Where is the Marikina fault line?

There are currently many talks about big earthquakes in the Philippines, especially after a 7.0 quake hit Haiti and killed hundreds of thousands of people.
A primary concern to most is the Philippine Fault Zone or the Marikina Valley Fault Line, which supposedly traverses through major parts of Metro Manila, including Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig and Taguig.
Where exactly does the Marikina Fault Line pass through?
The maps below from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) and GMANews.tv show us.
What is the Valley Fault System?
The Valley Fault System, also known as the Marikina Valley Fault System, is a group of dextral strike-slip fault which extends from San Mateo, Rizal to Taguig City on the south; running through the cities of Makati, Marikina, Paranaque, Pasig and Taguig. The fault possesses a threat of a large scale earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or higher within the Metro Manila area with death toll predicted to be as high as 35,000 and injuries of around 120,000, with more than three million people needed to be evacuated.
The fault contains two segments, known as West Valley Fault and East Valley Fault both located in the city of Marikina.
The west segment, known as the Western Marikina Fault was one of the two fault segments of the Valley Fault System which runs through the cities of Marikina, Pasig and Muntinlupa and moves in a dominantly dextral strike-slip motion. The West Fault is capable of producing large scale earthquakes on its active phases with a magnitude of 7 or higher.
The eastern segment, known as Eastern Marikina Fault moves in an oblique dextral motion.
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61 thoughts on “Where is the Marikina fault line?”

  1. This post has to be disseminated more widely and officially so that Disaster Preparedness can be taken seriously and in earnest by local authorities even those who are waiting to be elected.An earthquake can be imminent and I don’t think Manila or NCR is prepared.

  2. i live in batasan along san mateo road and we bought a house near san mateo, I want to know how close we are within the fault line.. need advice.. tnx

  3. know your exact land coordinates using a gps gadget (ex. phones w built in gps) & give the result in phivolcs for inquiry.

    • NCR is not safe at all.. even you are hundreds kilometer away from fault line, you will still be affected by the quake. If it happens to be magnitude 7 in fault line, then expect something nearer on that since you are from Laguna.

  4. for the people of Marikina and one that I .. I only advice we get away near the fault line with the earth quake that .. because we can not be avoided because we live here

    • tagalugin na lang natin ang gusto nating ipahiwatig. maghanda na lang tayong lahat. ke nasa faultline tayo malapit o malayo man, kase siguradong lahat tayo ay mayayanig. iba iba lang ang intensity at merong malaking epekto ito sa kabuhayan at lalo na sa buhay nating lahat. makinig tayo sa babala ng gobyerno kesa magsisi tayo dahil sa katigasan ng ulo gaya ng nangyari sa ondoy at sa habagat. maghanda at sumunod sa babala. yun lang ang masasabi ko mga kababayan

  5. ABS and GMA and philvocs should publish a list of structures sitting on top of the fault lines. So we know which buildings are unsafe. It is our right to know this information.

    • not a chance, look at the map. but maybe just like in the past earthquakes, like in Dagupan, where the ground is soft, a liquefaction of the soil may occur in Cabuyao.

  6. it is the responsibility of the assigned goverment agencies to make known to the public not only of the possible occurence of the huge dilemma but as well as the exact location and which structures are sitting on top of the marikina valley fault line to make certain of the possible actions to be prepared and done prior to the untowards incident!

  7. peeps…regardless of whether we’re from Marikina, Pasig, Makati…etc, it doesnt change the fact that we are all in Metro Manila which lies within the two fault lines….and that the Philippines lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Bottomline if an earthquake happens (hopefully not) we’ll all be hit and affected. It wont make any sense to relocate just because our houses are all sitting on the fault lines. Let’s just make sure that we have provisions ready (food, water, medicine, important docs and other stuff we can carry) if ever that happens.

  8. we only act when disasters strike. have we forgotten the dictum “preparedness s half the battle won”? m from negros but in case something will happen n the metro, this will still affect us

  9. can you please show me the fault line from pasig- cainta- marikina. i would like to know if cainta (brookside) n filinvest 2, batasan hills is affected by the fault line when earthquake will occur. thank you….dindo

      • kame nga sa antipolo masinag lang nakatira…nakakatakot tlga,pero kung oras n talaga natin wala na talaga tayong magagawa. pero kawawa naman yung mga pamilya natin especially yung mga anak natin.

    • it’s just meters away, actually…
      the maps are outdated… at the last map, you can see a textile mill beside mercury drug… that’s where Eastwood is today…

  10. i think if you want to be safe go to visayas or mindanao. all of the cities that connected in manila ( simply say the whole luzon) will be affected

    • very good educating the pilipino people where the fault line is. I just finished watching boy abunda on tv with phivol director and they did not show the actual fault line? They need to post something on all those place indicating danger zone and imposed safety to people residing unknowing they are in danger?

  11. if it will happen……..we can’t hide,can’t run,,,,,,,,,,,,,but dont worry there’s only 1 thing we can do…just pray and he will come down to save us………….GOD bless us

  12. We live in Cubao and even if that’s (reasonably?) far from the Marikina fault line we make preps here — bolting tall furniture against walls, nailing extra low “barriers” at the edges of shelves so they won’t slide out, tying cabinet doors with rope, etc. Our house may look funny now but we’re prepared. . . we’re also preparing containers of drinking water, etc. We have to listen to the language of the world — we are getting warning signs (even TV news gives reminders on disaster preparedness everyday now) — so let’s not go into denial and say it won’t happen. I live by the motto “Prepare for the worst; hope for the best.” Of course! I hope nothing serious happens to our country.
    But in case Mother Nature needs to make some geological adjustments, we’re preparing also for that.

  13. Phivocs maps suck. I have not found any high res version availiabe even on there website
    What with all the terrible maps? how hard is it to make it 600DPI? its as if they want us not to know.

  14. this site gives the location of the marikina valley fault with google map images in the background for easy viewing

  15. hindi kaya …ang pagsabog ng bulkang pinatubo at ung lindol sa bagiuo ay magkadugtong  at ung iba pa pagsabog ng bulkan…. hindi rin ibig sabihin na dito sa pilipinas lumindol dito rin my puputok na bulkan …. d kaya ang paglindol sa  japan my puputok na malaking bulkan o o hnd lang isa…. sundan cguro dapat kung saan papunta ang lindol na galing japan para malaman…o baka sa japan din my sasabog… 

  16. anyone who wants to know the names of subdivisions, barangays, and communities that are in the direct path of the marikina valley faultline; more than that, to zero in also on the NAMES OF STREETS and pinpoint exactly where the east and west valley faults run underneath the clueless residents of a heavily-populated metro and its suburbs, you can finally find the info here:
    as there is truth to the saying POWER IN INFORMATION, you can share this life-saving revelation by texting the internet address:
    …to your friends, loved ones, and acquaintances and challenging them to discover the truth themselves.
    it may be someday many people’s lives will be saved if we all just care and selflessly share what we strongly feel to be important and real.

  17. @ Media and Phivolcs kung puwede po sana maglagay kayo ng imahe dito ng faultline map na puwedeng imagnify ng mas malaki para makita ng detalyado ang mga lugar o streets na dinadaanan ng fault line, kase po masyadong maliit ang nailagay nyo dito, salamat po

  18. mga kababayan palaganapin po natin ang impormasyong nalalaman natin ngayun sa kahit anong pamamaraan. sa malaot madali maaaring mangyari ang pinangangambahan nating paggalaw ng fault line, iligtas po natin ang mga kababayan nating walang kaalam alam sa maaring mangyari. importante ang buhay. ang pagkain at kung anu ano pa. eh saka na natin problemahin. wag po nating panghinayangan ang maari nating maiiwanang materyal na bagay, buhay po muna natin ang ating unahin, hindi tayo pababayaan ng gobyerno at higit sa lahat eh ang ating Lumalang. mabuti na po yung lagi tayong handa. kung sa bagay po hindi namin masisi ang bawat isa kung mag aalala po tayo sa ating kahaharapin sa relocation sites. mas okey na po iyon kesa sa makita natin ang mahal sa buhay na namatay dahil sa katigasan ng ulo.

  19. Everyone should always be ready for the big one esp. those people living in and within the fault lines. The should be ready now and any moment coz’ you’ll never know when that big one will come!

  20. For a fairly thorough if not complete list of subdivisions and communities, including the visual identification of houses and buildings directly on top of the MARIKINA VALLEY FAULTLINE SYSTEM, pls. visit my blog at:
    as you will not be disappointed, pls. pass on this information to others, too. thank you!

  21. Extraordinarily educative thanks, I believe your trusty readers may want even more information such as this carry on the great effort.

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