Here’s your new Take-Home Pay under TRAIN Tax Reform

Do you want to know how much your new take-home pay is under the approved TRAIN tax reform law of the Philippines?

We provide below an income tax table which shows:

  • (1) how much tax is currently being deducted from your salary per month; and
  • (2) how much the new tax will be beginning January 2018 under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) program approved into law by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte

You’ll then get to see how much your salary will increase by the additional take-home pay to be given to you because of the reduced income tax rates under the approved tax reform.

(UPDATE): We compiled all articles related to the TRAIN law on this page: TRAIN Law and BIR Tax Implementing Guidelines. Click the link to access BIR’s implementing rules and regulations and examples of how to compute applicable taxes.

Additional Take-Home Pay under TRAIN Tax Reform

* * * UPDATED resources on the approved TRAIN Tax Reform below:

We provide below a more comprehensive tax table showing the additional take-home pay for monthly salaries up to P250,000. Here’s how to read the tax table:

  1. Look for the row closest to the amount of gross salary you’re receiving per month.
  2. Check the corresponding next column which shows how much withholding tax is currently being deducted from your salary.
  3. The next column “Monthly Tax in 2018 (under Tax Reform)” shows the expected amount of income tax that will be deducted from your salary beginning January 2018.
  4. Finally, the column “Additional Take-Home Pay per Month” shows your tax savings, that is, how much incremental salary you will receive as additional take-home pay due to the implementation of the reduced personal income tax rates.

Income Tax Table: Additional Take-Home Pay under TRAIN

Monthly SalaryMonthly Tax in 2017 (Current)Monthly Tax in 2018 (under Tax Reform)Additional Take-Home Pay per Month (under 2018 Tax Reform)
P15,000 1,541.830 1,541.83
P20,000 2,683.840 2,683.84
P25,000 3,918.22634.57 3,283.65
P30,000 5,353.531,624.57 3,728.96
P35,000 6,853.532,655.72 4,197.81
P40,000 8,331.03 3,886.97 4,444.06
P45,000 9,831.03 5,136.97 4,694.06
P50,000 11,391.98 6,386.97 5,005.01
P55,000 12,991.98 7,636.97 5,355.01
P60,000 14,591.98 8,886.97 5,705.01
P65,000 16,191.98 10,136.97 6,055.01
P70,000 17,791.98 11,497.69 6,294.29
P75,000 19,391.98 12,997.69 6,394.29
P80,000 20,991.98 14,497.69 6,494.29
P85,000 22,671.98 15,997.69 6,674.29
P90,000 24,405.32 17,497.69 6,907.63
P95,000 26,138.65 19,122.69 7,015.96
P100,000 27,871.98 20,747.69 7,124.29
P105,000 29,605.32 22,372.69 7,232.63
P110,000 31,338.65 23,997.69 7,340.96
P115,000 33,071.98 25,622.69 7,449.29
P120,000 34,805.32 27,247.69 7,557.63
P125,000 36,538.65 28,872.69 7,665.96
P130,000 38,271.98 30,497.69 7,774.29
P135,000 40,005.32 32,122.69 7,882.63
P140,000 41,738.65 33,747.69 7,990.96
P145,000 43,471.98 35,372.69 8,099.29
P150,00045,205.3236,997.69 8,207.63

Source: BIR Tax Calculator and ABS-CBN Pinoy Tax Reform Calculator

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  1. On your computation, did you deduct the 50K personal deduction? And did you also use the additional deduction for dependents? If so, for how many dependents?

  2. what about the project based personnel working in the government company like state universities who categorized our salary as professional fee, are we included in the implemented tax reform?

  3. Previously your exemption is 50k + 25*3 = 125k lang, while now fixed exemption is increased to 250k irregardless if single or with dependents.

  4. wla rin sobrang taas na rin ng mga product yung softdrinks samin nadadagan na ng 5 hanggang 8 yung cigarrette 3x… di ako mabisyo pero yung tindahan namin magsasara na 🙂

    ang ganda lang tignan kasi wla pang effectong nakikita pero lahat sobrang tataas pagkain, pamasahe lahat…. bka lahat mag sisisi

  5. Please help clarify the 2018 tax computation per your table. For example, for monthly base salary of P25,000, tax withholding under TRAIN should be P25,000 – P20,833 = P4,167 x 20% = P833.40 vs. P634.57 in your table above. The computation I’m following is based on BIR published revised withholding tax table Annex A.

    • the table that they are using is a automatic table on how to compute tax under train wherein they input a deduction of 50,000.00 regardless of amount. so there is the difference between 833.40 and 634.57.
      under the annex A table the tax of 250 is 634.57. so they deducted a personal exemptiin of 50,000.00

  6. Hi sir,

    Is there changes in the monthly tax table matrix for computing tax monthly?
    Is the bir published or give a copy in the branch or rdo?

    Thank you so much.

  7. How come not all companies are affected with this TAX Reform issue. Is it true that it is only applied to Provincial companies only?

  8. hi sir, pano po yung mga sumasahod ng 10,000 below?? Sa tingin ko po medyo magmamahal ang mga bilihin dahil sa dagdag na excise tax.. ibigsabihin lang po nun talo po yung sumasahod ng mababa lalo na ang sumasahod ng below 10,000 dahil hindi madadagdagan yung sahod tapos nagmahalan pa ang presyo ng mga bilihin..

  9. Pa help lng po clarify. I worked as one of the many Job-Order employee on a certain government agency we we’re hoping po na wala na kaming tax pero after the payroll po nagulat kami bat may kaltas sabi po kasi may kaltas kami kasi nag gross kami ng more than 100K tas ang mode of contract namin is hindi MOA tama po ba talaga may tax pa kami?

  10. good day ask ko lng po if under agency po na mga employee ay makakatanggap po ba ng itr or take home pay buwan-buwan maraming salamat po

  11. minimum wage earner lang kmi. dapat hindi kasama ang ot sa gross income sa pg deduct ng tax.kaya ka nga ng ot para lumaki ang sahud mo. yon pala mapupunta lang sa tax. hahahaha… sablay

  12. Thank you for having a more comprehensive table for the tax reform. You really made it clearer. But may I ask what’s the changes for freelancers and work from home employees like me? I do my work online and don’t have a consistent amount of earnings every month.

  13. Sir/Ma’am,
    Good day,
    I would like to ask if a daily employee will be taxable if she earns Basic – 572.00 plus ECOLA – 10.00. According to minimum wage table of NCR she is above minimum but with the reference of TRAIN LAW if an employee is earning below 25K she will be zero tax. Let us say:
    Basic 572.00 X 26 days = 14,872.00 monthly
    She did not reach the 25K ceiling.

    How can you help me regarding on this. Thank you and God bless.


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