to report scammers in the Philippines

Don’t be duped by scammers in the Philippines! Report them to the authorities and send them to jail!

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has repeatedly warned the public against falling for “get-rich-quick” scams.

On its website (, the SEC reported that more and more financial scams have recently emerged, targeting potential investors who want to earn absurdly high returns on their money.

How to check if you’re talking to a scammer

According to the SEC, if a person contacted you and offered a seemingly high interest on your “investment” after a short period of time, protect yourself by asking for the following information.

  1. Name of the person and the company making the offer;
  2. Address of the person and the company;
  3. Landline numbers of the person and the company (mobile phone numbers are difficult to trace); and
  4. SEC registration of the company stating they are eligible to take investments

If the person refused to give those information, better not to continue dealing with them. There’s a high chance the company and the investment program being offered are fraud.

Other tell-tale signs of a scam

Some additional things to remember to help protect yourself from financial scams.

  1. Investment houses and financing companies with quasi-banking (QB) license and with SEC registered securities are the only ones allowed to offer investment instruments to more than 19 investors. If anyone or any company is marketing a financial investment to the public, that is, to more than 19 people and they do not have the approved license from the SEC, then it’s most likely a scam.
  2. An SEC company registration in itself DOES NOT automatically grant authority to sell investment instruments such as securities, bonds, commercial papers, etc. Check the list of companies published by the SEC that are authorized to accept investments from the public.
  3. Only SEC registered persons (brokers/dealers/salesmen) may offer or sell registered securities to the public. Ask what their SEC registration number or Broker’s / Salesman License Number is and double-check this with the SEC.
  4. Don’t fall for people who give you promissory notes or post-dated checks as proof of your interest earnings. These notes or checks may turn out to be fake or un-funded. Scammers typically use this trick to lure you to invest and to show that they are supposedly genuine and paying.

Where to report scammers

If you encounter any company or person that may be guilty of the above, report them to the:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Enforcement and Investor Protection Department

Telephone Number: (+632) 818-5704


You may also contact the Philippine NBI:

  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Telephone Number: (+632) 532-8231 to 532-8238


Don’t let scammers scam you. Protect yourself and know what to do.

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363 thoughts on “Are you a scam victim? Where to report scammers in the Philippines”

  1. sir,
    i know a foriegn national ( singaporean and his filipina girlfriend who are doing scamming activities here in philippines. there are a lot of complain about this person a ( tourist visa holder ) from foreign traders. he does his dirty works here in the country but he always run away with his illegal activities. as a concern citizen i would very willing to assist the authorities to put this man in jail. he is tarnishing the image of the philippines .

    you could conatct me at 072 8887576 or 09205799909
    san fdo city la union

  2. Hi, if you think you have enough evidence to make a case, file one with the SEC or NBI or your local authorities. Or if you want, give us more information about it by using the “Contact Us” form in the site or posting in the PMT Forum. It’d be helpful if you can tell us specific details and show proofs that the activities were indeed illegal. Let’s see what we can do.

    • Hello, i would like to report that me my self as a victim of scammers here in the philippines,i would like to report to you that this person named “Rosalie Valencia Ornopia” from Calamba, Laguna.I am the one of the victim of here illegal activities, Hope you can help me in this case..this was happened last august 02,2018 but until now we wont be able to contact her because she was unreachable to call,Hoping that some of you can help me in tis case,we dont know what to do by this time.please we need your help.

    • My mother received a scam message to her cp yesterday (31 july20) allegedly from GMA7 Wowowin winning 580,000 php under the name of Mr. Henry Ching with DTI no. I called GMA7 to validate its authenticity. They told me it was a scam message. The number of the scammer is +639752824562. I also want to report this number to NBI and SEC.

    • Andrew Lampard is a scammer. He is from ph and has a ph number. He is not from UK. He posted job offer in different websites and ask for money. Dont be fooled.

    • Hello, I really need your help I was scam by my employer thru online she from in Germany I worked as a VA to her. but she used my paypal account to scam a buyer from reverb. And I already informed it to the agency I applied they already banned her because she scamming lots of VA also. I dont know what to do by this time.please I need your help.

  3. As far as I know, MoneyMovesTrading is also the same as MoneyMovesAsia (MMA) which is being run by Chris Johns. I’ve said before that with the high returns the program is offering, it is bound to fail. I’ve confirmed that Chris Johns is a real person, but that doesn’t mean his program won’t go wrong. Now the program is really on the verge of collapsing. Here’s a discussion thread of MoneyMovesAsia in the forum.

  4. please access this alibaba portal with the company named” BYTES n TECH trading. he si now operating in baguio city.The singaporean scammer uses a filipino name as front.he uses the address 121 scout barrio ,baguio city which is owned by somebody could contact him and his girlfriend at ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Contact Person: Mr. Carlos Ramirez
    Job Title: Sales
    Address: No. 121 Scout Barrio Baguio City, Philippines, Baguio City, Philippines
    Zip/Postal Code: 2600
    Telephone: 63-74-4423806
    Fax: 63-74-4423806

  5. I just browsed this article regarding boiler rooms. I know a company that is owned by a foreign national
    that operates a scamming business with the same intentions with a rented space somewhere in west avenue quizon city manila. I’m willing to help the authorities to pin down those bastards and people involved with this kind of business.

  6. Please contact the SEC or NBI through the numbers in the article above if you think you have information on scammers operating in the Philippines.

    Good luck! Hopefully we can really put these scammers to jail.

  7. hey ive been sick and tired of these scams. 419’s, boiler’s, lottery scams, taking poor peoples money.
    i received a call last year. offering me bogus and worthless stocks probably from boiler room sales rep. so people beware and let be vigilant.

  8. Here is their whois info:
    Domain name:

    monday Bagacina

    Registrant type:

    Registrant’s address:
    Makati City

    Key-Systems GmbH [Tag = KEY-SYSTEMS-DE]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 06-Sep-2007
    Renewal date: 06-Sep-2009
    Last updated: 16-Sep-2007

    Registration status:
    Registration request being processed.

    Name servers:

    WHOIS lookup made at 18:22:35 27-Sep-2007

  9. mark is not telling the truth i have invested my money to rmdgroupltd and i have recieved my LAPTOP apple and have recieved my interest loud and clear how could you say that this is scam? your just fooling us you dont want us to become rich if you dont have money to invest in just shut your mouth okey???? rub your hands if you dont have nothing to do…

  10. rmd group is a blessing to me they are so good in paying interest in my first two 15 days i have seen the goodness of this company thank you rmd philippines for making us financially stable

    • Please investigate cryptoexptrading.. this is an investment platform,where they are insisting people to invest and then they promise profit but once you earn that profit they will hold it and then they will told you to deposit again some fee for the IMF and IRS.. they don’t totally give the profit if it’s have a profit but I have doubt that this is scam.. the account manager DANI CHRIS is a scammer also. They are accomplice of this company.. kindly check their site at
      So that this company will be closed and punished all the people behind this..and no one will be a victim.

  11. Personally I think RMDgroup smells like a scam to me as well. Hey RMD people! If you are really a legit business here in the Philippines then tell your company to do the following to prove yourselves:

    1) Post your DTI and SEC certificate on your website

    2) Provide us with contact Landline numbers on all your offices in the US, UK and here in the Philippines. Put it on your website!

    3) Tell us what exactly your company is investing in. All legitimate PUBLIC investment firms provide actual data on what they are investing on.

    I doubt you have an office in the UK or in the US, Its just like that Francswiss where the server was found in the Philippines. I’m willing to bet this is the same.

  12. If I’m not saying the truth then prove me wrong, RMD staff. Anybody who is reading this and are planning to invest in this RMD group be my guess but before you do be sure to check their company name at the Philippine Security Exchange Commission first if this company has a license to operate and trade here in the Philippines.

  13. RMDgroup, I’m sorry I am not quietly sure for this kind of business. But I agree from Nano statement if you are really legally responsible to your business there is no reason to not affix your DTI, SEC certificate and provide the necessary reference on your website..

  14. Yes napaka fishy indeed. Just look at these rates take from their websites nakakagulat:

    20% Interest 15 days (1.3 % Daily)

    25% Interest 15 days(1.6 % Daily)

    30% Interest 15 days (2.0 % Daily)

    I have been investing in stocks, mutual funds and bonds for over 30 years and these are impossibly high interest rates. Thats around 20% for 15 days! Even the greatest investor in the world Warren Buffet only made 30% YEARLY on legitimate investments! Nakakatakot!

    Read more about Ponzi schemes here:

  15. I agree with Nano. The RMD group should show their legitimate papers to the public through their website. Not only their Philippine License but they should also show their US AND UK License and papers as well.

    If they cannot produce that then they are a scam. Wala silang K

    Julia. I think you should rub your own hands and jump off a cliff because you are a filthy walang hiyang pyramiding scammer.

    Totoo yun maraming yumaman sa Francswiss pero MASMARAMI ANG NA LOKO AT NA LUSAW ANG PERA DAHIL SA SCAM NA ITO.

  16. Julia says:

    “your just fooling us you dont want us to become rich if you dont have money to invest in just shut your mouth okey???? ”

    No Julia. I just don’t want people like you to become rich in the expense of others.

  17. Tama si Mark. Meron rin ako mga kakilala galing sa franc na kumita ng malaki at sumali dito sa RMD Group. These are the same persons na nag si takbuhan when the police came to arrest the francswiss recruiters.

    Kaduda duda po ang mga nag agents ng RMDgroup becareful po kayo lahat. I’m also convinced that this is a huge scam!

  18. Well said Jo.

    RMD since you are already established in the US and UK, post your trading license and legal papers up on your website!

  19. Just yesterday. Meron nag yaya sa akin at buong family ko, mag invest sa RMD kaya pina-check namin sa SEC. Wala po silang records duuon.

    This is a scam.

  20. I checked out their website and tama kayo:

    Their public docs are empty. Before you can even trade money in the Philippines dapat mag karoon kayo ng legal certificates muna. I mean it only takes 10 minutes to scan and post your document on your website. Why hanggan now wala parin kayong documentation?

    I’m convinced that RMD is a scam. Investors beware!

  21. hi guys, do you have any idea regarding sales promo scams or scratch and win scam. My friend was so exited that she won a chair massager worth 100k, but she has to buy a water purifier first before she can claim the massager. In short she bought that purifier for almost 50k. Help guyz..

    • Hi gud evening sir/maam
      I have a concern about using the gcash and ,they are using gcash and coin ph to do scam to other people.

  22. a girl? named julies(julius) poses as a down and out HOMELESS…but then agrees to do sex shows for money if you send money through XOOM..major scam its a set up model pics etc.

    she trolls single sites and then plays ths sad parts…LOCK HER(HIM) UP


    There is also a woman named Ariel “Ayeng” Darlucio who is a scammer. She told me she loved me and when she gained my trust, asked me for money. She even showed me pictures of her father’s funeral and after that she asked for money and also for her brother’s education. After some time, she disappeared and it looks like she’s looking for new victims to scam. Be warned, I read that she has scammed many people already. Ariel Dalucio is from Sunrise Village, Brgy. Tiguma, Pagadian City (He Email is

    • This needs to be removed. It is always a recurring post from the owner of this website who is a crook and scam artist himself. This post is continuing to ruin someone’s life and the man who posts this on this site blackmails people for money. This post is very old and a lie. Blackmailer will not remove it ever.

    • I will take legal action against this site if it is not removed. The owner of this site is a blackmailer for money

  23. Hi. I’d like to know if it is illegal to withdraw from the bank account of a dead person – even if the one who withdrew the amount is the widow (through Special Power of Attorney). The bank account was the pension the man received from SSS when he was still alive. But the widow always kept an amount in the bank and never withdrew all the amount. Until her spouse died. A month after he died, she withdraw all the amount. Will she be penalized for doing so?


  24. The following is a proposal that my elder brother in the USA got and asked me to report to the proper authorities, itis my hope that this is the site where I can accomplish this task. Thank you.

    Subject: Partnership Proposal
    Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 08:08:21 +0000


    Good Day,

    Let me start by introducing myself, I am MRS.KRISTIE UGERRI, CREDIT ACCOUNTS OFFICER BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK. I am writing you this letter based on the latest development at my bank, which I will like to bring to your personal edification. I am a top official in charge of client accounts in (EQUITABLE PCI BANK) which is now BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK inside the Philippines the merger was late 2007.

    In 2003, my client was going through a horrendous divorce in the United States of America and was on the verge of losing most of his estate to his vicious and diabolical wife. As a result of this alarming predicament, my client came to me with a very brilliant idea. He transferred some funds, ten million two hundred thousand dollars ($10.2m) to a fixed deposit account in my bank under an alias which only the two of us knew about as the confidentiality of the matter was necessary for his protection.

    Due to his untimely death in early 2004, the funds have been sitting in the account ever since and will continue to do so perpetually unless we do something about it. This is where you come in. I located you through an agency that helps seek people by their email. My client did not declare any next of kin in his official papers including the paper work of his bank deposit. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I would like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to our client so that you will be able to receive his funds. I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we can come out successful. I have contacted an attorney that will prepare the necessary document that will back you up as the next of kin to my client. All that is required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your Full Names and Address and telephone number so that the attorney can commence his job.

    The allocation of our money will be as follows: 30%($3.06m) to you for your part in this, 70% for me. Again, I will be in charge of everything else. I will assume all responsibilities for this endeavor so you don’t have to worry about any legal ramifications, just what you will do with all that money. Your urgent response is highly anticipated, so please get back to me if interested for more details on this transaction as soon as possible.

    This should be kept very secret and confidential.

    Hope to hear from you soon .

    Kind Regards,
    Mrs.Kristie Ugerri.

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    jhen21_viper 9:48:32 AM: just wait
    Me: 9:49:05 AM: ok
    Me: 9:49:26 AM: all done! Confirmation number is AFx45-88723-34F323.
    jhen21_viper 9:49:42 AM: ok babe just click the SEND EMAIL ok
    Me: 9:49:51 AM: ok
    Me: 9:49:52 AM: done!
    Me: 9:49:56 AM: now send me pics!
    jhen21_viper 9:49:58 AM: do you see the SEND EMAIL?
    Me: 9:50:05 AM: yesd
    jhen21_viper 9:50:06 AM: do you see the SEND EMAIL?
    Me: 9:50:08 AM: yes
    jhen21_viper 9:50:20 AM: then what did you see if you done ?
    Me: 9:50:46 AM: “email sent”
    jhen21_viper 9:51:11 AM: ok then if you done to send it copy and send it the link says?ok
    Me: 9:51:34 AM: huh?
    Me: 9:51:41 AM: send me some pics first!
    Me: 9:51:44 AM: Please??
    jhen21_viper 9:51:52 AM: ok but finish it now ok
    jhen21_viper 9:51:59 AM: what happen now ?
    jhen21_viper 9:52:21 AM: i cant see the email send on my account ?
    Me: 9:52:24 AM: hang on, ok?
    jhen21_viper 9:52:41 AM: ok im waiting but tell me on the page what did you see ?
    jhen21_viper 9:56:15 AM: its ok now ?
    jhen21_viper 9:58:56 AM: whats now babe?
    jhen21_viper 10:02:46 AM: you there baBE?
    Me: 10:05:35 AM: back
    jhen21_viper 10:05:41 AM: hey babE?
    Me: 10:05:43 AM: yes?
    jhen21_viper 10:05:45 AM: what happen now ?
    jhen21_viper 10:06:12 AM: what happen now ?
    Me: 10:07:22 AM: nothing, just waiting for more pics!
    jhen21_viper 10:07:35 AM: what?
    jhen21_viper 10:07:41 AM: what happen on the site to send it ?
    jhen21_viper 10:07:42 AM: huh?
    Me: 10:07:53 AM: nothing
    Me: 10:08:00 AM: what happened to your pics??
    jhen21_viper 10:08:19 AM: babe i told you if you done to send it i will send it my pics…
    jhen21_viper 10:08:37 AM: but i cant see the recieve from my email to prove your done to send it
    Me: 10:09:29 AM: You don’t believe me???

  26. NAME: Marielar T. Natividad aka( MAEH)

    ADDRESS: Blk 11 Lot 25 Alta Tierra Tiguma Pgadian City Zamboanga del sur.. PHILIPPINES
    but says she is cagayan de oro, she didnt get me for much, but thanks to websites like yall guys, help me snapp to her scamming me
    bank account supposly Metro Bank is5443544086570
    supposly living in a boarding
    house address 9 21th nazareth, cagayan de oro.
    date of birth 5-21-89
    has a friend that goe bye the name of YEN YEN
    they say they do car wash

  27. Be aware of a woman that goes by the name of Teresita C. Orquia. Her address is 05616 km. 2 Rizal Street, Surigao City and Manila is 327 Yalak Street, St. Joseph Subd. Cainta Rizal and has an associate named Hazeneth Rose Merano with an address of 049574 Capitol Road Surigao City. She is a scammer trying to rip off men. She promises to come to your country but needs money for her ill father and to get her passport and visa. Her email is

  28. sa lht ng gs mag aply sa abroad tru net, ingat2 lng po sa mga scammers., i found this job posting sa TRABAHO PHILIPPINES ( ) syt nla.. so i tot na 22 to.. i send my resume thru email den aftr an hour dey send me this message..


    Hilton Nottingham [Chat now]

    View Contact


    38 Milton Street
    City Centre, Nottingham, NG1 3PZ, UK
    +44 702 402 7786

    We have received your Message Regarding the Job you requested. So we have considered hiring you for your services (……WAITRESS……..).


    (1) For Your Flight Ticket will be taken care of by Hilton Hotel, and other of your traveling documents, but you will be the one to pay for your work permit. This will enable work here in England for Hilton Hotel; without this you can not work in Hilton Hotel.

    (2) This Hotel does not want encourage anybody with criminal record.

    (3) You working service for this Hilton Hotel attract £120 weekly allowance money (you will be paid 120 GBP in addition to you salary).

    (4) Causing a disruptive influence in the hotel. Is not allowed.

    (5) Obedience is our priority.

    (6) Punctuality is encouraged.

    (7) You will be paid (…..2100 GBP…..(GREAT BRITAIN POUNDS)……) Monthly

    So if you agree with these terms and conditions of services

    Please let us know so that we can have our lawyer issue you contract/invitation letter and also all the necessary details on how to obtain your traveling papers. You can call us anytime you wish to take the interview. You can get his (employment manager) number below.

    You are to send a text message to (+447729468635) send (“RECEIVED ACKNOWLEDGMENT”) for confirmation.

    Mrs. Duncan Jane
    Human Resources Manager +447024030758

  29. den after dat wala ng intrview mangya2ri, after 2days ng pagsasalit salitan nmn ng message ngulat ako on process na daw ung work permit ko, n im about to pay DAW NG 300 GBP once i arivd in UK.and start 2 work agad.. dun na ako nag duda den i dcded to contact the HILTON HOTEL NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND to confirm kng 22o, ok nmn ung mga names nandon ang pnagtaka ko ung mga # na bngay sakin mali sa mg # na nasa syt ng mismo hilton hotel den knuha ko email add. ng reservation syt nla ( ) i send a message to this email address just to confirm kng totoo nga, den nglat ako sa reply nla..


    Press Office

    View Contact
    To: D***** *****z
    Dear D****,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    This is a known scam that we have reported to the appropriate governments in the US and the UK. Please do not send any information or money to the email address. Additional details regarding this scam are posted on our website:

    If you are interested in a position with Hilton Hotels Corporation, please visit Hilton’s official job posting website at

    Hilton Press Office

    >>> D**** *****z 08/12/2009 01:41 >>>

  30. hirs the message na cnend nla sakin,,, READ PLEASE!!!
    be careful.. and dont SEND MONEY AND INFORMATION sa hnd nyo kila2..sana mabasa nyo lahat ito..


    38 Milton Street
    City Centre, Nottingham, NG1 3PZ, UK
    + 44 702 406 1928









    (You are to send a text message to (+447729468635) send (“RECEIVED ACKNOWLEDGMENT”) for confirmation.)





    Barr Ian Jones

    View Contact
    To: Daisy Cortez

    2 Files Download All

    Attn: Client,

    See contract in attachment.

    How are you doing? After talking with my

    client (Hilton Hotel), he has authorized me to send you this email. I am attaching

    Here with a Contract/Invitation Letter from Hilton Hotel, for you to

    go through. If you accept, you would have to sign and date at the

    Bottom and send a scanned copy to me as e mail attachment.

    Information for Travel.

    Your employer went to the UK Immigrations Office here in UK to

    Inform them about his decision to employ you and to also seek their

    Approval/permit as they are the legal authorities vested with the

    Power to permit/approve foreign workers.

    You have to contact them

    immediately you sign the contract letter. Send a copy to them and

    also request them to furnish you with details of how you can get

    your work permit and travel documents. Also you should know that

    your employer, would share travel costs with you, he will pay them

    for your Flight Ticket and some other relevant documents, and the

    little you would spend is the cost of obtaining your Work Permit

    okay. Here are their contact details:

    Note that your Work Permit will Cost you 300 Great Britain Pounds.

    Expedia Travels.

    Address: Nottingham

    East Midlands Airport ,

    Castle Donington,

    Derby DE74 2SA , UK


    Send them an e mail with a copy of the signed contract letter and

    they would get in touch with you so that you can travel down

    soonest to resume duties.

    Best Regards

    Barr. Ian H. Jones

    Mobile: +447024012664


    Good day,

    Note that you will have to send and email to Barr. Ian H. Jones ( so that he can
    send you the Contract/Invitation Letter and also details on how to contact the travel agency who will be processing
    your traveling documents.

    You are also to be interviewed by me on yahoo messenger ( or give me a call (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm).

    I will be waiting for your response to this email.

    Mr Derek Oneil.

  31. so guys ingat lng kayo, chech this syt para malaman nyo, thats TRABAHO PHILLIPINES kng san naka post ang HILTON HOTEL JOB POSTING…

    email me guys kng isa din kayo sa mga naloko ng TRABAHO PHILIPPINES AND OTER SCAMMERS
    thanks.., gud luck., NO SCAMMERS na sana PLS..

  32. Thanks daisy! I just got the same frst email from them. actually umpisa palang duda n ako dami kasi “grammatical errors” e ..hehe. for a real email to be sent sa isang professional by a professional, it should be well written. so i tried to search the web muna. GOOD THING, nakita ko ang posts mo. Thanks a lot. naconfirm ko na. i wont be sending anything to them. God bless!

  33. hi daisy.i got the same message from that stupid as well.we have the same position offered.exactly as yours…i hope those scammers will get lost…lost everything in them!!!!

  34. Hi Philippines! I have this complain about a scammer on internet. I’m wanting a filipina girl for a wife so i sign up to a dating site in philippines. But sad to say i didn’t know i was talking to a scammer. She got a lot of money from me. I sent her big amount of money to open a bank account as show money, money for plane ticket and so many times i sent her money for her expenses as she said. But she didn’t show up in my country. I fall in love with her but she was fake. I discovered that she is married and have kids already. Maybe they survive because of scamming, getting money from western guys like me. I knew that i am not only her victim but so many other foreign men. She used a photo of her friend. One time when i didn’t know yet she was scammer she sent me postal mail. The name of this filipina scammer is ERLYN SOBREVILLA. She uses screen name as JANNAH SANTOS. Here is the address written on mail: ERLYN SOBREVILLA 24A, ISLAHOMES1, PINAGBUHATAN PASIG CITY. I’ve never been to philippines yet but when that scammer is in jail already i will come and visit her. I will ask my money back. This is bad reputation for filipino people. I hope that philippine government will do some actions regarding this, or any anti-crime agencies should act on this scamming stuff of filipino people. If you want some photo i can give you. I have also all the receipts of money i sent to her through western union if you need it. I will wait for the result. I hope there is justice in philippines. I am looking forward that scammers will be in jail and scamming will be stop. I heard many Filipino are scammers on dating sites. It should be stop. Thank you and God bless Philippines!

    • Ron, I advice if you’re interested with a lady online, please don’t send any money unless you already see that lady in person and proven that she’s not a scammer. Make sure she’s not only wanting your money but she’s really in love with you.

  35. I am Mario of Cebu.

    thanks to this site, I almost to pay for the working permit through this e-mail add: by using Hilton Hotel’s name. I received also an email like what daisy’s received.
    And asking me to pay with the amount of 300GBP, but i’m still doubting about this that’s why i open my internet to search regarding of this.

  36. I have the same experience like you guys!Because of my persistent to work abroad, i sent my resume trough email to several companies and i think one of those companies is Hotel Hilton which immediately reply to me frm Mrs. Duncan Jane considering my application as Front Desk Assistant, on the beginning, im so excited and i replied to their email. I did their instructions but later on i found out that it was scam. I research the alleged IAN H. Jones and the way he responded on my email makes me confuse, he already sent a contract/letter of invitation and isntructed me to sign the said documents and send them a copy. But before I do that, I found out that it was scam. I read the real ebsite of IAN H. Jones and it is true. So guys, sa mga manloloko!!! thanks god nalaman ko agad ng mas earlier, hindi na ako nagrereply ngaun sa mga email nila. pero natatakot pa din ako kc may record na ko sa kanila.

    Just make a comment what im going to do… hehehe thanks sa inyo.gudluck!

  37. Carlos Teoco in Las Pinas, Philippines has stolen credit card numbers and trying to use money transfer services to send money to himself. His address is blk 18 lot 12 veraville, las pinas, metro manila. His cell phone 0939-484-9977.
    Using IP ADDRESS

    Someone needs to raid his home and stop this fraudster

    • I don’t know what the fuck you talkin about. Quit your hatin you lil broke ass snitch. I know who the fuck you are and I’m comin for you.

  38. This is an alert for a Franchise Scam of “Out of Africa” by a group of White South Africans Cristo Africans Daniel Daniels, Roland Terence, and Mike Halgreen who killed a muslim girl Details on the I am aware of this scam from the blog of a Muslim in Manila. Details on the
    Franchise scam and murder at this Muslim Blog:

    This group was thrown out of Thailand by people they had scammed, then came to the
    Philippines to continue their con with the assistance of another South African,
    Bollie Bolton.

    This group has made millions of pesos in the Viscayas with their scam. Michael
    Halgreen was associated with another con artist, Dean Mills in Thailand:


    I am Ma. Genia Theresa T. Agravante, a newly licensed nurse from University of the Philippines Manila. I am one of the many nurses in our country struggling to find work to decently earn an income for our families. It is quite unfortunate that there exists heartless, deceit-ridden, conscienceless, and fraud-driven individuals who are willing and able to exploit others to acquire large sums of money. Can you imagine how many nurses would pay any amount whether they can afford it or not just to secure a stable good-paying job especially abroad?

    Also, i have reason to believe that they are the same people who perpetuated the GENESIS SCAM. PLEASE PLEASE, Look into this and have this people pay for the crime they committed.

    Thank you very much,
    Ma. Genia Theresa T. Agravante, R.N

    To know the details of the scam, please read the ad provided by THE RITZ HOTEL CONSULTANCY as advertised in JOBSDB.COM and the corresponding ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM THE COMPANY:

    Ritz Hotel
    WELCOME TO THE RITZ. The Ritz : The world’s greatest hotel, as conceived by the world’s greatest hotelier. For over a century The Ritz has been the benchmark by which other hotels are measured. The Ritz has been home to the great and the good, the intelligentsia, the glitterati and thousands of discerning guests.
    Hotel Nurse

    We are in need of a HOTEL NURSE!
    (licensed & non-licensed)
    Please prepare the following requirements:
    1. Updated Resume with or without picture
    2. 4pcs. Passport size picture (white background)
    3. Employment Certificates (if applicable)
    4. Diploma or training certificate
    6. Transcript of records
    7. Birth Certificate (NSO)
    8. NBI Clearance

    Please send resume DIRECTLY at
    Please send resume only once, Multiple sending of resume will invalidate your application.
    Please write your CELLULAR NO. & e-mail address in the SUBJECT .
    For Provincial Applicants: FREE Accommodation & food allowance
    you may also apply ONLINE just
    Click Quick Apply to apply ONLINE!!!
    REMINDER: Please READ & UNDERSTAND this email message, it is
    advisable for you to PRINT it.
    After evaluation of your resume since we placed an advertisement
    over the internet & newspaper, we are pleased to tell you that you
    are SELECTED for the position of STAFF NURSE/CAREGIVER in THE RITZ
    HOTEL in London.

    You should attend the FIRST & LAST British Embassy Interview
    Coaching on July 17 & 18, 2010. (Saturday & Sunday) from 9:00AM-

    Call us for inquiries strictly from 10:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday
    (12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break/3:00-3:30PM Coffee Break):
    Landline nos.: (02) 512-48-07
    Cellular No.: 0917-930-36-28 (Company Mobile Phone)

    We will start accepting inquiries starting July 12, 2010 (Monday) –
    July 16, 2010 (Friday) strictly from 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. only
    (12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break/3:00-3:30PM Coffee Break).

    OPPORTUNITY! Airfare, NMC Registration pack, work permit & working
    visa will be shouldered by the employer, the only expenses that you
    are going to shoulder is the medical exam fee & British Embassy
    Interview Coaching fee because this is on a DIRECT/NAME HIRE BASIS.

    To better understand the process, we provide you with our

    Application Procedure:

    Sending of resume thru email for Pre-qualification (done)

    Once selected, you will receive an e-mail message from us telling
    that you are selected for the position & we will ask you to prepare
    the necessary requirements listed below (done)

    After we reserve a work slot for you, we will send an e-mail
    message requiring you to attend a 2-day British Embassy Interview
    Coaching which is a requirement by the employer & British Embassy
    before working in any European Country (done)

    After receiving our e-mail message, you can call us for inquiries
    or pay anytime the British Embassy Interview Coaching fee at our
    accredited payment centers (first step)

    Attend the 2-day British Embassy Interview Coaching (July 17 & 18,
    2010 9am-5pm), get the required certificate, orientation with the
    employer (July 17, 2010 9:00-10:00 AM) & signing of employment
    contract with interview with the employer (July 18, 2010 4:00-5:00

    After finishing the 2 day British Embassy Interview Coaching,
    receiving the required certificate, orientation with the employer &
    signing of employment contract, you can now submit the necessary
    While the documents are still on process you have to get an
    letter for medical examination (your choice of clinic/hospital as
    long as it is accredited by DOH, POEA & MARINA)

    After we have received your documents (max. of 2 weeks after
    mailing the documents), we will start processing your work permit
    (max. of 4 weeks processing

    After the approval of your work permit, we will start processing
    working visa (max. of 4 weeks processing)

    After the approval of your working visa, schedule for Pre-
    departure orientation seminar (PDOS), interview in the embassy for
    visa stamping & securing of pre-paid ticket advice

    Deployment Date (maximum of 3 months if requirements are submitted
    on July 17 & 18, 2010)

    British Embassy Interview Coaching fee is 3,000.00 (Philippine
    Peso), 100% refundable (no deductions) if not satisfied with the
    employment package. Refunds are process at our office after the
    orientation on July 17, 2010 Saturday at 10:00 A.M. Employment
    package will be discuss during the orientation. NO OTHER HIDDEN

    British Embassy Interview Coaching will be conducted at our office
    Ritz Hotel Consultancy Office
    The Ritz Bldg.
    599 P. Ocampo St.
    Malate, Manila
    Philippines 1004

    TAKE NOTE: British Embassy Interview Coaching that you are going to
    attend are purely training & exercises, NO EXAMS REQUIRED, nobody
    fails the training.

    Only 20 applicants have been selected. We will only accept those
    selected applicants who paid on or before July 16, 2010 (Friday)
    until 12:00 P.M. lunch time and we will automatically replace
    those who will not comply.


    You can pay thru LBC Branches Nationwide, Please ask for the
    REMITTANCE FORM & just follow the format below:
    Very Important Notice: Please advice the LBC Teller that your
    payment is thru REMITTANCE CARD.
    Shipper Information
    Name: YOUR NAME
    Address: YOUR ADDRESS
    Signature: YOUR SIGNATURE
    Remittance Details
    Amount: Three Thousand Pesos (3,000.00)
    REMITTANCE CARD NO. 247-011-0298
    Consignee Information
    Name: ANDREW S. LOVE
    Address: 599 P. Ocampo St.
    Malate, Manila
    Philippines 1004
    Phone No.: (02) 512-48-07

    After payment, please text us the following information at 0917-930-
    36-28 (Company Mobile Phone) for slot reservation:
    Reference or Tracking No. :
    Your Full Name:
    Branch of LBC you made the payment:
    Date of Payment:
    Time of Payment:

    After texting us the payment details, we will verify the validity
    of payment online and we will text you back VERY IMPORTANT
    INFORMATION & reserve your work slot.

    We offer FREE FOOD & ACCOMMODATION for those selected applicants
    coming from the province. We reimburse transportation expenses just
    present to us the OFFICIAL RECEIPTS/TRAVEL TICKETS of your travel

    As a company policy, all payments should be made at any LBC or
    Branches Nationwide. If you are from the province & there’s no LBC
    Branches in your place, please don’t hesitate to call or text us
    for instructions. Please bring the proof of payment with you on the
    training dates so that we can accommodate you & we will replace it
    with an official receipt. No payments are accepted during training
    days & we will not entertain walk-in applicants who are not yet
    paid. Names of paid applicants are forwarded to the Information
    desk/guard on duty for them to easily identify who are allowed to
    enter office premises & attend the training.

    Schedule of Activities on July 17 & 18, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday):
    July 17, 2010 (Saturday)
    Attire: Smart Casual
    9:00-10:00 a.m.: ORIENTATION (you can bring your parents, nearest
    relative or your husband/wife)
    10:00-12:00 p.m.: British Embassy Interview Coaching
    12:00-1:00 p.m.: FREE Lunch
    1:00-3:30 p.m.: British Embassy Interview Coaching
    3:30-4:00 p.m.: FREE Snack
    4:00-5:00 p.m.: British Embassy Interview Coaching
    July 18, 2010 (Sunday)
    Attire: Semi-Formal
    9:00-12:00 p.m.: British Embassy Interview Coaching
    12:00-1:00 p.m.: FREE Lunch
    1:00-3:30 p.m. British Embassy Interview Coaching
    3:30- 4:00 p.m.: FREE Snack
    4:00-5:00 p.m.: Signing of Employment Contract (you can bring your
    parents, nearest relative or your husband/wife)
    FREE Training Materials will be provided such as Original DVD copy
    of the training, plastic/brown envelope, pencil, eraser, ball pen

    Here are the list of requirements to be submitted during training
    days if available on hand, TO FOLLOW IF NOT AVAILABLE to be placed
    on a green plastic envelope, 1 set all photocopied:
    1. Updated Resume with or without picture
    2. 4pcs. Passport size picture (white background)
    3. Valid passport (if available, only needed during Embassy
    4. Employment Certificates (if applicable)
    5. Diploma or training certificate
    6. Transcript of records
    7. Birth Certificate (NSO)
    8. NBI Clearance (Abroad) (if available, only needed during
    Embassy interview)

    We, Employers will be leaving by Monday next week July 19, 2010.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Andrew Love
    Executive Chairman
    150 Piccadilly
    London W1J 9BR

  40. hi.. i was about to pay too but was taken aback by their address. 599 P ocampo st is the address of century park hotel and I’ve been there many times and its definitely not Ritz Building.

  41. btw. I then asked them if their office is anywhere near Century Park Hotel and the guy I inquired to (named Santiago Santiago) did not reply to my text. Is this really a scam? Please help

  42. sabi ko na nga ba scam to.. guys, tulungan tau.. ireport ntin to.. please! i asked dn ung agent regarding sa address, tnanong ko kng same building lng ung CPH and ritz building, sabi nia one block away daw cla.. kaya nkakapagtaka tlga na mgkaibang block cla pero same address.. please please wag natin sana to palampasin.. ireport ntin lahat..

  43. and tumawag knina sakin ung may hawak ng cp kasi d nia makuha ung money na pinadala ko.. i was wondering kasi named ky andrew love ung padala.. and accdg sa title nia, xa daw ay….
    Andrew S. Love
    Executive Chairman
    150 Piccadilly
    London W1J 9BR
    pero nung nkausap ko xa, gay xa na pinoy.. haayy.. bat ngaun ko lng lahat to naisip.. please report natin……………

  44. @ann: Tapos nagtext mga 5:30pm(july 16, 2010) reschedule daw ang coaching. iT will b move dz coming july 25 & 26 kulang ng mga trainees..I was asking also the bading kung sa century park hotel ba sila kc same add..un dn sagot nya one block away…Scam nga to.. Report natin..

  45. 🙁 nkakalungkot nman to.. ngyon ko lng nabasa lht to kc nging busy ako.. ngbyad nrin ako dto.. and i was trying to call na their cp, naka off na cya.. i want my money back! 🙁

    • I think I was Scammed
      1.Package Scam
      2.we’re contact me by mobile apps (blued,Kik app)and E-mail (
      3. April 26,2020
      4.i’ve losses my financial savings
      5. 1.Patrick Adekunle Asamu-
      reciever or agent
      2.James Mark Tetter -sender of
      6.james send me a package as a gift for me (iPhone 10 ) he ask me, to pay the Clearance fee before they delivered my package to the courier CNBC APPLE was amount of 145.23$(7013peso) and will paid to address that CNBC reffered to Patrick Adekunle Asamu thru cebuanna (Screenshot)then they send me a notification to my e-mail I will wait for 48hrs to confirm my payment(screenshot)few days later they CNBC send an e-mail that they found something illegal on my package it’s $2000 (screenshot) James told me before he put the money on my package as a budget to get a visa , but worse thing I don’t have an Idea
      That is illegal ,it’s called money laundering I was terrified that I would have case if ever I did not pay the fine ,then CNBC ask me to pay the fine with the sender and the reciever(screenshot) ,I was shock and worried b’coz I don’t have any money to pay another payment ,I screen shot the e-mail and send it to James to notify him about his package ,then I’m asking help to James to give me o send me a money thru money remmitance to their country is the best way that I think to do ,to have a money to pay the fine but James refuse me b’coz they don’t have much money ,I’m wondering that’s not good instead I was begging to CNBca … thru sending an email (Screenshot)..but they don’t reply on me ,James ask me if I paid the fine a soon as possible ,and find way to pay that he insist ,that time I ask my friend about this ,and I decided to pay it with the money that I was owed but concern friend was told me is not the better way to do she doughted it’s scam, he told me to ask my package tracking number, branch office and contact number of they company and we will go their and I send an e-mail to (cnbca2091@gmail com )that my friend said mean while James told me that same agent was I’m sending the payment about the fine ..I’m still chatting to James about my plan and he’s agree about that (screen shot)
      Please help me to this matter
      Thank you

  46. Hi, there is a fraudulent person on the interet who will use various reasons to try to make people send money to her by western union and xoot and other payment methods, her msn ad is and she will ask you to send the money to a person name JOHN KIM BAGUIO. Do not send this person money as she is not who she appears to be and you never hear from her again once the money has been sent!!

    You have been warned,


  47. I have received some e=mails from other people in the Philippnes that have lost money to this Con Group, so please Beware! I am repeating my post as the other seems to have been deleted.

    The topic is a Franchise Scam “Out of African” in Thailand and now in the Philippines. These con artists have made hundreds of thousands getting Franchise Fees and upfront fees for for “Out of Africa” Franchises.
    I am a Muslim businessman recently relocated to Manila. I became interested in the “Out of Africa” Franchise and Michael Halgreen when I learned he was a member of the South African Group that killed a young Muslim Girl in Manila when she tried to expose their Franchise Scam. Christo Daniels. Christo Daniels has been Michael Halgreens partner in scams in Thailand for many years. Info on my blog:
    My information comes from Manila TV Stations, Manila Newspapers, personal conversations with Manila Investigators and a personal conversation with a Disillusioned South African that personally knows Michael Halgreen.
    Michael Halgreen is a very dangerous man that was a member of the South African Special Forces. He and some other South Africans formed “Out of Africa”, a franchise group that lost many investors money in Thailand, Manila and Cebu.(See my blog and the comments in the Sun Star article. They were run out of Thailand, and then killed a Muslim girl in Manila. Two of his South African partners were forced to leave the Philippines leaving him alone here to make money for his partners by again selling Franchises, (“Out of Africa”), like they did in Thailand. Google the information that he gave the Sun Star, and it is obvious that they are the lies of a Con Man.
    Please send information to my blog if you have any information on Michael Halgreen or where he is now operating in the Philippines so we can warn people.

  48. hey fellas whatch out on any of the philippines dateing sites for a 23/24 year old philippina girl her name is daisy jean rodriguez (alias)lian julien (alias) kristee yanbeez rodriguez (alias) kristee anino man can she suck you in it cost me over $5,000 aus she lives in managoy (bislig) but may travel when i go to the philippines this year i will find her as i do have her parents address and her aunts resturant name take care all

  49. I have been defrauded by a person living in the Philippines. I fell in love with a so called Jesseca Kirk living in metro-manilla( and started sending her money to help her. I was scammed by another woman Josie Martinez that lived in Dallas, Texas( for a large amount of money who really turned out to be from Accra, Ghana in Africa. This scam unit was much bigger and more sophisticated than I realized after doing my own investigation. I reported this to the FBI but later found out that the Jesseca girl was in on it too and was part of this organization. They had a pickup person in Dallas, a person in Philippines, a fake FBI man in Wyoming and the heart of it was in Ghana as well as another branch in Nigeria. I believe the girl who was posing as Jesseca Kirk is really Analiza Pangilinan as this is who I was sending Western Union payments and I matched computer IP’s to her also. I was really shocked to see that people do this and get away with it and have heard that it is a common practice in the Philippines. People like this give your country a bad name and make outsiders think badly of your people. I was so angry when I found out about all this but still keep in contact with this girl from Philippines mainly trying to get her to quit this evil practice and organization. I was scammed out of a lot of money and mainly heartache for loving a fake person with fake love.

  50. Analiza Pangilinan is a criminal working for a dating scam organization. Do not send money to her as she is a liar and a cheat.

  51. Just as a warning, i was cheated by a filipino gay, pretending that he was a girl, for alot of money (end 2008/2009). 3 days ago i saw that there is new activity in this ID: In his activities he was supported by a young girl, nice talks, alot of promises, but there all ended, avoid also, she is a real golddigger, i know her in real, so my warning to all of you, dont add them in your YM, they are really looking for new victims to pay their drink- and drugabuse!!!!

  52. I can be more specific: The gay (real name: Travis Vizda) is using any name, for me it was “Michelle De Guzman” I have a falsified identification in my posession. He has a friend in a western union office in Dinalupihan (Bataan) who toke care of the money transfers, to pay out to a fake ID. The girl i was talking about is in real Pamela Jean Marie Santos, living also in Dinalupihan. Together they enjoyed the money of “michelle de guzman”, just a fictif name for them.
    Later she toke over the business, with sendings on her real name, or on the name of her father Santos Pablo M, or on her mom’s name Santos Leonora R., on a address #44 zamora street, 2110 Dinalupihan, in real they dont life at this address since sept 2009, the house burned, but all are still registrated on this address. I can tell you that i was 4 times during the last 17 months in Dinalupihan, i stayed there for about 2 months in total, so i know what im talking about. Contact about it with the local police is useless, the father is very good friends with them. Contacting the dep. of justice in manila is useless too, y never will recieve an answer from them. The consul of my country in Manila advise me just to forget it, is no priority for justice there, y could put yourself in troubles coz of corruption there. Just one friendly advise: stay far away from both of them, dont send money to them, unless you hate your money!!!

  53. Be on the look out for a filipina who goes by the name of Alexis Arena yahoo id alexis_arena2002 phone number +639214314407.. She is scamming people by telling them that her father left her and her mother a property after he passed and now they are trying to sale it and if you help her she promises you that she will send you a certain amount and after you send it to her you don’t hear from her for a while and then she comes back with some sort of excuse and then cons you into sending more so be on the look out.

  54. Take care – be alert. Scammer Reonalyn Joy Jamolin is working again. She is active on FilipinoCupid where her new name is Loreign.
    She says she is from Taguig in Manila, aged 19. On her other profile she is 18 and the name is Reonalyn Joy.
    She is full of bad excuses like being kicked out of the house by her uncle, disabled father, mother living in Kuwait, sick son, no money for tuition fee and so on.
    Her last know phone number was +63 09298093254 and mail was
    She will steal your hard earned money if you dont watch out

  55. I was cheated by a certain Mr Chris Williams. e-mmail chris Williams I believe he lives in Philippenes. He lied saying he has sent me a parcel. I think he planned well with Global World Cargo International Limited. which then generated parcel no GGJEI76NB844 to make me belief indeed there was a parcel. From there someone who claimed to be the general manager of Global world cargo called to say the parcel has been apprehended by Dubai International Airport because it has money it therefore I should pay for it to be released. thats when I started paying money after money. I paid througth western union to their agents in Manilla
    those are 1. Ms Raquel Napoleon Dela Cruz
    235 flat 07 Room 15 Rock Well Makati
    Manilla City Philippines
    2.Jessy Quirin Dela Cruz
    235 flat 07 Room 15 Rock Well Makati
    Manilla City Philippines
    3. Ms Jenine Rrgalado Reyes
    235 flat 07 Room 15 Rock Well Makati
    Manilla City Philippines

    4. Mr Robinson Mwokeforo
    Baniyas Street Dubai
    The other culprits who did not get money but were involved are Mr Brown Collins who claimed mr Chris Williams was arrested on his way to visit me in Botswana.
    2. Shirly from D.H.L London who claimed Global World Cargo has handed the parcel to them / their DHL office in Botswana. only to find it was a lie.
    They will be caught one day.

  56. I was also cheated by Mr Chris Williams from UK, he told me he send me a parcel, and 3 days the parcel will reach philippines, then after 2 days someboy called me that the parcel is already reach philippines, and with in 24 hours will be delivered to my door step,so i believe then i recieve mail that i need to pay the philippine taxes of the parcel, then im going to send the money to agent JESSEY QUIRIN DELA CRUZ thru WESTERN UNION then THE Parcel will be released and deliver by GLOBAL WORLD CARGO.So help us im believing that Chris William is living here in Philippines and find also JESSEY QUIRIN DELA CRUZ coz whos the one to recieve money.

  57.  Anybody can help me..FILIPINO FRAUDS!

    View this Ad:,2750,GLUTA-PRIME-L-GLUTATHIONE-LOW-PRICE-140-RM.htm

    Details of  FRAUDS/SCAMMERS
    Name : Angel C, Pornobi
    Address : Blk #22  Brgy San Jose Dasmarinas Cavite Philippines
     Tel + 02  836-4221

  58. renger cano and kristine caballero dont work on these people, they are selling porn websites here in the philippines, already reported them to NBI

  59.  iBeware of datingsite scammer using the name of  JOVANNI LIM SANGAD 
    address: 23 don pasco st.block 6 La purisima ,zamboanga..n Zamboanga
    City, Philippines..this person is a SCAMMER.he is an online seller at selling
    biggest mistake is dealing with a seller with 0 feedback. all of us
    started with 0 feedback so why not?after i paid i sent him  a message,
    he didn’t reply. i sent him a text. so beware of this seller.

    so this P2000 pesos courtesy of me and my friend will just go to this person’s funeral fund.

    lessons learned:
    1. scammers go to hell
    2. how do scammers eat and sleep?
    3. thank god i don’t have to scam people just to feed my family

    your kids TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF MONSTER YOU ARE when they google your
    name. WHAT YOU PUT ONLINE STAYS ONLINE. The internet is forever.

    his 0906-4814466


  60. Beware of datingsite scammer using the name of  jovanni LIm sangad address: 23 don pasco st.block 6 La purisima ,zamboanga..n Zamboanga City, Philippines..this person is a SCAMMER.he is an online seller at selling biggest mistake is dealing with a seller with 0 feedback. all of us started with 0 feedback so why not?after i paid i sent him  a message, he didn’t reply. i sent him a text. so beware of this seller.

    so this P2000 pesos courtesy of me and my friend will just go to this person’s funeral fund.

    lessons learned:
    1. scammers go to hell
    2. how do scammers eat and sleep?
    3. thank god i don’t have to scam people just to feed my family

    your kids TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF MONSTER YOU ARE when they google your
    name. WHAT YOU PUT ONLINE STAYS ONLINE. The internet is forever.

  61. I sent an email to the Royston Hospital to confirm about this info. And they replied:Royston Hospital (NZ) has no association with the recruitment manager you refer to.  We are not actively recruiting in the Philippines, any hiring or training offers which have been made to you are without our knowledge or consent.  The information you have received from ‘Mr Royston’ is a hoax and I would strongly suggest that this should be reported to your local police.

    Ann-Louise Geary

    Support Services Team LeaderRoyston Hospital DDI  (06) 873 1183Fax   (06) 873 1187Mob  (027) 240!!!!REMINDER: Please READ & UNDERSTAND this email message, it is advisable for you to PRINT it. After evaluation of your resume since you applied thru JOBSTREET, we are pleased to tell you that you are SELECTED for the position of a Staff Nurse      ( Philippine licensed ) and/or Caregiver/ Nursing Aide ( Non Philippine license ) for Royston Hospital in United Kingdom.You should attend the FIRST & LAST British English Training for this year 2011 on July 02 & 03, 2011 (Saturday & Sunday) from 9:00AM-5:00PM. WE, EMPLOYERS ARE NOW HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES together with our very own British Trainors.Royston Hospital offers the opportunity to work in a top-quality private surgical hospital within highly trained and experienced teams and excellent facilities – all while enjoying the wonderful lifestyle the Hawke’s Bay has to offer. We value our staff highly and make it our priority to offer the very best in staff support, training and facilities.Call us for inquiries strictly from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday (12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break/3:00-3:30PM Coffee Break):Landline nos.: (02) 505-83-75Cellular No.: 0916-379-37-10 (Company Mobile Phone)We will start accepting inquiries starting June 27, 2011 (Monday) – July 01, 2011 (Friday) strictly from 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. only (12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break/3:00-3:30PM Coffee Break).NO PLACEMENT FEE! NO PROCESSING FEE! NO SALARY DEDUCTION OPPORTUNITY! Airfare, Nurse Midwife Council Registration pack for Staff Nurses & Midwives, work permit & working visa will be shouldered by the employer, the only expenses that you are going to shoulder is the medical exam fee &British English Training fee because this is on a DIRECT/NAME HIRE BASIS. To better understand the process, we provide you with our application procedure:        Application Procedure:Sending of resume thru email thru Jobstreet for Pre-qualification (done)Once selected, you will receive an e-mail message & a text message from us telling you that you are selected for the position & we will ask you to prepare the necessary requirements listed below (done) Page 2 of 6 We will send an e-mail message requiring you to attend a 2-day British English Training which is a requirement by the employer before working in any European Country (done)After receiving our e-mail message, you can call us for inquiries or pay anytime the British English Training fee at our accredited payment center for SLOT RESERVATION(first step)Attend the 2-day British English Training (July 02 & 03, 2011 9am-5pm), get the required certificate, orientation with the employer (July 02, 2011 9:00-10:00 AM) & signing of employment contract with interview with the employer (July 03, 2011 4:00-5:00 PM)After finishing the 2 day British English Training, receiving the required certificate, orientation with the employer &signing of employment contract, you can now submit the necessary requirements.While the documents are still on process you have to get an endorsement letter for medical examination (your choice of clinic/hospital as long as it is accredited by DOH, POEA & MARINA)After we received your documents (max. of 2 weeks after mailing the documents), we will start processing your work permit (max. of 4 weeks processing)After the approval of your work permit, we will start processing your working visa (max. of 4 weeks processing)After the approval of your working visa, schedule for Pre- departure orientation seminar (PDOS), interview in the embassy for visa stamping & securing of pre-paid ticket adviceDeployment Date (maximum of 3 months if requirements are submitted on July 02 & 03, 2011)British English Training fee is 3,000.00 (Philippine Peso), 100% refundable (no deductions) if not satisfied with the employment package. Refunds are process at our office after the orientation on July 02, 2011 Saturday at 10:00 A.M. Employment package will be discussed during the orientation. NO OTHER HIDDEN CHARGES.  Page 3 of 6 British English Training will be conducted at our office at:Royston ConsultancyRoyston Bldg.2803 Pedro Gil St.Sta. Ana, Manila CityLandline no.: (02) 505-83-75Cellular No.: 0916-379-37-10 (Company Mobile Phone)TAKE NOTE: British English Training that you are going to attend are purely training & exercises, NO EXAMS REQUIRED, nobody fails the training.We will only accept those selected applicants who paid on or before July 01, 2011 (Friday) until 12:00 P.M.  lunch time upon slot availability. PLEASE TEXT US FIRST BEFORE MAKING ANY PAYMENT TO CHECK SLOT AVAILABILITY. We will automatically replace those who did not comply. IT’S A FIRST PAY, FIRST RESERVE BASIS!You can pay thru LBC Branches Nationwide. You can ask somebody to pay for you if you are not available in the country or busy with your work. Please ask for the REMITTANCE FORM & just follow the format below:VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment should be thru BRANCH PICK-UP NOT FOR DELIVERYLBCShipper InformationName: YOUR NAMEAddress: YOUR ADDRESSPhone No. YOUR LANDLINE OR CELLULAR NO.Signature: YOUR SIGNATURERemittance Details Pls. check thru BRANCH PICK UP (Instant Peso Padala)Amount: Three thousand Pesos (3,000.00)Consignee InformationName: Mr. John C. RoystonAddress: 2803 Pedro Gil St., Sta. Ana, Manila CityPhone No.: (02) 505-83-75 Page 4 of 6 After payment, please text us the following information at 0916-379-37-10 (Company Mobile Phone) for slot reservation:Tracking No.:Receiver: Mr. John C. RoystonYour Full Name:Branch of LBC you made the payment:After texting us the payment details, we will verify the validity of payment online and we will text you back VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION & reserve your work slot. Maps & Directions will be sent thru email to PAID & RESERVED Applicants together with the draft of the employment contract.We offer FREE FOOD & ACCOMMODATION to those selected applicants coming from the province. We reimburse transportation expenses just present to us the OFFICIAL RECEIPTS/TRAVEL TICKETS of your travel expenses on Saturday July 02, 2011 10:00AM. Please call us for free shuttle service from the airport or terminal.As a company policy, all payments should be made at any LBC BRANCHES NATIONWIDE. Please bring the proof of payment with you on the training dates so that we will accommodate you. No payments are accepted during training days & we will not entertain walk-in applicants who are not yet paid during weekdays. Names of paid applicants are forwarded to the Information desk/guard on duty for them to easily identify who are allowed to enter office premises & attend the training.  Schedule of Activities on July 02 & 03, 2011 (Saturday & Sunday):July 02, 2011 (Saturday)Attire: Smart Casual9:00-10:00 a.m.: ORIENTATION (you can bring your parents, nearest relative or your husband/wife)10:00-12:00 p.m.: British English Training12:00-1:00 p.m.: FREE Lunch 1:00-3:30 p.m.: British English Training3:30-4:00 p.m.: FREE Snack4:00-5:00 p.m.: British English Training    Page 5 of 6July 03, 2011 (Sunday)Attire: Semi-Formal9:00-12:00 p.m.: British English Training12:00-1:00 p.m.: FREE Lunch1:00-3:30 p.m. British English Training3:30- 4:00 p.m.: FREE Snack4:00-5:00 p.m.: Interview with the employer & Signing of Employment Contract (you can bring your parents, nearest relative or your husband/wife)FREE Training Materials will be provided such as Original DVD copy of the training, plastic/brown envelope, pencil, eraser, ball penHere are the list of requirements to be submitted during training days if available on hand, TO FOLLOW IF NOT AVAILABLE 1 set all photocopied:1.    Updated Resume with or without picture2.    4pcs. Passport size picture (white background) 3.    Valid passport (if available, only needed during Embassy interview)4.    Employment Certificates (if applicable)5.    Diploma or training certificate6.    Transcript of records7.    Birth Certificate (NSO)8.    NBI Clearance (Abroad) (if available, only needed during Embassy interview)NOTE: NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED BECAUSE THERE IS A FREE ON THE JOB TRAINING WITH SALARY, WITH FREE ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD ALLOWANCE WITHIN THE CONTRACT PERIOD IN LONDON. We, Employers will be leaving by July 03, 2011 (Monday) to immediately process your work permit.Sincerely yours,Mr. John C. RoystonRecruitment ManagerRoyston Hospital – United KingdomLondon Road Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 9ENPage 6 of 6 Royston Hospital – New Zealand500 Southland RoadHastings 4122 

  62. I am common citizen who was recently fooled by a scammer.
    Her name is JEWEL GO FERNANDEZ (maybe her alias).
    JULY  23, 2011
    I saw her ads at , she posted a NIKON D5000 camera for sale.
    JULY 24, 2011
    I contacted her number 0905-645-9625.
    we agreed that I will send downpayment of P4,000.00 and she will send the camera to me. then I will send her the balance when I receive the item.
    To make the story short, i send the money thru MLHUILLIER Aguinaldo Hi-Way Branch in Dasmariñas, Cavite
    JEWEL GO FERNANDEZ instructed me to send it to her brother(if that is true) MR. JIM MICHAEL V. GO  of 250 Pob. 1 Sindangan, Zamboanga
    Then i keep on following up for the package/item code:
    MS. LINA AVILA (0915-225-8025) and MS. JENNILYN LIM (0905-645-6367) texted me that they will send the package…
    they keep on promising me that i will receive the item on July 26,, 27…so on…
    until now
    AUGUST 03, i have not receive any package or any money from them.
    please help me trace this person.
    The amount she took from me may be small but she can fool and scam many others like me….
    Please help me.  God bless you.

  63. Details of FRAUDS/SCAMMERS

    Name: Mark S. Bonar
    Address: 285 Vito Cruz Extension
    Makati City
    Phone No.: (02) 904-70-03
    Beware of this person he will contact you by email only regarding UK job and will ask for money send thru LBC

    • Hi there tess somebody sent me an email and text message too regarding UK job…the same contact number but different name..
      Name: David S. Owen
      Address: 1152 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City 
      Phone No.: (02) 904-70-03

      • Owen is a British surname, again dont get fooled by fake recruiter.I reported to NBI already I hope they will step into it to prevent these people from scamming people.

  64. I have the same situation as Charizarie.

    Name: Beanne (John Michael Esguerra)
    facebook account name was : Gadget Picks (but now they have either blocked me or deleted their account)
    their location was said to be jaro, ilo2x but then i found out when i called their bank that they were in Sta Rosa Laguna. The bank said that they withdrew the money immediately after it was credited to their account.09053066869Address: Block 2 Lot 12 Lakeshore Subd. Macabling Brngy Sta. Rosa Laguna. (got this from their bank)Sept. 13 deposited an amount P24,650 for an ipad2. Never gave me a tracking number and kept saying the item will arrive the next day, then again the next day until their phone cannot be contacted and deleted facebook shop.The bank account i deposited money was 3003300710175 under the name John Michael Esguerra (which was said to be her partner)Please help me track this person. It’s a lot of money and to just take it away like that.

  65. If you are a Online Seller in the Philippines… Please join our FACEBOOK GROUP ~
    P.I. Shop And Sell 

    We are a closed group of over 10,000 members and I am the co-founder…. we have over 80 listed scammers and bogus buyers for our sellers to see.  We take online scamming very seriously as well as the safety of your business.

    I personally track banned scammers who havent deleted their accts already, watch who they add on their friends list and then warn those people.  We can do our best to try to protect your business investments as well.

    Thank you and be safe !

    Almost haft a million this year 2011 have graduated in college which means an additional numbers of
    workers who will be considered under-employed and unemployed. Under capitalist society like the
    Philippines, workers are made to compete and fight each other in their search for limited job
    offering and what is more disgusting is, there are some companies like the MEDCEETECT company,
    located at Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines, whose business marketing strategy is based on
    deception. The company will post high compensation rate and office work position at the internet to
    attract “unlimited” applicants with a promised of UNLIMITED INCOME.
    How the
    MEDCEETECT earns more money from their prospect applicants?
    1. The Exam and Interview (First
    The job seekers will be required to take “easy-short list exam and rigid
    interview” and regardless of the result of that exam and interview, the job seekers will
    be accepted and be required to be back on the following day for business
    orientation.”Unlimited applicants”. No money making yet at this first phase but
    look what will happen next.
    2. The orientation (Second phase)
    Shall we say 40 applicants have
    passed the exam and interview (actually unlimited applicants and nobody will be given a failed
    rate), so 40 applicants will be attending the business orientation (by batches with no less than 40
    applicants every day depending upon the room capacity of their office) that will last for 4-5 hours.
    At the orientation proper, two speakers will be lecturing.
    The first speaker will discuss about the
    company’s profile which includes introducing their products and services and corresponding
    amount and their allied companies. There are 3 products and services introduced: (a) The Insurance
    (Family Protect) that covers limited and selected illness, accident and death accident, (b) The
    Dental Health that covers only the front side of your teeth, and (c) MaxCEEmum food supplement. All
    of these 3 products and services have prices (thousands) and with marketing propaganda. The
    lecturer will continue to say (repeated brain washing) that they are not hiring “sales
    agents” instead “office personnel” (sounds good in the guise of white
    color jobs) but notice later what will happen to applicants.
    The second speaker will discuss about
    the “positions offered and the unlimited income” propaganda (wow very enticing,
    no fix salary) but before an applicant can be qualified for their very limited vacant job (5 vacant
    posts), an applicant must first pass the “challenge” (the term they used in
    order to get P350.oo in payment for “contract” but the “OFFICIAL
    RECEIPT” of that payment is issued not in the name of MEDCEETECT Company but in the name
    of OPTIMA FUTURANCE CONSULTANTS, Inc. and charged to “accreditation fee”. Have
    you noticed the discrepancy and deception here?). The P350 is the first money making for every
    applicant (first level of deception and money making). Those who attended that orientation will be
    declared” passed” (as always the case as what they did at the exam and interview
    phase, everyone will be accepted, more applicants, more money for the MEDCEETECT Company) and
    therefore every applicant will pay P350 after the orientation proper in the guise of SIGNING A
    CONTRACT. As always, there are 30-40 applicants per batch which means every one will pay P350 and
    everyday hundreds are applying because the MEDCEETECT Company promised them of “UNLIMITED
    INCOME” and OFFICE POSITIONS such as Account Supervisor, Account Executive, Trainor,
    Trainee, Health consultant and supervisor, etc. Again, they will kept on saying they are not hiring
    for sales agents.
    P350.00 x 40 persons= P14,000 in just few hours of propaganda, brain washing and
    The second speaker will discuss duties and responsibilities, positions and income and at
    the end, he will require the applicants to “close the deal” (the high light of
    his lecture propaganda) as a “challenge” to test the seriousness and
    determination of the applicants but here comes another form of money making in favor of MEDCEETECT
    Company. How?
    Those who paid the P350 “accreditation fee” will be challenged to
    sell the company’s products and services (they call this scheme “closing the
    deal” as a test). They will again kept on saying that they are not hiring “sales
    agents” but notice the scheme. Every applicant who passed this phase must look for one
    (only person) to “close the deal” (it sounds like that applicants are not
    “sales agents” but actually they are sales agents at this level and at will be
    forced to buy the products and services, if necessary if they failed to close the deal with other
    people because everyone is told to quickly close the deal as soon as possible or else other
    applicants might overtaken them).
    Every applicant will be required to “quickly”
    do the task in the guise of “challenge or test” to find someone to buy their
    services and products (the dental health card amounting to P1,100 and the applicants will be
    required to sell 2 dental health cards (P2,200), the MaxCEEmun food supplement amounting to P850 per
    box and the applicants will be required to sell 2 boxes of MaxCEEmum, and lastly, the Insurance or
    Family Protect as they called it at P1,800 plus P200 processing fee (P2,000) and the applicant will
    be required to find a buyer of the Insurance plan (P4,000). The MEDCEETECT Company will advise the
    applicants to do this task as “quickly as possible” (“closing the
    deal”) by finding someone to buy those products and services as a form of
    “testing the applicant” to determine the determination of the applicants (second
    level of deception and money making) so that applicants can proceed to another level of being
    qualified to the limited job vacancies they offered. Every applicant is not doing the work of a
    sales agent but such is being hidden in the guide of “test or challenge”.
    since every applicant wants to get hired in order to receive the “UNLIMITED INCOME and
    EXECUTIVE POSITIONS” (sale agents by essence but called in a different beautified titles)
    either they will be the one to buy the products and services or someone they knew but they have to
    do this as “quickly as possible” (with time frame as required) because there are
    only limited job vacancies as told (5 positions) while hundreds and thousands wants to qualify to
    the job.
    In short, while applicants are competing each other, money making continue in favor of the
    MEDCEETECT Company and the end of the day, only 5 job positions will be filled in but their products
    and services are already sold (closed deal) through the efforts of their applying applicants. This
    (DECEITFUL) scheme is under the guise of testing (challenge) the applicant’s PERFORMANCE,
    Shall we say the first batch of applicants (40 persons have sold the
    products and services or closed the deal) regardless of time and days they accomplished, the money
    continue to enter the MEDCEETECT Company using the “challenge scheme” and the
    end of the day, only 5 persons will be given an “opportunity” to proceed to the
    next level of another form of money making in favor of the MEDCEETECT Company.
    All are in the guise
    of “challenge” or “testing” the determination of the
    applicants (in the guise of testing their Performance, Knowledge, Attitude and Time) but actually,
    behind that word “challenge” is big big money coming into the company at the
    expense of applicants effort to prove his/her determination because every applicant is require to
    find someone to buy (close the deal) the products and services. See the following:
    P2,200 (Dental
    Health Card for 2 deals) + P2,550 (MaxCEEM for 2 boxes) + P4,000 (Insurance for 2 deals) = P8,750 x
    40 applicants =P350,000 + P10,500 =P360,500 per batch every day (WOW a big big money for
    MEDCEETECT). All of these money making, exploitative and deceitful schemes at the expense of
    competing applicants makes MEDCEETECT Company a BIG SCAM! They are using (manipulating) their
    applicants in general to generate huge of money from the “challenge or test
    scheme” and out of the products and services they they sold or close deal.
    3. The reward
    (3rd phase)
    Every applicant has a “padron” (an employee of MEDCEETECT) and this
    “padron” (“contact person” as termed it) got his/her share
    or points (money) from the products and services marketed (“closing the deal”)
    by the applicant. Those who will be accepted will also become a padron and got his/her share or
    points (money) from their recruited applicants. This is where UNLIMITED INCOME comes in but only few
    positions will be declared vacant. Same schemes and deceitful marketing strategy will be used in all
    of their branches.
    The public and the Department of Trade and Industry must know this marketing
    scheme (deception) of MEDCEETECT so that proper justice will be rendered to thousands and thousands
    of victims.
    Capitalism as always as it was and it is an exploitative system with no regard of
    conscience, and morals. Profit is its goal (God) and the expense of the working class (altar of

    kelan kayo kikilos ha mga opisyal ng pilipinas??

  67. Company name: SCS Cable Enterpises
    Name: Charles Bennett
    28 Rosendale Street
    Samsonville Dau
    Pampanga, Philipines 2010

    Paid Charles $4000 deposit for Electronics and never sent them.

  68. receiver name:Renoir Sablan


    scammer po itong kolokoy nato si renoir sablan wag po sila magtitiwala sa taong ito marami napo itong naloko

  69. careful of lady called chemberlyn mullon.also used names chemby ,chem ,virginia etc.hoaxer.use info at emails.many kinda frauds…moneysending,fake id,fake childs etc.seen at angels city,leyte,manila.

  70. I just want to let everyone
    know and to become aware that a certain JONATHAN CARIASO with
    mobile numbers; 

    09333415354  and 093233658024

     is a scammer and case
    of Estafa is filed against this person he is currently a contractor for
    renovation and finishing designs including décor supplies and a computer

     He will come to your house or office to
    place an order and later will do his acts of scam.

     He’s car is a green sentra i am withholding
    his plate number  for future use

    and picture too, but just
    in case you encounter this person JONATHAN CARIASO, beware
    online users especially buyers.

    take note of this person in the internet he will use different names and

  71. Name – Cyrille OcampoFrom:- Sta Ana, Manilafb emaIl address:
     pochedenzohcag@yahoo.comHer gcash number is GLOBE: 09052710956
    duped me of php1565.00 worth of clothes. I paid thru gcash.

  72. I have been scammed by a Claudine Guerreno
    cell # 0116390971199887 and 011639224764773
    addresses used, 022 Brgy. Lantod, Talakag, Bukidnon Philppines
    336 Hillside Village, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines
    Anybody have information on her?


    she’s selling gadgets of any kind at she gets the money she send back non-existent tracking numbers

    the numbers that she’s giving out includes 09266423291 and 09267445715

    please be warned with these info..she has had a lot of victims already..:(

  74. Ako po ay biktima ng text scams. Yung katext ko nagpanggap na kaibigan kong nasa abroad. Matagal din kaming nagkakatext na parang siya talaga yung kaibigan ko. Hanggang sa inofferan niya ako na mag business, yung negosyo daw eh Prepaid Cards. Mahal daw kasi ang bentahan sa abroad yung 500 load daw mabebenta nang Php 1,200 kaya malaki ang tubo. Tiwalang-tiwala ako dahil akala ko kaibigan ko siya. Kuhang kuha niya ang loob ko dahil nagkakamustahan kami. Hanggan sa napadala ko yung pin numbers nang 40pcs na Prepaid Card na 500 ang laman, na nagkakahalagang 20,000. Tapos nung papadala na niya yung payment sakin nagkproblemadaw sa buyer nang cards, pauwi na daw nang pinas at hindi na niya mahabol. Medyo naging concern pa nga sakin yung nanloko sakin dahil sabi ko wala na talaga kong pera at eto ang sabi niya “umuwi ka muna sa amin, mas madali ka makakakuha ng pera dun.” Talagang magaling dahil hanggang sa huli akala ko siya ang kaibigan ko. Hanggang sa huli hindi pala dahil na kausap ko na ang kaibigan ko at iba ko pang kaibigan, hindi nga talga siya yung nakakatext ko matagal na. Ako naman si tanga ng pa loko. Malas lang talga bahala na si God sakanya. 

    • Eto nga pala yung number nung nangloko sakin: 09264828691. Kung sinu man po ang nakaencounter na sa number na to. Paki sabi po sa akin. Dahil may atraso siya sa akin.

      • ngayong umaga lang po nagtext siya, ganyan din ang ginamit niyang style. nagpalod siya ng 150.00 sa akin. niloadan ko nman siya pero nung tumatagal ang usapan, nahalata ko na na nanloloko lang siya lalo na nung sabi niya magpadala ako ng 10 pcs ng smart prepaid cards. nai-report ko na sa globe, sana naman magawan nila ng aksyon at mahuli na ang kawatan na gumagamit ng 09264828691…

  75. Eto pa po isang scammer  tuwing valentine’s day mga kabayan … on lne store po yan… beware po… wag na wag po kayong mag oorder dyan dahil hindi po kumpleto pag nag deliver katulad ng ngyare sakin..nagmamadali yung delivery boy pag ka sign  ng papel ng recipient, mabilis pa sa alas kwatro tumakbo!!!.. sayang ang hard earned money nyo…. kawawa namn yung mga ibang on line bussiness … naaapektuhan dahil sa mga ganyang dis honest na on line sellers……. karma is just around the corner…

  76. Crisanto Facun ? ????? – name ni Crisanto Facun na scammer. Mag ingat po sa taong ito. Isa po siyang Admin Manager sa at nag apply aq as SEO/Writer sa site nila pero hindi aq sinwelduhan.

  77. Beware of this company ELITE FOODHALL OF ASIA/OH MY SISIG sp. AIMEE LYN TARDEO and CELESTE MARTILINO. Last december sumali sila sa exhibit sa SM Megamall nagissiue ng cheque si AIMEE LYN TARDEO pero after 3 days tumawag ang bank saying na walang pondo yung cheque na inissue ng ELITE FOODHALL OF ASIA/OH MY SISIG.. inadvice ko si TARDEO pero kahit isang reply wala akong natanggap from her kahit tawagan man sya never nyang sumagot.. pinasa ako sa ibang contact person si CELESTE MARTILINO.. from december to february sya ang kausap ko at palagi ngyang sinasabi na next week maam, next week po..but we the organizer ended up with nothing as in wala silang maibigay.. they still have balance na hindi parin nila nasesettle until now at ang nakakainis pa dun magbibigay sya ng date na ok na yung balance pero
    ang totoo wala talaga silang irerelease! Kaya mag ingat po kayo sa company na yan ang office nila ay located sa 7th floor Antel Global Corporate Centre Julia Vargas Ave. Ortigas Centre Pasig City.. Wag na wag nyo pong pagkakatiwalaan ang mga taong ito or should i say ang company na yan..

    Nakita ko pa ang blog na to pakibasa baka sakaling makatulog:

  78. look out for this one he is good at asking for money, he will tell you his sister is going to die are his mom is sick,are his lil brother is in the doctor are his father had a hardtack and need all the help,  his name is (khiehi hyre) 
    and he will dell you to send the money to his brother in low. and his name is (crisanto cahanding Jr)
    How do they find us, but no more, all the Filipinos hear in the US tell me not to trust them they are bad not all but most of them  

  79. If you find a scammer on any dating site you can report her/him on this site:

    just try to keeo any copy of the chatting or e-mail, try to get the name and address and phone.

    welcome to you and visit the site


  80. Beware of this company ELITE FOODHALL OF ASIA/OH MY SISIG sp. AIMEE LYN TARDEO and CELESTE MARTILINO Thay are part of a SCAM Company!

  81. BEWARE!!!
    SELLING AUTHENTIC  AND1  Athletic Black/Blue/White Combi /Basketball Shoes Starting bid 1,450 Buy it now price 1,600! Authentic AND1 White/Gray Combi  Athletic Shoes Starting Bid 1,000 Buy it now price 1,200! and a SONY VAIO LAPTOP VGN-CS33G (luxury pink)!!!



    GCASH: 0927.800.2518
    name: WENDY ADORABLE accdg to seller but on gcash it will appear that her name is WENDY MARAPAO.

    SMART #: 0908.252.1303

    ACCOUNT #: 4819025504


  82. Rindley Silawan and Wendy Marapao / Adorable has already complied by sending a replacement to the questionable item. I would like to cancel their names on the scammers list.

  83. beware of man , in zamboanga phillipines  , who scammed me out of $10,200 w/ in 2 yrs his name is cesar canto jr ,24yrs old ; gay; last address is :71082 jonalyn lopez eso  subdivision  tugbugan zamboanga city phillipines 7000 last tel #  code 011-639067614381  trying to find out how to report this so no one else gets scammed by him    u can contact me @ on info if u can help me thank u

  84. Rician Jo L. Braga  certified scammer and swindler, her address is #428 Rizal Ave. Cor Calvario Sts. Vigan City Ilocos Sur 2700 – she asked me to send money to her account for iphone when I checked LBC it is a bogus account.. BEWARE

  85. Rician Jo L. Braga  certified scammer and swindler, her address is #428 Rizal Ave. Cor Calvario Sts. Vigan City Ilocos Sur 2700 – she asked me to send money to her account for iphone when I checked LBC it is a bogus account.. BEWARE! her cellphone number is 09055003014 , she also asked me to send it to her credit card.. credit card number – 5577519322989105

    • kindly block her credit card i was also victim with her…but nagpakilala sya sakin as Jo B. Sison from B2 L4 P2 Daffodil St. Green Meadows Subd. Mintal, Davao City 800…BDO Payment slip 529967329723911g

      • she did the same thing to me! She also introduced herself as jo B. Sison from Davao. same bdo slip. bogus din yung LBC tracking number na binigay nya sa akin.

    Rician Jo L. Braga  certified scammer and swindler, her address is #428 Rizal Ave. Cor Calvario Sts. Vigan City Ilocos Sur 2700 – she asked me to send money to her account for iphone when I checked LBC it is a bogus account.. BEWARE! her cellphone number is 09055003014 , she also asked me to send it to her credit card.. credit card number – 5577519322989105

  87. RICIAN JO L. BRAGA  —  from 428 Rizal Ave. Cor Calvario Sts. Vigan City Ilocos Sur 2700   – please help she scammed me  100,000 pesos for iphone 4s investment.

    cellphone number is 09055003014

    BDO MASTERCARD credit card number – 5577519322989105

  88. Beware of Scammer Melissa Quiazon 29 yrs I met her on Filipino Cupid date site. She worked as a teacher in Shenzhen, China. I helped her get a Visa to the US but found out it was all a scam out of Ghana, Africa. I saw her profile on Cupid recent under Mia (29) ID: 4420954 from Porac, Pampanga, Philippines. So Beware of this person..I have report her to Dragonladies & Scamwarners sites. I going to make a report to the FBI in the USA.

  89. Any body knows mr. Stephen Lim? We were recently victims on a group scam. They pretended to be interested in buying a lot then transacted a product named golden swan which we ordered from a singaporen trader. Little did we know that the 2 groups were together in the scam and run away with our money. Mr. Lim is with a japanese man, a female secretary and an ilonggo speaking tall man who is their spokesperson. Mr. Lim is with a cane parang post stroke. Pls. beware.




    CONTACT INFO; 09214017345 or 09462477646

  91. Rouie Arayata is a web scam artist. He stole $150 for WordPress work he was supposed to do that was never completed. Be wary of sending him money via Western Union. He knows that you have no recourse once the money is sent!

  92. Beware of a Filipina named Guia Ragas Borja. She joins any chat room or dating site she can to try to scam guys out of money. She pretends to instantly fall in love with men and then proceeds to tell the guys many hardship stories that she needs money for. She is already married to a guy named Gilbert Borjas who she pretends is her brother. Her facebook address is . She has already been banned there once and has been reported to Western Union as well. Do not trust her innocent look. She is well polished at scamming guys all over the world. She has also been banned from Filipino Kisses dating site.

  93. Hi Guys i would like to inform this guy Angelo C.Tolentino aka marqkrizz on location bagac,bataan email address ( contact number 09357727799/09883180236.this person was a scammer we had a transaction last saturday April 7 2013 unfortunately he did not send the item.he gave me a fake tracking number of air 21 courier. i was deposit the money on his bdo account worth 5,000 pesos plus my iphone 4 Factory unlocked complete set with orig vapor case pro color blue and black. to swap to his samsung galaxy s3 amber brown which has advertise on this site via facebook account and beware on thus person victim of this person…
    iphone IMEI 012423001426139
    serial number 880300QNA4s

  94. Scam in the Philippines – requested product, we received CC payment (obtained fraudulently) we then paid freight and they took our money – DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE or COMPANIES – 1. SAMUEL GOBONSENG, 5 F SM CITY MANILA ARROCEROS COR, SAN MARCELINO ST MALATE, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES 1004 Philippines, 2. Eduardo Richard, Swift Global Shipping, Tel: +44 (0)702 408 0551,,
    3. Mercy Robinson, Mercy Group Trading Ltd. 110-D, Sampaguita Circle, Salvador Estate, Sucat, 1700 Parañaque City, Philippines.Tel. No: (632) 829 8800,, Commercial No: CS201125012

  95. Beware of CDC Holdings, Inc. Real Estate Developers. They develop Rivercity condominium in sta. ana, manila. They have a scam/modus operandi where they tell buyers to stop the payment and that they have to pay the next year since they always move the turnover of the unit so they also move the payment periods. They will even give a piece of paper regarding your new payment scheme.

    After one year, these scammers will send a final notice indicating that the buyer did not pay for 1 year and they wanted to force the buyer to pay within 5 days the accumulated amount of unpaid installment plus 3% penalty per month. They are scammers, they want more money. Their people are sweet talkers but all employees are devils too. Please don’t be included in their victim.

  96. BEWARE OF SCAMMER EVELYN PADUA FROM NAVOTAS CITY! She contacted me in but in a different approach.

    I was too late when I realized she gave a fake lbc tracking number. I also learned that she did have an account on sulit but with a different name. She also scammed two others from sulit.

    She also doesn’t have a bank account so she would request other money sender like western union, M huller, cebuana lhuillier, and others.

    Her number is +639354982878

    I tried calling her but she doesn’t answer although her number still works…

  97. Just found out that somebody created an acct in Facebook in my name with my pictures and is using it to scam people for money. this site is not mine. Ialready reported this on facebook and ask them to block the said acct. Hope that you can help me with this problem. Thanks

  98. Hi i am a victim of mail/counterfeit check. I lose $2500.00 last Aug. 1, 2013. My money has been picked up by the name of CHE PEREZ of Manila which i send through Western Union. I currently reside in California but I am a natural born Filipino. Please help me locate and know where to report this incident there in the Philippines. I already filed a fraud report here in California. Please po tayo tayong Pilipino din ang magdadamayan para maputol na yang mga panloloko nila. Hirap isipin na hirap na nga akong magsurvive dito lolokohin pa ako ng kapwa pinoy ko.

  99. What about the VOGSOPAI scam? It is very popular in the country side and the poor people are hoping for their millions from the Marcos hidden wealth. They have given cheques but there are no funds in the banks (naturally) so they also could not encash it. People are spending to travel to their meetings. How can they be investigated?

  100. does anybody knows a women called VIRGINIA S GOYENECHIA who is phillipino and resides in manila.shes doing a bigest scam of all on the investment side with the european peoples funds for more then five years. if known then please send me a reply on my email.

  101. Mrs. Roberta BERTA Esteban Triol, 80 to 86 years of age, SCAMMER, ILLEGAL RECRUITER. Skilled in fortune card reading, a so-called visionary and founder of Twin Hearts of Love and Justice Action Foundation, Antipolo City, and yet a certified SCAMMER!

  102. Beware of a woman who goes by Miles Rameriz of filipinocupid and Zaza on asian dating. She persuaded me to send her money. Sent me lots of photos, chatted with me every day and stopped contacting me when I wouldnt send any more cash

  103. Elaine Grace Valeza SCAMMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont ever buy cellphone to her. she is good at your first purchase then next time she will ignore you when you have complaints about what you purchased to her

  104. may i know that this website if is this real or not.

    there’s someone send me package daw from pakistan . they use that website for me to track when i will receive the package . When the day comes someone texted me Ms. MARICAR LUIS from world choice cargo that my package from pakistan was there in manila but before they will going to send the package to me they told me that i need to send 12,000.00 as a CUSTOM TAX CLEARANCE. and i should have to send money through western union in the name of JOY DIZON LYON were the address is 23/Room F CMU BLG. AIRPORT ROAD MANILA. can you help me to trace this>

  105. Marivic Reyes of Sto Nino Marikina. Aka Buyers Choice in Facebook. A Scammer!!! CP number 09098366917. Smart Money Account number : 5299674840310107. Beware of this Woman. Scammer!! She is selling cellphones and other gadgets in facebook. i ordered from her an Iphone 4s. Paid and deposited in her account yet after the payment she didnt answered my txt even calls 🙁 nakakadisappoint. nakakcira ng tiwala. kung cnu man nakakakilala sknya, pksbi nlng Godbless her and her family. Andyan lng si Karma. Sana Dumating na cya sau. Dapat sau sunugin ang kaluluwa. walang hiya at ang kapal!! die scammers! die!!

    Beware of this person. Marivic Reyes of Sto. Nino Marikina 09098366917. Smart Money Account number : 5299674840310107


    Name: Ariel Calixto Macatula

    Aliases: Justin Alonzo, Vince R Santos,

    Address: 203, Sevedra St., Purok 4, San Fabian, Pangasinan

    Facebook Account:

    Modus Operandi:

    Scammer claims to deliver motorcyles he is selling to sure buyers with ready cash on hand. Scammer will ask for a “reasonable” downpayment to cover for his expenses delivering said motorcycle.

    Downpayment is reasonable so buyer agrees. While said motorcycle is “supposedly in transit”, scammer will report having encountered various “emergencies” and plead to buyer to send additional cash (through SMART Padala).

    Buyer will surely not agree and scammer will reason out that buyer is “mahirap pakiusapan” and scammer will not push through and “go home” instead.


    Name: Mariquel Banquil

    Address: 119 Purok 3, Buliran San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

    Relationship: Wife

    Name: Edison Calixto Cruz

    Address: Purok 2, Arayat, Pampanga

    Relationship: Niece

    Scammer’s Contact Numbers:




    Scammer’s SMART Padala Account: 5299 6746 0147 8119

    Registered SMART Padala Account Card Holder’s Name: Mariquel Banquil

    Registered SMART Padala Account Card Holder’s Address: 119 Purok 3, Buliran San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

    Ads currently posted by scammer in

    2006 Yamaha Mio Sporty: Plate Number OV6462

    2009 Suzuki Raider 150: Plate Number 4902BH

    2010 Suzuki Raider 150: Plate Number 5235RQ

    2010 Honda XRM Trinity

    DO NOT deal with or purchase any of said scammer’s motorcycles for sale. Please pass to as many friends as possible. Our society does not need scammers like Ariel Calixto Macatula.

  107. sino po ang nakakilala kay Jullie Marie Mora? nag deal kme sa iphone 4s pgtpos ko mabenta phone ko pra lang mabili ko ang iphone dw nya at nangutang pra mpdala sknya. sabi nya npdala na dw nya ang unit pero pang 4days na ngayon simula ng pindala nya dw ang unit sa lbc hanggang ngayon walang dumating at di ko na sya ma contact now. si jullie mora ang pinadalhan ko ng pera. six thousand pesos. pero sabi ng katext ko na si jullie mora dw ay yaya nya at yun dw tlga ang inuutusan nya. pls help po. huhu

  108. morning celeb Development’s three employees turned out to be taken “along with moving back from a visit to one of our out of the way remedial practices in southern Kabul state. they were ended on top of that took away however leading to, By a grouping of armed {men|males|guys|adult men|adult males|gentlemen|gents|fellas|individuals|men of all ages|blokes|all men|people|the guys|a man|husbands|boys|adult|the men|man|many men|sexually active men|grownup males|persons|folks|men|grownup men|most men|male|other guys|soldiers|him|men and women|grownup|men’s|men or women|s

  109. Please don’t fall for the scammers who will hire you for a job as virtual assistant. I was a victim of these fake people who hire me and the name of the company they use is 6s Marketing and BPO Solution. They hire me as virtual assistan and my first task is classified adds poster. They promise me a salary of 10-30K a month depending on my performance. My daily routine for almost a week, they ask me to create multiple gmail accounts to place to the adds that i’ve created and posted. And all the gmail account that I created is set forwarded to their email account. I think that’s their modus operandi. All the applicants that fall for their adds, the scammers will use them to work for them without salary. They ask me to pay 700php to western union and the recipient is Asian Amor Fillone that’s intended for the for the non disclosure affidavit that they need for the client before they hire me. I choose that option instead of having medical and settle my other personal documents, I think that’s the easiest thing to do to start immediately.They refer me to a direct client whose name is MARGIE DIKIT and her emailI is, please beware for this email and also I spend all my time and effort posting adds to all free classified adds here in the philippines about job hiring. That’s the task they gave me. When I ask them about my salary again they didn’t answer me. They even send me a memo that I have violation and entitled to salary deduction of 1,000. When I ask how can I settle my failure, they told me to send load for their smart trunkline of 30php? I started to think why they will ask for a smart load? What kind of company is this? and I learned that they’re just using a prepaid smartbro
    I tried to search the name of my fake direct client Margie Dikit when I google it. I saw in this url: Now I realize that they are just scammers. If there’s someone who wants an immediate job please do some searching in the internet about their website before you apply. Make sure the company have their own website. Please dont fall to direct clients especially overseas. Check if you can talk to them face to face esp if they have skype. Don’t communicate with just email. Beware!!!

  110. Scammer: Ryan Magtibay name sa OLX, nagbebenta xa ng phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and IPhone 5S, pakilala nya sakin ay Jericho Manguerra, 19y/o taga Padre Garcia, Batangas,cp number 09063530438, at magsswap sana kami ng mga items ko plus Php1000 cash sa Samsung Galaxy S4 nya yesterday November 4, 2014. Morning nya pinadala ung phone kaya naman nagpadala na ko sa kanya ng pera in advance. Pero ng ipapadala ko na yung mga items ko, bigla ko naisip na alamin muna yung tracking number ng padala nya thru LBC. Tinext naman nya to sakin pero ng pinacheck sa mga staff ng LBC dito sa Bulacan, sabi nila sakin ay mga documents daw ang pinadala sakin kaya nagtaka ako at tinext ko yung seller/scammer. He insisted na phone yung padala nya so nagrequest aq sa LBC branch dito na tawagan na mismo yung Branch sa Batangas. They confirmed na “Medical Reports” yung mga documents na pinadala at hindi yung phone. Buti na lang napakabait ng mga staff ng LBC dito, kahit na kinulit ko sila, di sila nainis sakin at todo effort talaga sila para matulungan ako. (Thank you so much sa LBC in Robinson’s Malolos) Dahil dun hindi ko napadala na yung items ko kahit 1k ang nawala sakin at least di gaano kalaking halaga unlike ng mga items ko. Pero gusto ko din mainform yung mga tao dito para makapag-ingat sila.

  111. Paano kung a scammer company are hiding behind a legit name like online get rich quick companies eg. SWA and Ignition Marketing? Marami na ang nabiktima nila pero legal ang kanilang company kasi may SEC sila. How will you deal with these types of Legal scammers?

  112. Named Gino Camacho/Lynyrd Camacho selling cheap Apple gadgets. Be aware po marami na po siyang nabibiktima. Una ay nagtatago po siya sa kong ano anong pangalan tapos pag magpapasend na siya ng pera ay ibibigay niya po yang pangalang Lynyrd Camacho. Ito po ang address niya 159 Salavador St. Labangon, Cebu Citu be aware po kayo dahil baka mabiktima po kayo ng taong to. Sana po mahuli na siya at makulong sa ginawa niya. Sana’y makatulong po kayo.

  113. SCAMMER: Hazel Ann Chiangco Sayama or Hazel Ann Sayama Chiangco or Hazel Ann Chiangco

    Address used: Blk. 11, Lot 8 Curie St., Brgy. Ferdinand Marcos, Ilocos Norte
    Her LBC card #: 1207903186
    Her Birthday: 4/7/1994
    Her CP #: 09361372817
    Her online names: Hacsg / Lanerge / & not sure sa 2 pang name na parang xa dn, d ko nlng post

    Tumingin ako ng shoes “JORDAN” online tru AYOSDITO tapos nakipag transact ako sa taong to “tomboy ata” tapos nung ngkasundo na kami na tru LBC ang shipping, nung naipadala
    ko na ung pera sa LBC senend ko tracking no. sa kanya then after 30mins ng text si LBC na nakuha na nung pinadalko ko ung pera, tapos nung tinitext ko na si HAZEL ANN CHIANGCO kung na ship nya narin ung items wala na ko na receive na reply ni isa kahit anong msg ko. Tapos nung trinack ko yung tracking number kung saan na claim ung pera e sa Marikina lng pala tapos sabi nung taga LBC my isa pa dw na customer sila na ganun din sa marikina dn na claim ung pera, then ng search ulit ako online my nakita ko na post ng isa nya ding naloko,
    kinontact ko ngkausap kami meron pa dw isa rin na victim pa so apat “4” na kami. Kami lng kaya o marami pa? Sana wala ng iba pang mabiktima pa itong scammer na to.

    With SAME NAME of scammer

    Here’s the LINK of my order:


    Here’s the LINK of order of other 3 victims:

  114. scammer Smart padala account 5299 6751 7823 5105 with cp no 09202087500
    di ko binigay reference number, pero na-avail na raw sabi ng smart hotline, syempre, di nila sasabihin info ng scammer…

  115. Hello good morning. I hope that this message will not be taken for granted. I just want to report a scam and I too was a victim. There’s a Michelle “michee” Cruz in facebook who is offering a very very low downpayment with installment terms for Apple products. (You can check her facebook account).
    I sent her a payment of P4500 yesterday December 16,2014 and never heard anything from her upon providing her the tracking number from cebuana lhuillier. She claimed my payment at Cebuana Lhuillier olivarez tagaytay cavite branch, and I think dito din nya kinukuha paymnets ng mga biktima nya ever since she started her scam.
    I was really bothered and I checked feedbacks and her name in google only to find out that she has scammed a few dozen of people already. SANA NAMAN PO MAGAWAN NATIN NG PARAAN NA MAHULI ITONG SCAMMER NA ITO. DI KO NA HINAHANGAD NA MAIBALIK PA PERA KO PERO SANA IN THIS WAY WE CAN HELP LAHAT NG VICTIMS NYA AT WALA NA IBA PANG MABIKTIMA SI michelle “michee” Cruz, her middle name is Dimapilis based on my research. sana po pagtuunan nyo ng pansin itong message ko. She has been doing this scam since 2012, and until now wala pa po action at libreng libre parin sya gumalaw at manloko ng tao. These are photos provided by her to assure her “customers” that she is a legitimate online seller.
    Please help us work on finding and stopping this woman from her modus and scams.

  116. luisonlinetrading also known as Jhames Luis Mercado is a Fraudulent Seller. ( profile link:

    This is in regards to his Ad, “zenfone 5 by asus 16gb ram 32gb rom” (original link, but he has deleted the ad:,Position,1-3,3#advertisementDetails).

    I decided to buy it so he asked me to send him half (PHP 1,575) of his selling amount (PHP 3,150) so he can ship the unit over to his Smart Money Account 5299-6756-0427-7101. He was hurrying me to send the money so he can ship the unit once he receives the payment. But when I texted him the Reference # 060343679111, he made all sorts of excuses that he could ship the unit. First, he said, all smart remittance center in his area (Baguio City) are already closed (I sent him the money around 5:00 PM, 17 Jan 2014). Second, he said that he needs me to send him PHP 350 for the shipping but he told me earlier he is going to free the shipping as goodwill. Third, he said that it is raining in his area, so he can’t go to LBC. Fourth, he said he is undecided to whether return my money or send me the unit because I told him I want our transaction cancelled. And so on and so forth he used delaying tactics. Now he is not replying to my Text messages anymore, and he has already deactivated his account on and deleted his Ad already. Lesson learned, when making online purchases, it is best to meet up with the seller to close the transaction, choose the top rated sellers, if it’s too good to be true then it is a fraud just like his Ad selling a Zenfone 5 that has 32GB of external memory and 16GB of RAM for only PHP 3,150. I made a mistake, I was not wise enough. Charged to experience.

  117. I am a victim of the emgoldex scam here in the Philippines. I DON’T wish my identity
    be revealed. I need protection as a witness against the emgoldex scam here in
    our country. I was tricked and lured into this scam by my teacher, Wilman
    Casamayor Siruelo. Right now, I need my P36,500 back. Before I invested in this
    scam, I made several reasons not to invest or invest only in a small amount but
    he insisted with so many trickeries and trapped me into trusting him. He promised
    that I will have a return on investment of P180,000 or more within a month or
    three but until now he continues to make excuses. There are many others (i.e. teachers and
    students) in our school who were tricked into investing in this scam. However,
    they are unwilling to cooperate and report him to the authorities because they
    consider him as a friend. I have the biggest investment among those convinced
    because of his deceit. Before I agreed to pay, we made a verbal agreement to
    return my money if emgoldex is a scam but until now he didn’t return it. He
    promised to pay me before or on the month of April 2015 but he is very
    treacherous. Only now I have realized his treachery. He is currently employed
    as a teacher in ACLC (AMA Computer Learning Center) Iloilo. The address of our
    school is AMA Building, #22 Delgado St., Iloilo City. His email address is His cellphone numbers are 09279534030 (current use),
    09106507347, and 09995876727. He is usually present at school around 5:00 to 8:00
    pm at weekdays for a free TESDA training. He lives somewhere in Jaro, Iloilo
    City. He is stubborn or narrow-minded with his emgoldex dreams. He doesn’t
    listen that this activity is illegal and a liability or a loss to the Filipino
    people and its government.

    P36,500 each slot X 8 or more Filipinos = P292,000 income of emgoldex each exit

    P292,000 emgoldex income – P180,000 one or corporate Filipino exit = P112,000 Philippine losses each exit

    This is a slow and painful loss for the Philippines but sure easy money for emgoldex.

    For more information please contact me at 09463727424. I need Wilman Casamayor Siruelo
    prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. I humbly ask to keep the identities
    of the victims confidential and return their invested money. Hoping for your
    kind and immediate action regarding the matter.

    • try to report it to police and NBI, and if you have time sa media like bitag, to inform the general public….i noticed, you need to help your self first, kasi hindi sila tatawag sayo para tulungan ka….sa dami ng report na narereceive nila…. , i was also a victim of a scam, so gawin muna naten ung part naten…then hopefully, matulungan ka ng government naten…..try ko ipost ung story ko later…

  118. J79 Galore Online Marketing (by Jeroene Dolor Delos Santos) is a scam offering high returns in your investments. no need to recruit, no product selling. payout in just one month or less..500% increase in your money in just one month! For example, 3000 will become 15K. When you ask them about their registration, they will show you their DTI certificate and SEC Name reservation notice (which are not licenses but are only business names.) I asked if the business is a sole-proprietorship or a corporation, bakit both sa DTI and SEC ang name registration. They said that the SEC business name reservation is a requirement to get the DTI certificate. Which is not true. When I said that it’s not the case, they became hostile and sabi sa akin mind my own business. Warning lang to the public. Please get educated and don’t be fooled by people offering high returns in your investments in a short period of time. Easy money kumbaga.


    Naging victim po ako ng taong ito, marami syang account sa,

    OLX account:

    email ad used:

    FB Page: [url][/url]

    He is using fake name under Brian Valdez & FB name Gretchen Liberty M.

    Possible Real Name:
    [b]IAN VEROLLO JUMAO-AS[/b], kung hindi
    ka man ito, just let me know, pero malakas ang evidence ko kasi, nsa Jumao-as
    Clan sya, kaya nakita ko FB ng brother and sister mo na naka-add yung account

    Location: Cebu

    CP number used:



    Actually kasabwat
    nya ung nagpakilalang asawa nya…

    I believe, this
    person has connections in some western union agents – because he can still claim the money even I
    just gave the “tracking number only” and nakapangalan p un sa friend

    Ang style kasi nito,
    para ma-check nya daw if I have enough cash to pay the item, para ma-ideliver
    nya na ung item sa akin for testing. Kapag ok na, then pede ko nang ipadala sa
    Name nya ung cash….(sounds good right?..)

    Misis nya ung
    tumawag pa sa skin, tpos..kunwari nasa hospital sila kasi…for emergency dw kya
    mjo mura ung item…

    And take note, may
    GodBless pa yan ha….and he uses religious words,para sa church daw…etc….

    Eto po picture nila,
    I covered black ung mga bata to protect them, alam ko pinsan nya ung cover
    photo nya…kya nka-black din.




    Other scams that
    involves western union agents

    24 Oras: $5,000 o
    mahigit P200,000 na perang padala para sa isang babae, kinuha raw ng iba

    Western Union agents
    accused of helping scammers, [url]

    UNION AGENTS might run a scam and get paid commission by the criminal to cash
    the transfer, or they have used fake ID which hasn’t been checked out
    correctly.” [/b]

    Eto po sa LBC
    indicident naman..

    Ipinadalang pera
    para sa lalaki sa Bulacan, nakuha ng kapangalan sa Cebu


    Naging victim po ako
    ng taong ito, marami syang account sa,

    OLX account:
    BrianBejarValdez, GLIRValdez, IckeyrodValdez

    email ad used:

    FB Page:

    He is using fake name under Brian Valdez, Ickey Rod B. Valdez & FB name
    Gretchen Liberty M. Valdez

    Possible Real Name:
    IAN VEROLLO JUMAO-AS, but see updated information below.

    Location: Cebu

    CP number used:



    Actually kasabwat
    nya yung nagpakilalang asawa nya…

    I believe, this
    person has connections in some western union agents – because he can still claim the money even I
    just gave the “tracking number only” and nakapangalan p un sa friend

    Ang style kasi nito,
    para ma-check nya daw if I have enough cash to pay the item, para ma-ideliver
    nya na yung item sa akin for testing. Kapag ok na, then pede ko nang ipadala sa
    Name nya yung cash….(sounds good right?..)

    Misis nya yung
    tumawag pa sa skin, tpos..kunwari nasa hospital sila kasi…for emergency dw kya
    mjo mura yung item…

    And take note, may
    GodBless pa yan ha….and he uses religious words,para sa church daw…etc….

    Eto po picture nila,
    I covered black yung mga bata to protect them,

    Other Victims

    Other scams that
    involves western union agents

    24 Oras: $5,000 o
    mahigit P200,000 na perang padala para sa isang babae, kinuha raw ng iba

    Western Union agents
    accused of helping scammers,

    AGENTS might run a scam and get paid commission by the criminal to cash the
    transfer, or they have used fake ID which hasn’t been checked out

    Eto po sa LBC
    indicident naman..

    Ipinadalang pera
    para sa lalaki sa Bulacan, nakuha ng kapangalan sa Cebu


    Update: Now, I
    decided to suspect these three brothers namely:

    Engelbert Verallo
    Jumao-as(Bert VJ)

    John Bert Verallo
    Jumao-as(John-ex Saomuj)

    Nino Edgar Jumao-as.

    because they
    declare Gretchen Liberty M. Valdez(the
    scammer) as their brother, aka “brian Bejar Valdez”, (May 12, 2015)
    he changed it to “Ickey Rod V. Valdez” ?.. But Notice, check their
    sister’s account Marites Jumao-as, didn’t declare gretchen as her brother,
    though she even declares her cousin in her account. I talked to their
    Mother- Fe Verallo Jumao-as, she has only 3 sons and 1 daughter, and she said
    “kausapin ko na lang yung mga anak nya kasi nasa New Zealand siya”….

    But they are not
    answering my questions…

    I also noticed, they
    are the owners in the same Internet Shop “Fesnet Internet Café” and
    Bert VJ knows photography – because the item used in fake OLX account was a
    DSLR (nikon & canon)!, But if I’m wrong – let me know.

    These are their

    Gretchen Liberty M. Valdez aka “Brian
    Bejar Valdez” “Ickey Rod V. Valdez”

    (brother)Nino Edgar

    Verallo Jumao-as(Bert VJ)

    (brother)John Bert
    Verallo Jumao-as(John-ex Saomuj)

    These are not
    connected with this fraud, for reference only


    (Mother)Fe Verallo


      GSIS NUMBER 011140608497 GSIS-Main Office, Pasay City



      Pangasinan State University-Binmaley Campus MICHAEL DE VERA SALVADOR


      Malolos City Police Station MICHAEL DE VERA SALVADOR


      CURRENTLY HE IS IN Malolos, Bulacan

      He encahsed my money in LBC MALOLOS BULACAN yesterday august 20 tracking number: 103807892341 at 4:45 pm.

      He told me to send it after I called him and suddenly he blocked me on my facebook account and turned off his phone number after encashment.

      globe number used:09265069419

      It might not as big amount as others but in terms of money the must pay it back for others not to be one of a victim. Please spread this message I need your help if you are a concerned citizen.

      They must be punished by law.

      He must be and I wont stop until he wont be.

      So please help me share this message for the Concerned government will be informed about this kind of people in the Philippines.

      her Girlfriend is part of this.





      With blue shirt wearing an eyeglass


      FUCK YOU!


      please share!! please spread!!!



      I need your help with this bullshit people.

      They must learn.

      they victimize a lot of people not only me.

      I just knew it.

  121. I just want to report this online scammer. Her name is GRACE MONLES PACULANAN. I asked her help for the car’s transfer of ownership. She told me to pay Php3,500 for the processing fee. After I paid the fee at LBC, she then told me that I need to add Php1,300 for the filing of the registration. So again, I paid it through LBC. I tried calling and texting her but until now she haven’t answer. Please help me find this scammer.

    Msg from her: ” Dito nyo padala mam, GRACE MONLES PACULANAN, ADDRES PANACAN DAVAO CITY yan lang mam lbc lang mam ha kasi para masabay ko pagkuha.”

  122. Facebook page – Kpopper Hideout. Online shop to. She was once a legit online seller. Transactions were fine and working well until last year. Ilang months siyang hindi nagpaparamdam at hanggang ngayon wala pang update sa pending orders namin. Marami kaming umorder since legit nga siya (noon) it’s been a year, nganga pa rin kami. We spent thousandsssss for our orders. I sent my payment thru BDO and the accnt name’s DAWN HAZEL BONGALOS. Medyo mahirap na siya hanapin sa SNS. So sad that I only have her name and photos

  123. Scammer: Jansel Roy Hernandez on
    Mobile: 09205385299
    Smart padala: 5577519351446100
    11-I agreed to deposit 6,500 for iphone 5s on this ad through Smart
    Padala (no. 5577519351446100). Seller is in Batangas for a business trip
    as a med rep and I am in Cavite. Reason for selling: funds for car loan (deactivated)
    June 12-seller texted confirmation, and said he already shipped the item
    June 15-item still hasn’t arrived. Seller is unreachable through mobile (09205385299)
    Please be warned. He will appear not to trust you, as if you will not pay him. If you do make the payment as agreed upon because you have faith in humanity left, he will disappear.


      GSIS NUMBER 011140608497 GSIS-Main Office, Pasay City



      Pangasinan State University-Binmaley Campus MICHAEL DE VERA SALVADOR


      Malolos City Police Station MICHAEL DE VERA SALVADOR


      CURRENTLY HE IS IN Malolos, Bulacan

      He encahsed my money in LBC MALOLOS BULACAN worth 8350 for iphone 5s yesterday august 20 at 4:45 pm.

      They must be punished by law.

      He must be and I wont stop until he wont be.

      So please help me share this message for the Concerned government will be informed about this kind of people in the Philippines.

      her Girlfriend is part of this.





      With blue shirt wearing an eyeglass


      FUCK YOU!


      please share!! please spread!!!



      I need your help with this bullshit people.

      They must learn.

      they victimize a lot of people not only me.

      I just knew it.

  124. Reported the fraud to admin and I was advised me to send a report to the PNP Cyber Crime division:

    Robert A Reyes
    Police Senior Inspector
    Anti-Cybercrime Group
    Philippine National Police
    Camp Crame, Quezon City
    Telephone Number: (02) 723-0401 local 5313
    Office Telefax: +632 4142199
    E-mail :


      GSIS NUMBER 011140608497 GSIS-Main Office, Pasay City



      Pangasinan State University-Binmaley Campus MICHAEL DE VERA SALVADOR


      Malolos City Police Station MICHAEL DE VERA SALVADOR


      CURRENTLY HE IS IN Malolos, Bulacan

      He ancahsed my money in LBC MALOLOS BULACAN yesterday at 4:45 pm.

      They must be punished by law.

      He must be and I wont stop until he wont be.

      So please help me share this message for the Concerned government will be informed about tis kind of people in the Philippines.

      her Girlfriend is part of this.



      BE AWARE!!!


      With blue shirt wearing an eyeglass


      FUCK YOU!


      please share!! please spread!!!



      I need your help with this bullshit people.

      They must learn.

      they victimize a lot of people not only me.

  125. Scammer:
    Mobile Number: 09393542164

    Text Message:
    CONGRATS!!! UR’Sim’#” WON! 500,000.00 June24,2015.frm New pagcor&Central bank me now at this # 09393542164.imm Dir.ROSE A. BAIS DTI#4280S2015

  126. SCAMMER trying to blackmail me on facebook with sex videoi believe from the phiillipines the phone number is 639056423178 facebook profile Christine Yang youtube Irine Wang


    Name: Richard Busa Amoyo
    Address: 116 R.R. LANDON BRGY. SAN ANTONIO
    Cebu City
    Tel: +63 999 335 1861
    Phone: +639287743863
    Skype: recca_pipez
    YIM: reccapipes




  128. Beware of this scammer from Tarlac: Paulo Pobre Palmaria, an OLX scammer under the username: paulopalmaria29 (an account likely inactive now). This bogus seller managed to have taken my money amounting to 4000 pesos, only to give me a forged tracking number of a supposed LBC delivery containing the item I should have bought from the seller, which appeared to be a bogus one.

    This thief even admitted me this offense he did after I confronted him about it. This guy promised to return the money he took after having been confronted just early this year but has not come into fruition even as of posting time due to constant “excuses.” This Palmaria guy is nothing but a liar and a thief! I shall have this guy imprisoned if I have the power to.

  129. so beware of this seller.



  130. Beware of this seller. SCAMMER



  131. I bought a Iphone 6 128 gb from seller
    I paid within 24 hrs. here’s her cash info:


    Beware to this Person “Maria Jennica Solis Belisario”

    Dagupan city

    my biggest mistake is dealing with a seller with 0 feedback.
    All of us started with 0 feedback so why not?

    after i paid, she said she would ship Thurday Oct. 22, 2015 so i said ok.
    Actually nagkausap pa kami sa Facebook ang usapan via LBC ang gagamitin,

    TheN she text me “kua may JRS ba jan? i replied: di ko sure kung meron,
    bago nya ako tanungin she said napadala na nya JRS ang gamit nya, sabi ko ” ahh Ok , hintayin ko na lng,
    ano nga pla ung reference / control no. para madaling mahanap. she said “walang binigay na control no.
    ang importante ung name mo.

    so nagduda na ako nun.

    i tried to txt again and ask the control no. pero di sya ngreply

    sabi ko sa sarili ko ” cguro di nmn ako lolokohin nun, try ko n lng hintayin ung 2 days then follow up sa branch ng JRS.

    then after 2 days i follow up to JRS branch,
    i just give my name (natuwa ako kc hinanap nila kahit name ko lang binigay ko)
    then they said “wala pa pong dumarating Sir” ano pong control no. para ma locate natin kung nasaan na?
    ang sabi ko “wala syang binigay nacontrol no.”
    then ang sabi ng taga JRS “cut off na po namin wala n pong darating na deliver ngyn araw”

    nag worried na talga ako, i try to call her pero unattended na and i check her Fb account deactivated,
    the OLX post deactivated.

    naisahan na ako, naloko na ako!!

    so beware of this seller.



    i tried to write in OLX but no space for Blog, Forum or comments in this webstore.


  132. I bought a Iphone 6 128 gb from seller
    I paid within 24 hrs. here’s her cash info:


    Beware to this Person “Maria Jennica Solis Belisario”

    Dagupan city

    after i paid, she would ship Thurday Oct. 22, 2015 so i said ok.
    Actually nagkausap pa kami sa Facebook ang usapan via LBC ang gagamitin,

    TheN she text me “kua may JRS ba jan? i replied: di ko sure kung meron,
    bago nya ako tanungin she said napadala na nya JRS ang gamit nya, sabi ko ” ahh Ok , hintayin ko na lng,
    ano nga pla ung reference / control no. para madaling mahanap. she said “walang binigay na control no.
    ang importante ung name mo.

    so nagduda na ako nun.

    i tried to txt again and ask the control no. pero di sya ngreply

    sabi ko sa sarili ko ” cguro di nmn ako lolokohin nun, try ko n lng hintayin ung 2 days then follow up sa branch ng JRS.

    then after 2 days i follow up to JRS branch,
    i just give my name (natuwa ako kc hinanap nila kahit name ko lang binigay ko)
    then they said “wala pa pong dumarating Sir” ano pong control no. para ma locate natin kung nasaan na?
    ang sabi ko “wala syang binigay nacontrol no.”
    then ang sabi ng taga JRS “cut off na po namin wala n pong darating na deliver ngyn araw”

    nag worried na talga ako, i try to call her pero unattended na and i check her Fb account deactivated,
    the OLX post deactivated.

    naisahan na ako, naloko na ako!!

    so beware of this seller.



    i tried to write in OLX but no space for Blog, Forum or comments in this webstore.


  133. Freddie S. Gonzales Jr. from Southern Leyte, Scammer. He sells in OLX, and Facebook. Dont buy from Him.SCAM SCAM SCAM. his iPhone products exist but they will not send it to you . it is a scam.

  134. Iguess kakilala nya din sila

    FROM: DAGUPAN CITY PANGASINAN . Magkakasabwat silang lahat. Papadala nila as proof sa mga kakilala nila sa Pangasinan at Bulacan, then sa Visayas, Southern Leyte, Dagupan, Madami. yung proof na completed shipment, mga kasabwat nila yun.

  135. I’m also a victim of JOSHUA ESPANOLA!
    6600 for the iphone 5, I was so naïve that time and mura din eh kaya go na.
    OLX un last dec.31, tried to visit the olx post pero wala na deleted na then matapang din to kasi may picture din xa sa fb. After ko ideposit ang money and texted him the confirmation he actually said (ok wait) then when I asked what time will u ship the item patay na un na di na nagreply ang taong to di na din matawagan then I decided to freeze the money however it was already withdrawn (10 mins after na deposit) its actually a lesson learned for me. never ever trust anyone.

  136. Beware of this scammer. ELISEO CORPUZ, JR (or ELY CORPUZ)!

    OLX Seller who scammed me when I bought an item and asked me to deposit it via his Smart Money account. He’s selling camera on OLX.

    His details:
    BDO Smart Money Account 5299-6761-5092-3144 (Eliseo Corpuz Jr.)
    Contact numbers:09071934305/ 09171934315
    Supposed location is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
    He’s on Facebook as “Ely Corpuz” ( – search for his account and report him so he won’t be able to dupe other people!!

    Best not to transact with anyone on OLX or any online websites to be safe!

    • Hi! I also got scammed by this guy, did you go to the police? Do you have any more information about him? Im going to the police today to report him, it would be very useful if you can share more info about him, do you have any pictures? Could you send me his fb link? I cant seem to find it. Thanks a lot.

    • Good thing I did research muna before transacting with this man. He’s selling Macbook Pro 2018 sa Too good to be true yung price (MPB 2018 for only Php22k. Like really?) so I interrogated him. Naka-post yung ad nya in Laguna but when I told him that I want to check the unit personally he told me that he is now in Puerto Princesa. He even added me on facebook. He sent me his ID as PNP Non-Commissioned Officer with a name of Eliseo Balite Corpus, Jr. When I asked him to send me a photo of him with the laptop he told me he’s not going to do it coz I might use the photo for bad purposes. Lol!
      His carousell:
      His fb account:
      His viber number: 09777762398

  137. Babala sa mga mahihilig omorder gamit ang online.

    Kung meron man kayong katransaction gamit ang online at nag kasundo kayo na ang bayaran na gagamit nyo ay ang LBC remittance ito ang mga dapat nyong tandaan.

    1. napaka importanteng humingi muna ng personal ID’s ng taong pagpapadalahan bago magpadala, lalonat di nyo kilala ang taong pagpapadalahan nyo.

    2. paghiningi nila ang tracking or IPP code ng OR nyo ay wag nyong ibigay hangat wala pa ang produktong inorder nyo.

    3. kung ipapakita nyo man ang picture or scan copy ng OR to justify na naghulog natalaga kayo just make sure na hindi nila makikita ang full IPP or tracking code nyo.

    4. at ito ang pinaka importante – pag hiningi nila ang last 7 digits code ng tracking or IPP number ng OR (12 digits code yun) ay wag na wag nyong ibibigay, kayang-kaya nila i-trace ang 12 digits tracking code using the branch and location ng LBC na ginamit nyo sa pagpapadala.

    Base on my experience yesterday (Feb.19 2016), nagpadala ako ng Php7000 pambayad sa product na inorder ko, after ko ipadala inadvised ko sila na nahulog ko na yung partial payment for product na order ko and then they advised me na please scan or text yung last 7 digits ng tracking number, which I hesitate to give to them. First, I call them and ask what is your purpose to get the last 7 digits? And their response is, don’t worry sir this is to check only if the IPP/tracking code is valid or void, then since I have the knowledge regarding sa mga tracking/IPP code hindi ko binigay, after that they insist me na don’t worry Sir were legit seller and di namin kayo lolokohin, then fine and I tell them na ok I’ll send it to you. (syempre joke lang yun and since im a wise man I decided to call the LBC customer hotline prior to send their request) tulad ko, the first question ng LBC customer service is, “ano daw po yung reason nila why they need the last 7 digits?” of course and sinabi ko ay yung sinabi din nila sakin, to check land daw po if yung tracking number ko is valid or void, then the customer service said “ no sir, they can’t track the IPP using incomplete tracking number, how come that they can check it if valid or void?” (napaisip ako bigla, may kakaibang nagaganap) buti nalang na-advise ako ng LBC customer service na, if you want sir you can also bluff them, how? Pagrambulin ko daw yung last 4 digits then yun yung isend ko sakanila, kung malalaman daw nilang mali yung ibinigay ko sakanila meaning to say, kaya nga nilang malaman yung tracking no gamit lang ang 7 digit.

    5min later After ko isend at itext yung edited na OR ng LBC I received call from them, “ Sir mali daw po yung tenext nyo sakin na IPP code at the same time yung OR na senend nyo sa email is edited daw” nagulat ako kasi nalaman nilang edited yung OR and mali yung IPP code, ibig sabihin traceable nga yung last 7 digits ng LBC, I dunno how they can do, but malinaw na they can claim the money without complete tracking number while using only the last 7 digits.

    Sa sobrang dami naming diskusyon ng ka deal ko, I decided to pull out my order and void the OR.

    Ngayong araw (feb.19,2016) bumalik ako sa LBC to withdraw my money, nabigla ako sa kwento ng dalawang teller, “sir meron din pong same case nyo na nagtanong samin kung ok lang ibigay yung last 7 digit ng IPP code kasi ibinigay daw nya sa kadeal nya online, bumalik sya kahapon tulala tapos naiyak lutang kasi na withdraw daw yung pera nya ilang minuto pagtapos nyang ibigay yung last 7 digits ng tracking no. dina din daw nya matawagan yung cellphone number ng ka deal nya” nabigla ako sa sinabi nila teller, buti nalang naging WAIS ako at SIGURISTA hindi ako naloko.

    Sa mga mangloloko tulad mo Edgar A. Yu, hintayin mo ang paglilitis mapupunta ka sa impyerno, makakarma ka pala muna bago ka mapunta sa impyerno.

  138. scammer na naman pakidagdag SMART MONEY ACC. # 5577519323767104. Malamang hindi na ulit ito gagamiting ng mga sira ulong scammer na eto just in case lng bka makatulong. paki share narin kung sino may kilala ng may ari nito. Payo lng sa mga gusto bumili ng mga gamit online. huwag na po kayo guimamit ng smartmoney para magpadala ng pera. gamit nalang kayo BDO ACC. WITH NAME, WESTERN UNION, LBC, PALAWAN EXPRESS,ML KWARTA PADALA, CEBUANAN AT WALA NA PONG IBA. lalong lalo na kapag hindi kilala ung tao pagpapadalhan. kapag hindi pumayag ang kausap nyo na gamiting ang mga sumusunod para magpadala ng payment ay magduda na kayo. scammer po un 100%.

  139. CSIC in Makati philippines or Canadian Superb Immigration Consultancy or Canada Job Finder in facebook (Same agent ) is scammer

    be careful with the consultancy you are applying for.Make sure that they are under POEA or member of SEC. We have applied in that consultancy, at first they will offer an arranged employment then they and give you a folder with a passing score then after few months they will tell that you ned to pay for this and for that since there is an LMIA available for you and may deadline ang LMIA kaya pag di ka nagbayad then kailangan mong maghintay ulit..after paying again they will say na may problema sa papers, kailangan namin ayusin with the attorney….dami delaying tactics..make sure not to be deceived by their offer, yes th
    ey have been operating for i think four years but be wise enough. We all dream to go to Canada.Be wise enough..wag magpapaniwala…Ang daming ng scam ngayon about consultancies and if they keep asking money, thats something na…

  140. Hi one girl from Philippines ask borrow money from me while she was in hospital. She was promised she returned back on 31August. But after that she blocked me from her facebook even now I call her then she don’t want to pay. Is there any way to make report about this?

  141. Be careful with a woman named GIRLIE SALVADOR. I ordered a phone from her. After sending her the payment on smart money via BDO, she asked for a photo of the receipt. I asked for a photo of the item and the receipt of shipping via LBC. She sent me one so I thought she was really a legit seller. She even have my name on the photo of the receipt. That was a Satuday. I was still able to contact her until Tuesday but after making 18 missed calls, she then made my calls forwarded then blocked me on facebook. I believe she is using another photo on her facebook account but that wasn’t her for sure because she sounded old than her photo. To you Ms. Girlie, who told me, “babae po ako at tao ako kausap”, ” wag kayong magalala maam kasi may tskot po ako sa Diyos”, be careful of what you sow because what you will reap will be more than what you did to us. I just hope you will come to encounter God as a real Savior and not just your word decorator to scam. God bless you.

  142. Scammer alert: Paulo Pobre Palmaria from Tarlac City, Tarlac. Psychopathic swindler ito. Nangangakong ibabalik yung ninakaw niya via online scam as a bogus seller gamit ang OLX (dating ang plataporma pagkatapos umamin. Puro pangako lang at walang gawa. Nanakawan ako ng P4000 nito.

  143. Beware of this fucking fraudster named EUGENE TAGUM DIZON from Sta. Clara, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. This man is fucking scammer claiming that he was a victim of scam and demanding you to do a cash on delivery (COD) transaction. He cheated me and after I sent the item, he never replied to all my texts. I warned him and he never listen. Now, I concluded that he is really a scammer and I became a victim of fraud activity again. Please beware and never do the same thing if this guy contact you.

  144. Paano magreport at saan ? Korean guy sya .. Almost 70,000 nakuha nya ksama na mga utang nya sa mga kaibgan ko .. Iphone6plus at ipad air ko nkasanla dahil sa knya pati ung motor ko .. Paano ko mababawi lhat un ? Please someone help me .. Please ..

  145. Beware:
    Olx name : mary
    Category : selling pets
    Facebook name 1 : mary anne pineda
    Facebook name 2 : ruby ann arapiles dejan ( eto yung nag claim sa lbc)
    Bumili ako ng puppy sa kanya nov 15.2016 binayaran ko thru lbc kasama shipping total : 4k kasi dito ako sa leyte nung nakuha niya yung pera hindi na nagparamdam.. Kaya ingat kayo sa taong to.. Minadali pa akong ihulog ang pera kaya pala…

  146. I bought phones thru online on this facebook page account” SECOND HAND GADGETS”. I made payment or wired money worth 30,420 to Mimbel Pangantihon, but the seller is a scammer. The tracking number provided by the seller does not exist or cannot be track and i was blocked on her account.

  147. So I was browsing sa ebay to buy a new phone and I saw this ad na napakatoto ng description and meron daw silang physical store sa palawan. Binantayan ko muna hanggang naubos na yung mga phone na binebenta niya coz meron sold na nakalagay at may bumili so akala ko talaga legit seller siya. Nagmessage ako sakanya at hiningi address niya, hanggang nakapagbayad ako sa Palawan Express Pera Padala. Sabi niya sa palawan daw sila nakabase pero kinuha yung pera sa caloocan! Pagkatapos non di na siya nagreply sakin!!!!

    name of register shop on ebay : cmd_shop143
    address: north national highway brgy tiniguiban puerto prinsesa palawan, ph

  148. I was a victim of lending scam naman po. They said I was approved for 200K loan but I need to settle fees to get the amount so I paid 15k desperately to get the money the soonest. I have seen the contract naman and they have emailed me that the proceed with be credited to my choice of bank account last December 7. Tapos bigla pong sinabi na nag ka problem daw sa system nila kaya magprepare nalang daw ng Manager’s Check at dahil po minamadali ko sila sa proceeds bigla nilang sinabi na may delivery charge daw ang MC na worth 5K, natakot na po ako. Until now, nakakausap ko pa yun agent. He keeps on telling me na legit yun lending company located in Tanay Rizal. DFC, Inc yun company name but I was not able to search the exact name and the address they provided. The OIC of the company was named Patrick Sanchez, the co-owner daw is Pedro Dionisio Jr, Paul M. Gonzales as the President. The AGent I am talking and I have added him in FB – Danica Villa. Please help po if you know ways to detect or trace the location of these person. I still have the mails, cebuana lhuillier transaction and the transfer of

    • Hi Malou, I also received a text message from DFC INC located in Tanay Rizal. They said I was approved for 300k loan however I have to settle 7,500 fees before transferring the money to my account. I asked them if they have website to check their financing firm but they do not reply to my emails and text messages. I believe this is really a scam. I hope you’ll be able to get your money back. Have a good day!

      • Until now the agent is still responding and Im keeping him in touch. Now they are asking another fees to settle but im no longer giving them. Did you get your money back?

    • Hi Malou..shit i have the same issue like urs…the agent ask me to deposit the 7,500 to BDO good thing hindi ko pa binayaran ung 16k+ na sinasabi na advance hindi na makontak ung agent na nakakausap ko before. agent din sya sa ibang banks kya i thought his ligit kasi sa ung isang bank naapproved naman ako kaso itong sa DFC minadali pa nya ako magbayad para daw marelease na ung loan ko. Pinadeposit nya ung payment under this Dan B. Villa at ang name nung agent is Dane his voice sounds gay.

      • Yes. Please help me get more information about this person. Dan Villa. Kindly keep your conversation and communications documented as I am planning to file a complaint against that person to nbi. I need to gather evidences po. He already blocked me in his fb account. Please keep in touch.

  149. I need help! I was scammed by a person named “baby marco” at the site OLX where he has an ad that piqued my interest because the phone is cheap for only 2000 pesos. While I texted him in his phone number 09076665921 he said that hid father has a stroke and when I said that if he can ship the product he offered a discount for the ad for only 1780 and I agreed to it but I couldn’t find any legit account of his fb. He sent me his personal information and his name is RONALD PEREZ that lives in Rosales, Pangasinan where I sent my payment through palawan pawnshop and right after he claimed the money he asked my address and name but he didn’t replied for 3 hours so I called him with my another phone number and he answered that he is in lbc processing the product and after that he texted me with a fake lbc tracking number and texted me that when will I send the other half of the payment in which we didn’t discussed and then he blocked my 3 phone numbers after I tried calling him many times. Please help me. Do not be tricked by this person everyone.

  150. Beware po tayo sa mobile numbers na Ito, 0977397114,09092518298,0946138471,09461368471
    Kung kayo ay gumagamit ng Smartmoney tatawagan nya kayo. Sasabihin lahat ng update Sa Smartmoney tama lahat sasabihin. Interview,kapag nakuha na nya loob nyo saka kayo papagawan ng transaction hanggang makuha pondo nyo…

  151. hello po. may inorder po ako sa pero we made transactions through fb. last january pa ako nag order until now wala pa. taga manila po yung “seller” nasa Butuan City po ako. saan ako magre report?

  152. Hello po. Need help po kasi I’m also a victim from a lending company na DOCTORCASH. Sa umpisa ok naman sya but on my fourth renewal iba iba na ang kausap and they have a Facebook messenger account na andun ang mga instructions on how to pay but alas my fourth payment was scammed. Sabi nang taga DOCTORCASH na wala pa daw akong payment. Can you help me?

  153. Hello I need a help… Anyone pls help me… Na scam Po ako sa

    I was about to order a phone and texted the seller kasi nandun Ung number Nia sa description Nung item…
    Tapos she responded, then nagusap kami thru call…
    Sabi Nia ipapadala ko DAW sa smart Padala, the other day …sinend ko na Ung 3k sa account number na Sabi Nia… Tapos Wala sing sinend sakin na tracking number Ng courier… Naghintay ako till the 5th day pero walang phone na dumating,… Last week LG Po Ito nangyari… Anybody here who can help me please….

  154. Smart #: 5577-5193-4834-3105
    Na scam po ako yesterday kase na hacked ung fb ng friend ko nag asked po sya dito ko send 4000 tru smartpadala.. i want to know aino awner ng smartpadla po na ito.

  155. I WAS SCAMMED BY THIS PERSON…worth 4200
    smart money
    Justine Joy D. Cruz
    #100anorth sanitary camp iloilo city

  156. I was scammed by a company called italiangatewaymanila founded by Dr Steve.i paid money for visa to g work in italy but is has been proved its all scam and no jobs there.

    • This is true i was also scammed by this italian gateway Manila founded by Steve Luparia a italian nationality. I paid a sum of money to Steve Luparia for visa to work in Milan, Italy but the job is non-existent and this scammers is nowhere to be found. Lahat ng mga pinoy be aware po kayo sa kumpanyang ito!

  157. sunniesandspecsph (shopee) (instagram) BPI acct no 0219090811, Muana Encarnacion with mobile #’s 09277222988/09561361417/09491631784 was a scammer. Please beware!

  158. sunniesandspecs ph (shopee) (instagram) BPI acct no 0219090811, Muana Encarnacion with mobile #’s 09277222988/09561361417/09491631784 is a scammer. Please beware!

  159. Nigerian with a filipina gf stayed in dasma,they are scammer .Nigerian pretend in calls that he is from u.s,,d filipina HF pretend that she’s from d immigration,, where to report this??
    Ang dami nila Jan sa lad pinas at dasma MgA acammer

  160. I was scam by Rixelle Jane Veloria. With a Smart Padala account number 5577519408316108. She posted on shoppee selling iphone. And I inquire about it. Hanggang sa sabi ko oorderin ko. She insisted na ang transaction ay outside shoppe lang kasi yun ndaw naging usapan namin. Sabi nya isend ko daw sa smart padala nya. But I told her sa palawan lang. I sent the payment and kinuha nya then she told me ishiship na nya. And monday daw dadating. Tapos wala. I check her account at shoppe. Dinelete nya na and I cant contact her. She gave me details na TAGA SAN RIZAL LUBAN MARINDUQUE sya. HOW CAN I TRACE HER!!! I think fake address din yan. Please help meeeeeeeee.

    • Omg, pariha po tayo na scam rin po ako nitong jane veloria na to and sa smart padala ko rin kami nag setle ng payment kasi rush nga raw po. Magtulongan po tayong mahuli tong scammer nato.

    • Omg, pariha po tayo na scam rin po ako nitong jane veloria na to and sa smart padala ko rin kami nag setle ng payment kasi rush nga raw po. Iba po yung address binigay nya sakin lobo batangas. Magtulongan po tayong mahuli tong scammer nato. Sana mahuli na tong scammer na to before po sya makapag biktima pa ng iba?

    • Nasa shopee parin sya. Kakainquire ko lang sakanya about sa ip6 na binebenta nyang 4k. Haha. I actually searched her smart padala sa google and may lumabas na sa Shopee and sa Carousell. Keshai Nacasi name nya sa carousell and sinearch ko sa fb, may lumabas na result na Keshai Labutoy Nacasi. Pinipilit nya akong magbayad ng 2200 mamayang 2pm thru smart padala. Ang ipinailala nyang name is Christina something. So there she is. Keshai Labutoy Nacasi. Scammer ng Shopee. 🙂

    • Muntik na din ako ma-scam niyang Rixelle Jane Veloria kanina lang. Nagpost siya sa shopee nagbbenta siya ng iPhone 6 (Rush daw) sa halagang P.3900 so nag try ako mag inquire sakanya. Then nung nasa kalagitnaan na kami ng pag-uusap sabi ko hindi ko pa sure kung mabibili ko kasi wala pang pera baka next week pa ang dating ng pera ko. So she replied naman na kahit kalahati na lang daw muna ang ibigay kong bayad which is P.2700 daw muna and then the rest na balance kahit ibigay ko na lang if i already received the iPhone. Pinipilit niya akong magbayad ng P.2700 pero dahil nga sa short pa ako at ang pera ko pa lang dito is P.1300 lang, pumayag siya. She said na kahit 1300 na lang daw muna ngayon and then bukas na lang ulit yung 1400 and then yung the rest na balance bigay ko na lang pag nakuha ko na yung iPhone. Nung una pumayag na ako. Pero before ako umalis ng bahay hiningian ko siya ng actual pic ng ID niya sabi niya naman Hindi daw siya pwede magbigay ng ganon kasi personal na daw yun. So napapaisip na ako don. Tas hiningian ko naman siya ng any social media acc. like fb and ig sabi niya Wala daw. So mas lalo akong napaisip at nagtaka na. Nung una binigay niya naman sakin yung details niya. Rixelle Jane Veloria daw ang pangalan niya at nakatira daw siya sa Antipolo. Sabi ko din nung una kung pwede meet up na lang kami to make sure na hindi scam yun. Tinanong niya kung saan daw ang location ko sabi ko naman Fairview lang sabi niya naman Malayo kasi Antipolo pa daw siya. Then nagtry ako magsuggest ng lugar na pwede naming pag meet upan near sa antipolo which is San Mateo. Hindi niya daw alam ang Sm San mateo. So napaisip ulit ako. Then lastly, before I go to Palawan express para ipadala yung P.1300 na hinihingi niya, I’ll try to search her on social media. Tinry ko siya hanapin sa fb and ig pero walang Rixelle Jane Veloria ang lumalabas and wala ding ganong mukha sakanya. After that I search her naman sa google, And see! Tama pala ang nasa instict ko and ng fam. ko. She is SCAMMER. May pa “God knows” pang nalalaman. Dinamay pa si Lord sa kalokohan niya. So BEWARE GUYS!!! So hard to trust ppl nowadays. Think more before you agree. Btw. Here’s her contact no. 09361862618 Try niyo itrace guys. I hope na makatulong ako sainyo.

  161. Patulong po sana. Na scam po ako sa facebook account ” Rey mark Didato”
    Bumili ako ng item sa kanya sa isang online game. Nagbayad nako through load pero wala akong natanggap. Block na niya ako sa messnger pati account nya di ko na mahanap? patulong po huhuhu. Kahit maliit lang yun na halaga, pera parin yun. Ano pong gagawin ko?

  162. Scammed by this smart padala number: 5299-6761-3154-0102
    Using the name of liou olermo. Pretending to be him and selling phones.
    cp # : 09451051567

    I’m just a student, I got scammed 7000 pesos. ??

    I searched for the location of the phone number,
    – block 7, san andres cainta, rizal

  163. smart padala scammer name CZYRA MAE VITERBO, shes an online seller ng 2nd hand cp…. I send half of the price of the 2nd hand cp…she was a good talker even s phone and s fb inaadd p nya ako… i dont know kung yun nga sya sa account na yun or ginamit lang but the thing is syempre when she claim the money she used a valid id to claim it…. so meaning its really her… gandang bata but a SCAMMER beware of her….

  164. Saan po pwedeng magpatrace po? I have all the evidence I need. Full name , ref. number ng smart padala , number ng store , number ng scammer.

    • Nabawi mo ba ung naswipe s card mo aq 5995 pesos naswipe s card q di q alam if saan sila hahanapin sabi free tpos di pla. Sabi for approval lnh tpos at for information purposes lng.

    • hello na scam din ako nito pambihira haay paano po ba mahahanap yang mga tao na yan. contact niyo ako mga nascam din ito email ko,

      On December 6, 2018 at 4:30pm, I received a call from an agent named Jordan Montes, who said that he is a representative of East West Bank. He said that I was chosen to claim a free accommodation on their accredited hotels – a benefit for having multiple credit card and for having a good credit standing – and that I need to present a valid ID and present one of my VISA card for validation purposes. Again, he said that IT WAS FREE OF CHARGE and I don’t have to pay any amount in the future.

      On December 7, 2018, around 1:00pm to 1:30pm, Jordan Montes called again and said that someone is waiting in our company’s building lobby just to confirm my valid ID and check one of my credit cards. Suddenly when I presented my ID and Unionbank credit card to that person, I was shocked that he has a POS terminal with him and then he tapped my credit card to it without my consent. He was trying to make me sign the transaction receipt but I refused. As shown in the POS receipt the vendor is SRRV Travel-Pasay.

      Upon my investigation about this SRRV Travel-Pasay company, I was shocked to find out that there are various complaints regarding this company with the same transaction similar to me. This travel agency is a scammer!!!

  165. Na scam po ako noon pang 2012 more or less $8,000 (388K) Mariah Lyka Francisco, email add at taga San Jose Negros Oriental, Dumaguete. Ang pinapadalhan ko dati is Western Union pero ayaw nilang ipakita ang records, pina NBI at Police ko na rin pero hangang record lang walang sulit na action ako pa ang nagpa gasolina ng car ng NBI para puntahan ung address. Paano ko kaya ma trace yong scammer nayan at sino pwedi tumulong gusto ko kc mabawi ung perang pinag hirapan ko bilang OFW. Please help po.

  166. Hi sana mahuli na ang taong ito ANDREW C. PAAT taga pasay negbebenta yan ng G-Shock online and marami narin tong victims sana mahuli na tong mokong na to tnx.

  167. san pde ipatrace ung tao na ng scam meron ako full name nung tao at nung tao na ngclaim nung pera and account number nya sa smart padala

  168. hello! I am a victim of online scamming. Fraud ebay seller siya in the name of amelia del rosario. I had committed to buy her product and napagusapan po na babayaran ko via bdo cash card. I was not aware na scammer siya kase nagsend din naman siya ng “valid ID”. I don’t know if it’s valid anwyay, But after I paid the downpayment nagdisappear na siya, I already have her email id numer, cellphone number pero ni isang reply wala din. Yung kunong ref # niya na binigay, alam kong di nageexist. I really need to do something. Please help me if you know someone sa anticyber crime law. As of now, Im trying to get in touch with our police para maireport pero di ko alam san magsstart, I just want her to return my money and make Amelia del Rosario face the consequences of her fraud act. Thanks!

    Vincent James Salazar. BDO Account number: 601853-907-24009-00.
    He will asked you to deposit to his bank account but will never deliver the goods. He always post ad on OLX. He also used sites like He was reported to PNP cybercrime group. His mobile (0975 2418124, 0915 9417265, and 0947 3732545). BEWARE.

  170. SCAMMER


    Will make you believe for months that you have a new friend & promise to visit you here in the Philippines, will gain your trust and will be decent & kind. Will make you believe tehy will send you a package and let you pay extra fees. Will give you a fake tracking number with they’re own website



    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9022543730

  171. How to track this Smart Money No. 5577 5193 3476 5108? Ang may ari po nito ay scammer at marami ng biktima! We dont know his name or location, if someone knows how to trace this number, please help! Thank you!

  172. Few months ago i applied for a job on a reliable website. I got a call from miss Wendy saying they wanted me to hire for a job and mind you it’s online based job. She said it was UK based, I should have questioned her then why would you hire someone from Nepal or Philippines if it’s UK based but I didn’t and that’s partly my own mistake. But either way they hired me, made me work for two whole months with no pay. Whenever it was time for the wages they either disappeared or made some excuses like they don’t have the connection. So if you ever get a call from miss Wendy, her contact no +63 977 810 5722 please know that she works for the fraud Mr. Tommy and please don’t fall victim for them. Or don’t ever apply for the job in logoloft or logo design guarantee.

  173. SMARTLoad GIFT to all retailers! U have 500 FREELoad to ur LOADWallet.To claim just type LOAD5009489391069 and send to 343.Thankyou! DTI#1122 (got ths message from 09976734988

    pno po b mttrack ung number n to? natransfer po saknya ung load wallet ko.. pwede bng mblock yan pra d n ulit mnloko?

  174. I was scammed by Raquel Pautanes from Nabua,Camarines Sur in Bicol Region today April 5 ,2018. I sent her money for her transport fare . Coz she will going to work for us as helper but after I sent her the money ,she blocked me in Facebook and her contact number can’t contact anymore. I sent the money through smart padala coz she said that there is no Palawan express or Cebuana in there area. I want to report her to NBI . what do I have to do? Someone help me ,please. I want her to learn her lesson for being a scammer!.

  175. Hello gsto q po e report ang smartpdla na ito dun po sa negros AMAR mall po sla kc sobra po cla magkaltas kpag mag recieved or magpdla po ng pera sa smartpdla nla po sa 1000 po 100 pesos po ang kaltas nila sobra sobra po yun gsto q po aksyonan nyo to..thank you ref#5577519331493107

    Ang concern q lng po masydo po cla magkaltas magpdla man or mag recieve ng pera..thank you i really hope na maaksyonan nyo to…thank you

  176. Good day po. Gusto ko lang po e report yung scammer sa facebook. Madami na po syang na scam. At ang ginagamit nya pong id ay yung philhealth id ko. Eto po number ng paymaya nya 09487200522. At eto po contact number nya 09059276600. Sana po matulungan nya ako, dahil ginagamit nya po id ko para makakuha ng mga ma e scam nya po. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako.

  177. Na scam po ung asawa ko through facebook po.. Eto po ung number nia097767228949 dito po kmi nagpadala sa account nia 5577519482102101Name ponila sa fb cortez bive eb and jason liwanag po. PaaNo po nmen cla mtrace 6k po ung nakuha nilang pera.

  178. The Real Story behind Philippine , Iraqi money , gold and scammers with names and places .

    ( Iraqi dinar ) and same for most of currencies .
    After the war of Iraq 2003 up to now, all of us knew that most of Iraqi money stolen from the banks and government and sent abroad to drop the economy of Iraq. During travelling to Philippines I saw much of these money
    Most of these money available in warehouses in different area in Philippines ( ilocos around 10 hours / bicol around 11 hours / bagio around 4 hours / balare around 6 hours ) from manila . The head whose dealing and handling all of these warehouses his name is Mr. Romani. These people already know that these money had stolen from Iraq and they are asking very high prices with this money by scamming the foreigners about gold backup with some of these denominations
    One of these stories was about 25000 Iraqi dinar serious 2003 long signature , they are asking 1000000 pesos per bundle and above = 20000 U.S dollars and above , they have different stories one I mentioned before about gold and the other that daughter of Sadam Hussain Paid for Switzerland banks millions of dollars to collect this money . All of these stories are not true and all of these people are scammers they don’t have buyers and they can’t change these money inside Philippines because they are followed by CIA and Philippines NBI and part of them were caught by government. The problem that you can check the prices of this money by internet but at the same time you can’t buy as this money is illegal and with no benefit, you can’t travel with this money out as most of these money mixed with fake editions.
    Usually owners and holders doesn’t appear but who is selling this money, agents, they are working inside manila mainly in Makati Avenue as most of the visitors travelling there. They have mixed of different currencies from different country, 90 % of these currencies are fake. The agent will show you the real paper of any currency and you will check that’s real then he will follow one of these option: he will ask you down payment and you will not see him again as he will go to bring for you bundles from warehouse or he will try to sell for you the fake money .
    One of the biggest scammer group are sitting in Makati inside Antel mall in front of SM. Their Names : Grace ( Philippine lady ) and Her Husband John Jan Lee ( Chinese ) , Lily Pith Maranda ( agent ) and she had fake ID with different name ( bolan ) and her Husband Kim ( Korean ) they are depending on down payment for huge amount of Iraqi money but in real they don’t have money and you will not get any of these currencies and you can’t make a case .
    Another big scammer in Metro Manila Paranaque sucat his name is GR he is selling iraqi dinar with very high prices 2 million and more and gold coins ( metal or copper covered with thin layer of gold )
    Few Names of Scammers and their places :
    – Jems ( Paranaque , metro manila )
    – Adam ( balare )
    – Oskar ( Cabu Mainly in SM mall )
    – Milo ( Cabu Mainly in SM mall )
    – Phele ( old woman in balare )
    Most of these agents meeting in SM mall in Cebu but I don’t know why government and NBI are not going there to catch these scammers .
    All of these agents had same pictures of real and fake boxes full of IQD .

    Fake currencies and gold .
    99% of fake money and gold from Cagayan de Oro ( Mandanao ) warehouse , there is two guys there ,( their names are loloy and Ray ) they are handling most of fake gold and notes which transferring from this area under the boss name x-myar Napoli .

    What you will find inside Warehouse
    – Different old deleted notes . (Zimbabwe money , Peru money , Japanese pesos , sadam IQD, IQD green Horses 1990’s and below , new notes all denomination , much of fake currencies )
    – Gold
    – Un cut dollar
    – Golden dollar
    – Wells Fargo dollars ( 100000 and 1 million )
    – Euro ( fake huge amount )
    Last story you should hear about Khalil ( Neck name : Sharly ) American and basically Palestinian and his GF Philippine with American passport ( was working as nurse ) he is living in Pangasenan he have accessory shop for cars in this area and he is telling stories that he was translator with U.S army in 2003 in Iraq and during that war he was there and he saw the U.S army stealing all boxes inside the central bank of Iraq and sending there to Philippine as easy to pass with all of these money through the Philippines’ boarder . and the rest sent to U.S by U.S army .
    If we are talking about gold we are talking about Yamashita war and stolen gold from South Asia and different stories you will hear from falling planes full of gold to caves with religious behaviors . and you will be the hero to get all of this gold but you should pay first the expenses of getting this gold from caves .
    They will show you different category of gold Sumatra 5 stars AK and AU , Java gold .
    Don’t be fool and pay attention of that you will lose much of your money

  179. Reporting a business scammer who already fled back Philippines and is currently hiding in Cavite.
    Got some information of this Filipino lady who are continue to traveling around world. Kindly help to track this person down as she took away my hard earned savings.
    There is no action until now for a year since many emails for this scam case no news.
    As in Singapore reported attached few copies for your review. Also reported to Philippines NBI and PNP for more actions.
    Attached passport and my complaint to local Singapore police force thanks.

    Western Union

    1) Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)—(338-712-5609 / 361-900-4977)

    2) Receiver’s Full Name : MHELANIE Q DELAS ALAS
    3) Amount Sent: SGD 5000.00
    4) Receiver’s Full Address : 791 SAN JUAN I NOVELETA CAVITE
    5) Receiver’s Mobile/Phone Number +639164866881
    6) Your Relationship to the Receiver :Only met her few occasion n??ot very sure her background sweet talk.
    7) Other information that may be relevant to the case : Nil

    I am a victim from Singapore a tourist first time cheated by a Filipino lady who
    came here and ge????t to know her. Sweet talk about how good business in Philippines invite me invest.
    Didn’t expect this business scam in Philippines. All my hard earned saving money just went missing.
    This lady took everything rejected my calls and ignore me.
    Please kindly help me. I’m totally having depression over this money matters.
    I am too trusted this lady thinking it might help me in earn a living but
    wrong. That time she respond she have no money to return back and
    switch off phone. She total borrow 171,000 peso from me. how to file a
    case ? I have only western union transfer slip and Whataspp communication that to prove she borrow it .
    But we did not sign any contract paper.Please guide me how to file case under small claim.


    Recently flew to Manila file a police report case unfortunately both places they are unable to help me out.
    On 10th January rejected by Pedro Gil police district division office seeking for assistant.
    Being rejected was told this case have to go UN NATIONAL POLICE HQ OFFICE.
    One of the investigator officer told me they unable to help me cause this lady is staying in Cavite city area.
    Police from manila PNP inform me report only in Cavite city make police report statement. My question why can’t PNP help to me out must only going down Cavite.
    By going Cavite city is a very dangerous place for a tourist by myself. As easy to get kidnap and kill by hitman.
    For my own safely seeking government and higher authority to assist me in filing this case only in Manila city thanks.
    Can Manila PNP assist me in this matter instead of going down cavite.
    Please help to investigate this matter and find her asap thanks.

  180. I want to mention romance scammer Roxanne Isidro Villamor, from Paranaque City. She was continuously asking me for money… excuses were like her family’s poor / broke / needed money for air fares etc.

    In total the transactions were more than $10,000 usd. She has an account with Bank of the Philippine Islands ( # 335 918 0364 ), or used Western Union. Changed her email addresses often.

    Beware people, don’t make the mistake I did.