(Nov 2019) ROOM ASSIGNMENT: Chemical Engineering Board Exam

Are you taking the Chemical Engineering Board Exam this November 23-25, 2019? Make sure to check your Room Assignment below which has been provided by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission), so that you’ll know where to go and where to take the Chemical Engineering board exam!

UPDATE (November 2019): The official room assignments for those taking the Chemical Engineering Board Exam are NOW RELEASED! Scroll below to see which exam venues already include the note “Now Available!”. This means room assignments in these venues are ready for viewing. If the PDF file is not yet displayed, the PRC is still finalizing the room assignment but it will be uploaded very soon. Kindly refresh the page or visit this page again later to see if the update has been posted.

Also check out below some useful and practical Chemical Engineering exam tips we prepared for you to help you pass the exam this year! Good luck, future Chemical Engineer!

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Before you take the Board Exam, be informed about the following important details — including exam schedule, dress code, and what you can and cannot bring during exam day. All these are official instructions sourced from the PRC.

Chemical Engineering Board Exam Schedule (Nov 2019)

On the first day of the board exam, be present at the venue before 6:30 AM so you can check your room and seat number. Take note that examinees who will come in late will NOT be admitted to the exam room so don’t be late, otherwise, you might not be able to take the board exam!

Here’s the schedule and exam topics in the upcoming Nov 2019 Chemical Engineering board exam released by the PRC.

November 23, 2019 (Saturday)

  • 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM – General Instructions & Filling-out of forms
  • 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM – Physical and Chemical Principles: General Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering

November 24, 2019 (Sunday)

  • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Chemical Engineering Principles: Chemical Engineering Calculations, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Reaction Kinetics, Unit Operations, Chemical Process Industries, Plant Design, and Instrumentation and Process Control

November 25, 2019 (Monday)

  • 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM – General Engineering, Ethics, and Contracts: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Engineering Economics and Laws, Contracts and Ethics

Chemical Engineering Exam Dress Code

Please note that all examinees are REQUIRED to wear the following attire during board exam days:

Males – White polo shirt with collar (without any seal, logo, or mark); Decent pants or slacks.

Females – White blouse or shirt with collar (without any seal, logo, or mark); Decent slacks or skirt.

What to Bring During Chemical Engineering Board Exam

Make sure to bring the following items with you during exam day:

  • Notice of Admission (NOA)
  • Official Receipt (OR)
  • One (1) piece metered-stamped window mailing envelope
  • Two (2) or more Pencils (No. 2)
  • Ballpens with black ink (black ballpens) only
  • One (1) piece long brown envelope
  • One (1) piece long transparent plastic envelope (for safekeeping of valuables and other allowed items)
  • Calculator with these features only: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, trigonometric function, logarithm, and x^y
  • One (1) clear and clean copy of 2×2 colored picture (preferably in white background) with name tag, and the complete address and school written at the back of the picture). Put picture in letter envelope with your name legibly written outside.
  • Food – all examinees are required to bring with them snacks or meals placed inside a transparent plastic bag. No other person, including the proctors or room watchers, shall be allowed to give or distribute food to any examinee while the board exam is in progress.

NOTE: During the exam, candidates are not allowed to borrow anything or to communicate with other people taking the exam. Examinees are also not allowed to leave the room, so with regard to using the CR, make sure you go to the restroom right before taking the exam.

Prohibited Items During Chemical Engineering Exam

Take note that the following items are NOT ALLOWED to be brought inside the exam room:

  1. Books, notes, review materials, and other printed materials containing coded data / information / formula;
  2. Programmable calculators;
  3. Cellphones, mobile phones, ear plugs, transmitters, portable computers, smart watches, Bluetooth and other electronic gadgets or devices which may be used for communication purposes;
  4. Bags of any kind (ladies bag, shoulder bags, attache case, backpacks, etc.);
  5. Other examination aids not stated on this program.

Tips to Pass the Chemical Engineering Board Exam

Do you want some tips to help you pass the Chemical Engineering exam?

Without a doubt, passing the Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam requires tons of preparation, hard work, persistence, and determination. You will surely do your part. You will study long hours, read a lot of books, and answer hundreds of pages of reviewers.

But do you want to hear useful tips, this time straight from those who already passed the Chemical Engineering boards? Here’s our collection of the best insights and tips from Chemical Engineering passers and topnotchers themselves!

Check out and adopt the following tips which we compiled from Gineersnow.

Tip #1: It is better to listen than to take notes.

It is good to jot down notes during discussion but it is better that you listen attentively during discussion rather than focusing on writing down notes.

During studying, it is good to write down concepts in your own understanding in bullet form rather than copy paste everything.

Tip #2: Solve engineering problems on your own.

When solving engineering problems, try solving them on your own. Do not easily give up; browse the internet only after you have your solution, and then check. If your answer is incorrect then try solving it again using the information you got from the internet. Else, if you really have no idea, better browse for similar problems and solve it.

Tip #3: Collaborate.

In engineering, it is helpful to collaborate with your fellows to solve difficult problems but be sure that you understand them.  After all, engineering is a collaborative profession.

Also, better have a cork board to put your formulas, and your greatest desires, like mine being a topnotcher. This way you easily remember them and stimulate your mind.

Useful PRC Links and Board Exam Resources:

PRC Room Assignments: Chemical Engineering Exam (Nov 2019)

If you see a “Now Available!” note beside the exam venue, it means the PRC already released the list for that province or city and you may now view the room assignment. If it is not yet available, the PRC is still finalizing the school and classroom details. We will update this post once the official Room Assignments are released.

Here are additional useful tips we suggest you follow before the exam.

1. You’ll notice that even in just one school, several buildings and classrooms will be used as testing centers. To make sure that you proceed to the correct location, write down and take note of the exact Building, Classroom, and Seat Number assigned to you.

2. Before the day of the board exam, find out the address of the school or venue where you’ll be taking the exam. Research the actual location using Google Maps or a guide map to determine how to get there.

3. Better yet, try visiting the venue a few days before the board exam! Doing so will help you discover the best transportation or routes to take. If you simulate going to the venue beforehand, you’ll also have an idea how long it will take you to reach the exam center from your place. This allows you to change your transportation plans, if needed.

4. On the day of the exam, don’t be late! According to the PRC, examinees who will be late will NOT BE ALLOWED to take the board exam. We suggest you arrive at the exam venue at least one (1) hour before the start of the exam. This gives you enough time to locate the building, classroom, and seat number assigned to you.

What happens if you did not show up or weren’t able to take the boards? The answer is in this article: I registered but I did not take the board exam.

MANILA: Chemical Engineering Board Exam Room Assignment (Nov 2019) – Now Available!

Here are the schools to be used as testing centers in MANILA during the November 2019 Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam.


To view your exact room assignment, please wait a few seconds for the PDF file below to load completely. If the file won’t display properly, simply refresh or reload this page. Sometimes it takes two or three page refreshes to completely load the Room Assignments PDF file.

If you find any errors in the spelling of your name, school, date of birth, or application number, please contact the Application Division of the PRC office nearest you to request a correction of these errors. Alternatively, on the exam day itself, you may approach the proctors or room watchers to request to rectify the errors.

CEBU: Chemical Engineering Board Exam Room Assignment (Nov 2019)  – Now Available!

Here is the school to be used as testing center in MANILA during the November 2019 Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam.


To view your exact room assignment, please wait a few seconds for the PDF file below to load completely. If the file won’t display properly, simply refresh or reload this page. Sometimes it takes two or three page refreshes to completely load the Room Assignments PDF file.

If you find any errors in the spelling of your name, school, date of birth, or application number, please contact the Application Division of the PRC office nearest you to request a correction of these errors. Alternatively, on the exam day itself, you may approach the proctors or room watchers to request to rectify the errors.

Chemical Engineering Board Exam Requirements by PRC

According to the PRC rules, to be eligible to take the Chemical Engineering exam, applicants are required to comply with and to submit the following requirements.

  1. Graduate of a BS Chemical Engineering program in a CHED-recognized educational institution
  2. Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Office (PSA), formerly NSO
  3. Marriage Contract, for married female applicants, issued by the Philippine Statistics Office (PSA), formerly NSO
  4. Transcript of Records with scanned picture and Remarks “For Board Examination Purposes”
  5. Valid NBI Clearance
  6. Proof of Completion of “Refresher Course” (for those who failed the Chemical Engineering exam two times)

Take note that those who previously took the exam and were given a “Conditional” or “Removal” score, they must take the Chemical Engineering board exam again within two (2) years from the date of examination.

Required exam fee is P900.00 for first-time takers and P450.00 for conditional / removal examinees.

Prayer for Chemical Engineering Board Exam Takers

Seek divine refuge and inspiration in this prayer below in preparation for your board exam.

“Almighty Father,

Guide me and be with me as I take this exam

Inspire me to be calm, clever, and confident.

Help me concentrate and clear my mind

Remove my anxiety and relieve me of stress.

Grant me the wisdom to remember what I studied

And discernment to know the answers that are right.

Provide me strength to pass this challenge

Help me conquer this once-in-a-lifetime exam.

I lay down before you my nerves and fears

Endow me peace and warm my heart.

I pray for my success in this exam

All for the glory of Your name.


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