Catholic Church has billions invested in BPI, Philex, San Miguel

For most of us, it’s a given that the Catholic Church is rich. Obvious proof of that are their sprawling acres of land, large Church-owned structures and buildings, and millions of pesos of cash collected from mass goers every week.

What a lot of people do not know, though, is that part of the Church’s wealth is its multi-billion peso investments in several Philippine companies. In fact, reports submitted to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) show that the Church and affiliate Catholic groups are top stockholders in companies such as the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Philex Mining Corporation (PX), San Miguel Corporation (SMC), Ayala Corporation (AC), and Phinma Corporation (PHN), among others.

Philippine Church invested in banks, mining, construction, etc.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, for example, owns more than 300 million shares of BPI and is the bank’s 4th largest owner.

How much are these shares worth? As of May 2011, this is valued at more than P17 billion. Yes, that’s seventeen billion pesos, with a B.

Interestingly, aside from banking, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila (RCAM), together with its subsidiary hospitals and companies, is also invested in mining and construction.

As of March 31, 2011, the RCAM is the 15th top shareholder of Philex Mining Corporation (PX), the country’s largest mining firm. It owns 3.2 million shares of PX currently worth more than P66 million.

(Update August 22, 2011: Did the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila sell all its Philex shares to Manny Pangilinan?)

RCAM is also an investor in Concrete Aggregates Corp. (CA), a supplier of construction materials such as processed aggregates, ready mix concrete and crushed sand. Its investment in CA is currently valued at around P4.5 million.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila is not the only diocese invested in Philippine stocks. Other dioceses with significant stock investments include:

  • Roman Catholic Bishop of Tuguegarao, Cagayan – owns 856,639 shares of SMC worth P94 million
  • Roman Catholic Bishop of Nueva Segovia de Vigan – owns 428,067 shares of SMC worth P47 million
  • Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jaro, Iloilo – owns 491,385 shares of BPI worth a total of P28 million
  • Roman Catholic Bishop of Tuguegarao, Cagayan – owns 24,015 shares of Ayala Corp worth P9.3 million

Affiliate Catholic groups also have huge investments in Philippine companies. More than P500 million pesos worth of San Miguel Corp (SMC)‘s shares, for example, are owned by three (3) Catholic groups:

  • El Superior de la Corporacion Filipina de Padres Agustinos Recoletos – 2.37 million shares worth P260.7 million
  • Superior de la Corporacion Archicofradia de N.P.J.N de Recoletos – 1.23 million shares worth P136 million
  • Carmel of the Divine Infant Jesus of Prague, Inc. – 957,000 shares worth P105 million

All this talk of the wealth of the Church is merely the tip of the iceberg since our compilation only includes the Church’s investments in PSE-traded firms. We do not know how much more is invested in private entities, in companies outside the Philippines, in bonds, in time deposit accounts, or in real estate properties.

Church should play more active role in educating its flock about finances

We understand that the Church has to invest money in various assets, including equities, in order to finance and sustain itself. This is actually good since this shows how financially-literate the Church is.

Here at PinoyMoneyTalk, our only call is for the Church to take an active role not just in shaping the morality of its flock but also in developing a more practical and productive attitude towards money and finance.

The weekly Sunday sermons should, therefore, include not just lessons about being morally upright. The Church should also convince mass goers to work and pursue livelihood and to not simply leave their fate to God (“Ipagpasa-Diyos niyo ang lahat ng inyong mga problema.”).

The Church should educate its people about the value of earning, saving, and investing money and should not condone Catholics who are already content in life even if they are penniless (“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven”).

More importantly, we urge the Catholic Church to play a more pivotal and proactive role in helping solve the ills of the country. The billions of pesos of investments (as seen in the table below) can go a long way in uplifting the lives of poor Filipino people who, admittedly, form the critical mass of supporters of the Catholic Church.

Yes, the Church is already doing its share by running hospitals and orphanages, by providing assistance to those who come to them for help, and by offering moral guidance. But with billions of pesos worth of assets that can even surpass the assets of the Philippine government, they can do more and should do more.

They owe it to the millions of Filipinos who donate their hard-earned cash every Sunday to the Church that religiously invests in stocks.

Stock Investments of Catholic Church and affiliate Catholic Groups


* Rank in Top 100 – rank in the Top 100 Stockholders of the Company, a report submitted by the company to the PSE

** Total Investment Value – peso value of total shares owned, as of May 27, 2011 closing prices

Source: Company reports submitted to the Philippine Stock Exchange

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425 thoughts on “Catholic Church has billions invested in BPI, Philex, San Miguel”

  1. that is not the issue, the issue is did the roman catholic church obligated its parishioners for ten per cent of their income.
    all church money come from voluntary contributions and with intelligent money management they have improved and enhanced their financial standing.
    even Jesus Christ had a treasurer during his days, and you know who? i think it was Judas the Ischariot.

    • And Judas was stealing money from the Money Box that should have gone to the poor

      (John 12:6) 6 He said this, though, not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief and had the money box and used to carry off the monies put in it.

      • Somebody does not even research about investing in stock exchange. You can’t invest in it without being taxed. I would rather agree with you if you say that the money they get from alms among the church goers that are spent on directly on projects are exempted from being taxed but for those investment, you can’t use the same reason of tax exemption because the money is for investing and not yet been given to the poor.

  2. i stopped giving to church and they’re not forcing me that’s why they’re called “voluntary contributions”. i don’t see what’s the issue with having billions of money. i’m pretty sure it got to that amount because of proper management of the contributions. you should probably apply in the church if there’s an opening if you think you can do a better job at managing their money rather than yap about it.

    • The problem with having billions of money? We’re in a third world country where a majority of the population lives in poverty! And yet here’s the Church that continues to ask for donations week after week while the people who give these donations barely have anything.

      Nung bumili si Noynoy ng Porsche, daming umangal. Kahit pera daw niya yung pinambili, hindi pa rin maganda na may bagong kotse siya na mamahalain samantalang ang daming Pinoy na naghihirap. Ganun din yun. Hindi maganda na may bilyones ang Simbahan samantalagang yung mga taong hinhingan niya ng donasyon linggu-linggo e hindi man lang kumikita nang malaki.

    • The problem with having billions of money? We’re in a third world country where a majority of the population lives in poverty! And yet here’s the Church that continues to ask for donations week after week while the people who give these donations barely have anything.

      Nung bumili si Noynoy ng Porsche, daming umangal. Kahit pera niya yung pinambili, hindi pa rin daw maganda na may bagong kotse siya na mahal ang presyo samantalang ang daming Pinoy na naghihirap. Ganun din yun. Hindi maganda na may bilyones ang Simbahan samantalagang yung mga taong hinihingan niya ng donasyon linggu-linggo e hindi man lang kumikita nang malaki.

      • FYI,

        Hindi nanghihingi ang simbahan, magsimba ka ng walang laman ang bulsa mo…wala sa pera ang kaligtasan kaibigan…may pera simbahan galing sa mga voluntary donations…anong masama kung i-invest nila ang perang yon? atleast tumutubo pa…anung masama kung papalakihin ng simbahan ang perang yon?

        ayan na nga kitang-kita niyo nakabalandra yong pangalan ng ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH…meron bang nakapangalan sa isang tao lang? 

        kaya nga pinangalan sa simbahan para alam ng tao kung san napupunta yong donasyon nila…isipin niyo yong mga hospitals na pinapatakbo ng ROMAN CATHOLIC, SHOOLS ETC…

        nasubukan niyo rin bang alamin yong mga tinutulungan ng SIMBAHAN? yan yong mga tanung na dapat alamin niyo muna.

      • Thats why voluntary contribution,. wala namang pilitan yan eh, sa ibang simbahan humihingi o compulsory yan,.. if ayaw mong magsimba di ayaw wala ding pilitan yan,.. di kagaya ng ibang simbahan pupuntahan ka,. yung pera kailangan talaga ng investment yan para di mapunta sa wala,.. lets say may 5 billion peso ang simbahan, tapos 50 million ang poor member nito tapos ipamigay mo yung 5 billion ayon sa gusto ng iba,. tig mamagkano lang?, 100? ano gawin mo sa 100?. isang araw lang yan ubos na. paano na ngayon yung mga bata sa bahay ampunan?, hwag nating iaasa sa iba ang ating bunganga kumilos tayo para sa sarili natin,

  3. I didn’t know they have this money. But it is much wiser to invest it in the future than spend it all at once. At least they have financial literacy. I thtink may financial consultant na nagsabi sa kanila na invest to. Regarding naman sa “obligated thing” we are not obligated na tipong tutukan ka ng baril para magbigay sa simbahan. Kung labag sa kalooban mo magbigay wag ka magbigay. Btw alam nyo ba sa 1/4 lang napupunta mismo sa parokya? Then yung iba naman sa archdiocese, vatican at sa mahihirap Kung mahina koleksyon ng simbahan at 1/4 lang mapupunta sa mahihirap sa tingin mo magkano lang yun? 1/4 para sa parokya alang naman libre oscha nyo noh sa tingin nyo ba libre lang nakukuha yun? Sa tingin nyo ba walang kuryente ang simbahan at hindi kumakain ang pari? Kung masama loob mo magbigay wag ka na magbigay. The tithes is for fulfillin God’s mission. Yung ibang religion nga alam ng leaders nila ang sahod at automatic deduct e. At yun isa naman nasa pastor mismo nakapangalan ang mga ari-arian ng miyembro nila. Hindi kaya mas masahol yun?

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more! I was equally shocked when I saw the shareholders’ list of BPI.  
    In a way, this really made me stop to question what the church is saving all this money for.  

  5. Hear!  Hear!  The church should be more proactive in trying to help the truly distressed.  I’m not exactly surprised with this as history has indeed shown that the church has made millions by amassing wealth in diffrent forms.

    What I do hope they consider is cashing out a few of their stocks and help the small churches and chapels in the provinces which continuously seek cash donations from their parishioners in developing programs and even in construction and renovations of their churches.

    Most of the parishioners are poor.  If the church have these billions of investments, shouldn’t they also financially contribute to the betterment of their community?

      • I agree with you, Average Jane.  Small parish churches do not get financial help from the mother church. parish priests of these small parishes struggle even to pay the electric bill of the church and have to rely on the parishioners to shell out money. And you know what, Average Jane? Small parish churches are obliged to remit a chunk of the collection/offertory money to the diocesan church, leaving the parish with a minuscule amount to pay bills, repairs, and cleaning supplies for the church and convent.

        • hindi naman, as what I know, the money that goes to the Vatican were used in the ministry of the missionaries of the Church especially in countries were there is scarcity with Christianity. We have missions all around the world, and the church could not afford to rely in one sector, that’s why the whole church asks the help from every parish. The reason why parishes contribute to the diocese it’s because they are using it in again in the Charitable works of the church, in fact, you are not forced to contribute something, but only given the information and it’s up for you to contribute or not, you have to understand that those kind of works will not work without money nowadays, so that’s why the diocese is diversifying the contributions of the people to various private companies in order to grow..I am investing kasi to PhilEquity and FAMI, which are related to the Philippine Stocks Exchange and I understand why a certain individual when they invest to private companies needed this kind of growth in their investment and yun din ang ginagawa ng mga dioceses of the Catholic Church…

        • I agree with you flewen lalong lalo na hindi pinipilit ang Katoliko na mag-donate ng 10% sa income. Kung may mabigay ka sa simbahan kahit na konti basta ang importante binigay mo yan ng taos puso at bukas sa loob mo.

  6. I think most people who commented here doesn’t know how to invest and to what purpose of investing is needed. If you have Investments or at least Savings malalaman nyo bat ginawa ng mga Priest to. (Hint: Learn Financial Literacy)

  7. I think the people managing the Catholic Funds are very clever and good investor…obviously, these companies are one the most stable, most profitable in our country and are expected to continue to grow.

  8. how about the inc, bro. mike, pastor quiboloy, fr. suarez, bo sanchez, victory church….mas emphasized ang tighting in these religious orgs…

  9. Roman Catholic Church is nothing but old Roman Empire…you ought to wonder where did all the romans go..

    Roman Empire offices & their modern names: Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum) renamed: Roman Catholic Church Curia (legal body of Senators) slight name change: Curia (legal body of Cardinals) Roman Emperor renamed: Roman Pope (head of all church and state affairs) Civil government matters of state: Extra-Ordinary affairs (matters of civil-state governments) Religious orders matters: Church “ecclesiastical” matters Roman College of Senators renamed: College of Cardinals Magistrate of College of Senators renamed: Dean of College of Cardinals Departments of the Roman Senatorial Curia renamed: Congregations Political Ambassador renamed: Pro-Nuncio (highest civil ambassador sent to other governements, ie Wash.DC, London etc)

    Roman Senators renamed: Cardinals Roman Governors renamed: Archbishops Roman Senator with no territory: Bishop (Code of Canon Law 376) (Large) Roman Province renamed: Archdiocese (Small) Roman Territory renamed: Diocese Imperial Chair of Jupiter where Caesar sat renamed: Throne of St. Peter Vestal Virgins renamed: NunsPontifex Maximus (high priest of College of Senators) renamed: Supreme Pontiff of College of Cardinals Pontiff or “high priest ” of a pagan religious order (Zues, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Jupiter, Baal, Dionysys, Pythia etc) same name: Pontiff A Pontiff (Latin: “pontifex”) means bridge-builder or priest between man and the gods of the underworld. The Roman Calender and Holy Days of the gods renamed: Calendar Holidays of the Saints Voice of the gods speaking through Caesar: Ex-Cathedra: Voice of God speaking through Pope Meeting of the Pontiffs (high priests) of the pagan religious orders renamed: Ecumenical Council of the Bishops Legal act of creating a god (of a living or dead human, as was done to most of the Caesars) “Apotheosis of the Gods” renamed: Canonization of the Saints A decree of Caesar (dictator for life): Pope’s infalliable Dogma Praying to a dead human god renamed: Praying to a saint

  10. I believe that this article is biased. It only presented data then stop there. The author failed to mention that those data are public in nature since those things are published. Another thing, the author does not even went deeper in his research. He/she should have tried to see how these billions of pesos in that investment had been used then show a proof. The author is simply trying to insinuate and prove something it isn’t only to provoke suspicion as some statements in it proves to that. It did not even include a link or a file/document so that people can read it themselves. 

    I would not be surprise that somebody commented here who does not even research about Investing and Taxation. Saying “…none of that is taxed.” is a clear sign of ignorance. Church being exempted from taxation does not work here. Why? 

    “Are non-stock non-profit organizations like the church really exempt from the payment of all taxes?

    A non-stock non profit organization is a type of corporation which may be formed or organized for charitable, religious, educational, professional, cultural, fraternal, literary, scientific, social, civic services, or other similar purposes such as trade, industry, agricultural and like chambers. No part of its income is distributable to its members, trustees or officers and any profits earned by such corporation as an incident to its operations shall be used for the furtherance of the purposes for which it was organized.

    The exemption privileges do not cover all types of income and activities. Income from properties, as well as from activities conducted for profit by NSNP corporations is subject to income tax. Section 30 of the Tax Code explicitly provides that “the income of whatever kind and character of the foregoing organizations from any of their properties, real or personal, or from any of their activities conducted for profit, regardless of the disposition made of such income, shall be subject to the tax imposed under this Code”. Thus, income earned by a non-stock non-profit institution from the sale or lease of its real property is subject to tax. Interest income from bank deposits and yield from deposit substitutes are likewise subject to the final withholding taxes.

    In the same manner, income earned by the educational institutions from investments in shares of stock which is not deemed related to its purposes as an educational institution and is subject to income tax. Income earned from the sale or lease of real property or from fund raising activities although to be used exclusively in furtherance of the objectives and purposes of the organization are likewise, in general, taxable.

    Both NSNP organizations and educational institutions are neither exempt from the liability to withhold taxes on their employees and other income payments that are subject to withholding tax under the regulations.

    It is therefore necessary for trustees and officers of these NSNP organizations to determine th e source of the organization’s income because it does not necessarily mean that if an organization is non-stock, non-profit, it is likewise exempt from tax under all circumstances. When in doubt, a ruling may be secured from the BIR on whether certain income or receipts can be exempt or should be taxable. Exemptions from the general rules on taxability may also be obtained, in certain cases. ” Source:

    I would appreciate if these people can give me a link where we can see if that investing thing has been taxed or not.

    • Words, words. Taxation or not, I don’t see how it could create that much difference to the message of the article.

      And even if you mentioned that the article is biased for not digging deeper on how the money is spent, I still don’t see even half of those amounts being spent for the people.

      • I, myself wanted to see how these money are spent but to point out something that has no proof is a mere speculation. So come up with some proofs either documents from the church or PSE. Otherwise, its just plain rubbish.

    • Off topic.. I didnt even see the word TAX in the article.. Another person that just wants to sound intelligent..

      • If you read my comment you should have see this one, I shall quote it from my own comment. 
        “I would not be surprise that somebody commented…Saying “…none of that is taxed.”  You better read my message will, NoOneInParticular
        Never did I mention its in the article!

    • That’s not the point of the article. What I’m insinuating is that the Church has billions of stock investments — making the Church a multi-billionaire — and yet majority of its members are still poor. Yes, the Church is doing its share but I personally feel it is not enough — and yet they continue to ask for more donations. When will they stop? How much money is enough?

      You ask how these billions of money invested in the companies above are being spent? Well, they are NOT being spent. They are invested in the companies. They probably have billions of pesos more and, as I said in the article, we do not know how much exactly the Philippine Catholic Church owns since these multi-billion investments are just the tip of the iceberg.

      We know they have at least P17 billion invested in BPI stocks alone, but we do not know how much more they have in cash, in bonds, in time deposits, in real estate, in other companies in the Philippines or abroad.

      My question is: How much is enough?

  11. The primary purpose why tithes existed is to support the Church and together with it the people who run the Church. Its never the Church’s obligation to do the things that the government should be doing instead yet the Church has been doing it.
    People just need to get their facts straight otherwise we commit the fallacy of incomplete evidence or “cherry picking”, a kind of fallacy of selective attention.

    ****The term is based on the perceived process of harvesting fruit, such as cherries. The picker would be expected to only select the ripest and healthiest fruits. An observer who only sees the selected fruit may thus wrongly conclude that most, or even all, of the fruit is in such good condition. 

    The same fallacy was applied on the pre-historic people, Prehistoric people are associated with caves because that is where the data {evidence} still exists, not necessarily because most of them lived in caves for most of their lives. If there had been contemporary paintings on trees, animal skins or hillsides, they would have been washed away long ago. Similarly, evidence of fire pits, middens,burial sites, etc. are most likely to remain intact to the modern era in caves.

    Source: “The Caveman Effect” —–

    • have you ever went or being admitted to a hospital ran by a church?.can you name one that is cheap?… moral guidance yeah!! then why pass plate for the tithes? why not wait for the people to give the tithes from their feet & why during masses? because their are plenty of people.. buying for their salvation. heck. have you ever seen a priest who has (what we call it a parokya).. have you seen how they lived inside.. parang 5 star hotel.. cars.. we are on a moving train, be vigilant.

      • very much low understanding of Catholic teachings and Catholic life is all about… aren’t u aware that some priests even nuns are rich? still being supported by their family? others would refuse.. even some parishioners of a rich parokya would give material support to priests for their missionary works and ministry, but some Catholics “only by name” won’t able to grasp and understand, then throw accusations and judgments…

  12. Great article, but you just enumerated the Church’s assets. How about their liabilities,  considering they “run hospitals and orphanages?” Having so many stocks also raise the concern that the Church may probably be un-“liquid.” Donations to the Church are all voluntary, isn’t it more the government’s reponsibility in “solving the ills of the country?” If we go with your opinions, then the other sects, which obligate their followers to tithe a certain percentage from their income should be as responsible as well. There are already a lot of efforts by the Church to help the poor, but they can only do so much–just having enough money to spend on the poor does not necessarily equate to solving poverty itself.

    • Yes but the Church supports poor families having 8 children by opposing the RH bill. They then leave it to the Government to educate and provide employment for all 8 children without paying a cent of taxes.

    • That would be great, would the RCC publish all their expenses to the public? It would only be fair since they are tax exempt, get donations, and are expected to be very scrupulous with their spending.
      It would also give an idea to people how much it cost to run these valued institutions and probably give ideas and input how to provide better and improved services and goods. Why not let the wisdom of crowds improve the ability of the church admin do good… of course if they have nothing to hide.
      As for security, I don’t know how terrorists or thieves can use Church Expense report against them… especially when there is an entire public that can scrutinize every expense.

        • anong not true ka diyan…ang sabi ko, every parish..hindi every diocese..SusMarya…kung nagkataon man na ang diocese hindi nakapagpresenta, kinakailangan na itoy imbestigahan. remember, kaso pa lang yan, hindi pa talaga napatunayan..kapag napatunayan na yan woo hoo, diyan, i will worship

        • why are you saying that it´s not true if you have no basis in your claims? it seems you are trying to drag the whole Catholic Church just because some have done wrong. Isn´t it a fallacy of hasty generalization?

    • What expenses? The Catholic Church organization is like a well-oiled and efficient money-making machine: orphanages, hospitals, banks, schools and universities, church and commercial structures, large tracts of real estate, huge corporate stock shares and many more. If it spends anything, it comes from generous donations by the wealthy members. We do not aim to solve poverty because that is not possible. But the Catholic Church, with its great wealth, can at least alleviate the miserable plight of its numerous poor and needy flock. Ironically, The Catholic Church just cannot dispense of any good thing or deed to the people for free.

      • Funds did not come from Catholics itself but rather believers whose intentions are to help the poor through the Church.

    • The Nazi did great things too.

      They built the first V2 rockets-
      Started first Jet engines-
      Started the first light waters- atomic energy
      Started Uranium program-Atomic bombs
      Helped the German economy overcome recession and depression.
      Created plenty of Jobs
      Improved their athletes during Olympics in Berlin
      Helped the German poor people live better
      The Pope didn’t say anything negative when Musolini joined the Axis Nazi’s

      *Didn’t the Romans used their their Catholic Crusaders to spread their religions by means of war and invasion?

      Then they helped the poor…..their poor.

    • The treasure of money is a sign of lack of faith and never believe in God but rather trusted wealth instead of the Jesus Christ, who died for us in the Cross.

  13. Ohh this is surprising! I always thought that Catholic church vows to poverty, which can be misleading sometimes. I think what this article is trying to convey is that, the church can help poor Filipino families by also imparting some advice on financial literacy. I know it may sound a bit uncoventional to some and maybe some of you may feel uncomfortable to it, but lets face it, our country is in tremendous poverty and ever rising crimes due to it, which can definitely be helped by our Catholic church. 

    I will continue to attend Catholic mass and respect Priest and Religious Sisters. This article helps me open my mind and is not a threat to my faith.

  14. Many people have been deceived by the Catholic church. If they think that the pope is the most holiest man on earth then that’s crap.

  15. It’s not only the Roman Catholic Church, all churches are getting rich, all churches are into investing. These churches must be taxed. Time will come when religion becomes obsolete, and by that time, the human race will truly progress.

  16. then the author should really listed down and included missionary and charity works of the Church… its not the question of how much is enough but the question is, where would those money be used? and if anyone was overwhelmed by the figures, what do you think should the Church do? distribute the money to their members?? if that’s the case, then you just given them “fish” and not taught them “how” to have some “fish” by their own… for the author,, i challenge you to research on how the Church works and spend the money/donations they have that would define the “doing their share” statement….

    •  di ba parang bumalik sa mukha mo yung “teach them how to catch fish”…

      di ba hindi naman nila pinaghihirapan yung mga perang natatanggap nila sa taong-bayan?

      kung gusto talaga nilang tumulong e di matuto silang magtanim/mangisda at ibenta nila para may ipangtustos sila sa kanilang mga “mission” at “charity works”


      tulungan na rin nila kung paano mangisda ang mga miyembro para mabawasan yung mga taong dumedepende sa kanila.

  17. pick one major city in the Philippines and you can easily find a church owned hospital and school operating tax free.

    • What? Hospitals & Schools owned by Church & operating tax free? would you mind to share it with us? make it sure kaya mong panindigan…


  18. These bishops are really double dipping. They count on the donations of the poor souls Filipinos daily and exempt from paying a single cent of tax, then has the guts to ask for various luxury vehicles from the corrupt government of Arroyo with one stating, that Arroyo could count on his “constant support” in return for the delivery of the vehicle as a “gift”. These bishops sold their souls to the devil. They have no business being  priests. Christ up there is agonizing, asking why His reps on earth especially in the Philippines become so overly materialistic and morally corrupt.

    • GOD’S WORD®
      Translation (©1995) <>
      are you to criticize someone else’s servant? The Lord will determine
      whether his servant has been successful. The servant will be successful
      because the Lord makes him successful.

      4:11 Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks
      against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it.
      When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment
      on it.

      James 4:12 There is
      only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy.
      But you–who are you to judge your neighbor?

      There is a difference between seeking the truth “in charity” and criticizing. Which one are you doing?
      In which way are we creating A PEACEFUL CHANGE?
      If you feel the Bishops have acted wrongly, go ahead and seek the truth – but first seek their side before you judge them. Unless of course , you are God and know whats in their hearts.

      Here’s the CBCP statement:

      Here naman is the official statement of the Bishops on what they are accused of:

      Ako po ay nabigla din nung narinig ito. Dahil maraming beses kong na-witness ang tulong ng Catholic Church,world-wide. Infact, the Catholic Church is the LARGEST CHARITABLE INSTITUTION WORLDWIDE.
      Pero nagbasa muna ako.

      “Not only did Juico try to put the bishops in a bad light, Senate
      President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada said; she tried to damage the name
      and dignity of the entire Church, some lay leaders pointed out. ”

      “Attack on the bishops backfires”

      Marami rin sa mga 4×4 na donation ay second hand vehicles. None of them are luxury cars.

      Grabe pala ang discrepancy sa PCSO, kaya iniimbestigahan ito.
      Example according to the article:
      5. PCSO claims to have released P20 million “blood money” to the
      Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to buy the freedom of a Filipino
      death convict abroad. But Foreign Undersecretary Esteban Conejos has
      testified that the DFA received a check for P15 million only. Where did
      the P5 million go? Somebody apparently took it in broad daylight.

      Kahit naman ang mga imam, pastors pwede rin makareceive ng donation.

      Please, like what the Bishops requested, let us all SEEK THE TRUTH IN CHARITY.

    • there are rotten eggs everywhere. this is the cruel world but if you will make a sweeping statements, that is unfair to those who serve the Lord. there are exceptions. Take the late Mother Teresa.

    • i would like to inform you all the reason why the church is investing to multi national and private companies it’s because they are protecting the properties of the church, literally they invested starting from a single digit in order to protect the people in need during disasters. Each diocese are entitled to make their investment grow, for the sake of the people and the faithful during Crisis, the church also have missionaries around the globe where they needed the funds for mission expenses, though missionaries still asked for something to members of the Catholic faith, but it is already for additional budget for their ministry, it is hard to become a faithful servant of God if you just rely in the pockets of the faithful, we need to diversify the funds of the people and invest it as long as bishops assigned to that dioceses do not corrupt the money that is owned by the faithful…remember, in every Mass, the church did not ask for an amount or a quota regarding love offering, it is different from other churches who insisted 10 % from their members…

      thank you,


  19. ganyan ka garapal ang mga sakim bishop,kaya nga maempluwensya sila,kahit maraming batas ang nilalabag nila exempted cla,pedophile,sexual harassment,corruption,,walang nakakasuhan,kasi dinodios free pa with thr billions of money,front lng nila ang charities,hindi pro-poor ang cbcp-,pro-pope po cla.kahit cno pa ang umupong presidente,senador,congresista corrupt man o hindi,,ay kaya nilang pasunurin,utuin,..hinding hindi aasenso ang bansa hanggat nandyan ang empiryong romano catoliko.

    • Alamin mo ang totoo Kaye Francisco Candaza bago ka magsalita na akala mo magaling ka… tumingin ka sa ibang side wag lang sa TSISMIS…

      one more thing…wag mong isisi sa Katoliko ang paghihirap ni JUAN DELA CRUZ dahil hindi hawak ng KATOLIKO ang kapalaran ng bawat isa..nasa sarili mong mga kamay ang iyong kapalaran…ala mo kung ano ang nagpapahirap sa bansa?

      tulad ng katwiran mo…yan ang nagpapahirap sa bansa..

      • Ay, tanga ka rin no Mar? Pansin mo ba bakit ang mga progressive countries hindi binibigyang pansin masyado ang relihiyon? Kasi magkasalungat ang religious logic sa totoong logic. Imulat mo mata mo. Linoloko lang kayo ng mga pari na nagkukuwento tungkol sa isang “misteryosong matandang lolo sa alapaap” tapos hihingi ng donasyon.

        Ang paniniwala sa kuro-kuro, sa magic, sa spirito, sa kulto: yan ang nagpapahirap sa bansa.

        • Mas tanga ka dahil ang mga progressive na bansang iniisip mo ay downgraded na ang investment grade nila at malapit na mag-default. Magbasa ka na lang ng balita para hindi ka magmukhang ignorante. We are on the verge of a global economic collapse lunkhead.

    • yan kasi ang problema sa pinas eh. walang separation of church and state, which is ganun naman talaga dapat. ang kakapal pa ng mukha na magturo na submit to authority daw pero sila naman nangunguna sa rally. meron talagang religious oppression dito satin. lahat na lang ng pinapasang batas, kinokontra. morality issues daw. nasan na ang morality ng mga paring pedophile o nangrerape? ba’t di na lang yun muna ang tuunan ng pansin and gawin nila ang nararapat na tumulong sa gobyerno kesa kumalaban muna? diba tinuturo naman sa simbahan na makinig sa mga authority?

        • It’s totally natural to ask “why” when we are going through the
          crucible of ache. Why me? Why now? Why him? Why her? Why this? But what
          I’ve discovered in our own life is that asking why assumes that
          information has the power to heal.The truth is, we may never fully understand why God allows this things
          that devastates our lives. We may not ever find the right answers to
          how we’ll dig ourselves out. There may not be any silver lining,
          especially not in the ways we would like. But we don’t need answers as
          much as we need God’s presence in and through the trials itself. The
          truth is that when it comes to problems, if we do not go to our graves
          in confusion we will not go to our graves trusting. Explanations are
          often a substitute for trust.

      • The Importance of Values and Morals are the code we live by in a civil
        and just society. They are what we use to guide our interactions with
        others, with our friends and family, in our businesses and professional behavior. Our values and morals are a reflection of our spirituality;
        our character. They are what we hope to model for our children and the
        children around us, because children do watch us as they develop their
        own sense of right and wrong. I guess we have no right to judge them and we are responsible for our actions. God bless!

  20. FYI,

    Hindi nanghihingi ang simbahan, magsimba ka ng walang laman ang bulsa mo…wala sa pera ang kaligtasan kaibigan…may pera ang simbahan galing sa mga voluntary donations…anong masama kung i-invest nila ang perang yon? atleast tumutubo pa…anung masama kung papalakihin ng simbahan ang perang yon?

    ayan na nga kitang-kita niyo nakabalandra yong pangalan ng ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH…meron bang nakapangalan sa isang tao lang? 

    kaya nga pinangalan sa simbahan para alam ng tao kung san napupunta yong donasyon nila…isipin niyo yong mga hospitals na pinapatakbo ng ROMAN CATHOLIC, SHOOLS ETC…

    nasubukan niyo rin bang alamin yong mga tinutulungan ng SIMBAHAN? yan yong mga tanung na dapat alamin niyo muna bago magreact masyado ng OA reaction niyo. 

    • Wag mng isumbat ang mga naitutulong ng simbahan kagaya ng mga sinasabi mo na church-run schools and hospitals. Bakit LIBRE ba ang mga mahihirap kpg ng aral o ngpagamot dun sa mga schools at hospitals na sinasabi mo? Kung libre, saka mo banggitin yang mga sinasabi mo. Eh hdi nman d ba?! Ska natural lng na tumulong tlga sila kse lahat ng meron sila, galing sa mga donations ng mga tao. Bakit hdi nila itulong ang malaking portions ng yaman nila? ano gagawin nila sa billions of stocks nila and other assets? im a catholic that’s why nagtataka ako kng bakit may ganito palang pera ang simbahan tpos kpg may ipapagawang church, sa donations pa din inaasa? and bihira akng makakita ng charitable missions nila. kung meron man, madalang pa sa patak ng ulan. May Caritas Manila nga pero sa donations pa din umaasa yung tulong na galing dun. So ano gagawin nila with this kind of riches? Cge nga pakisagot yan?!

      • gdap_enterprise. I was a studnt of a catholic school wth a hospitl b4. I jst want u to know this reality, the said hospitl has MILLIONS collectibles. Eto ung mga umiyak na lg s mga madre pra mkalabas ng hspitl at ng promise na bbyaran ung bills nla, pero in fact,ni hindi na bumalik. MILLIONS ang collectibles, take note…this is because of compassion! Our “service” patient pays NO PAYMENT FOR DOCTORS, BOARD AND LODGING and all the treatmnt they get iin the hsptl…….yet ALL OF THIS is unknown sa mata ng ordinaryong mga tao…pra sa kanila,ung hspitl ng school namn is makwarta, they just dnt know the reality on how compassion is….Ur a catholic, right? Ok, how much ba ung binibigay mo sa simbahan sa tuwing magsisimba ka? 100? 500? o bkA Naman wla pa…tama nga nman, kung sino pang hindi nakikialam s simbahan, kung sino pang di nagdodonate s simbahan, sila pa ung nang aalipusta…i came from a very poor diocese, pag pumunta ka d2 maluha ka s klgayan ng lokal na simbhan namn

      • Ano bang alam mo sa pagpapatakbo ng mga charitable institutions pre? Sa aming parish meron kaming Alternative Learning System at dahil doon maraming out-of-school youths ang nakakapag-graduate ng HS diploma tapos tinutulungan pang makahanap ng trabaho. A sizeable number of them have graduated in college by their own hardwork and effort at ngayon may mga magagandang trabaho na. Tignan lang natin kung magsara lahat ng mga charitable institutions ng Catholic Church – SA BUWIS MO KUKUNIN ANG LAHAT NG PONDO PARA LANG HINDI MAPILAY ANG MGA GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.

      • the church only disagrees on mining that totally abuses the nature…there is nothing wrong with mining as long as the mining company knows their limitations kung hanggang saan lang ito, at dun pumasok ang mga dioceses para mag-invest..

  21. Topics in this article:Originally Published: August 09, 2010 1:03 PM  Modified: August 11, 2010 3:50 PMStudy: Catholic, church-owned hospital systems deliver higher-quality careBy Jay Greene||||||A new study released today by Ann Arbor-based Thomson Reuters has found Catholic and other church-owned health systems deliver higher quality, more efficient care than for-profit health systems. The Thomson Reuters study reviewed 255 U.S. health systems with two or more hospitals and grouped them into four types of ownership: Catholic, other church-owned, non-profit and for-profit. Of the four ownership types, for-profit health systems had the lowest performance, the study found. “The findings of the study suggest a changing role for health system governance and leadership,” said Jean Chenoweth, senior vice president for performance improvement at Thomson Reuters, in a statement. “Our data suggest that the leadership of health systems owned by churches may be the most active in aligning quality goals and monitoring achievement of mission across the system,” Chenoweth said. Thomson Reuters looked at eight metrics that address clinical quality and efficiency: mortality, medical complications, patient safety, average length of stay, 30-day mortality rate, 30-day readmission rate, adherence to clinical standards of care, and a patient survey data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “Further study will be required to definitely determine why these differences exist and what effect they will have on the systems’ future health,” said the study. “Some systems are highly centralized … other systems have hospitals widely dispersed across multiple states or regions,” the study said. “Such centralization or decentralization of services could be an important factor in how systems perform.” 

    • Thank you thank you saan nyo po nakuha ito?
      At least pasalamat ako, may nag-acknowledge na banyaga  sa kalidad na ginagawa ng Catholic Church.

      Yehey nahanap ko na:

  22. Ang yaman ng simbahan… Libre pa sa Tax.. San kapa? Mgpare nlng kea aq pra mprktiz  q ang degree q sa Finance… hahahaha..

  23. Nasubukan nyo na bang ma admit sa ospital na pinatatakbo ng simbahan?  Ako oo.. pero parang hindi mga alagad ng diyos ang nagpapatakbo nito meski mga madre sila.  Sa San Juan de Dios hospital nakita ko paano pinag tabuyan sa emergency room ang walang pera kesyo puno na daw ang charity ward nila.  Pati ako ng kapusin ang planong medical ko sinubukan kong humingi ng tulong.  Pero di na daw pedeng gawing charity ang nasa pay ward.  Eh wala na nga akong pera eh at sinaid nila ung plano ko sa mga procedures na hindi naman pala kelangan para palang na holdap ung kumpanya ng medical plan ng opisina namin sa kanila abonado pa ako kaya suma tutal kumapit ako sa utangan ng 5/6 at nagmamadaling lumabas meski hindi pa magaling.  Baka dun ako mamatay (sa asar) at masingil pa ako sa bendisyong pang patay bago mailabas ang bangkay ko.   

    • Im sorry to hear this. Really, i feel for your disappointment. All i can say is, how about try to put yourself in their shoes? Maybe the Nuns do not receive salaries or whatever perks a regular employee receives.

      Baka kaya masusungit, walang compensation silang natatangap, except siguro kung may mga nagmamagandang loob at nagpapasalamat or nagpapakita sa kanila na appreciated ang mga ginagawa nila. It might even brighten up their days.  This is pure charity work. May sagutin sila kay Lord lalo na’t theyve given up their lives for God. We all need the grace of God. They are humans too, they are not exempted.

      • Hindi mo pa ba nakikita ang grace ng diyos? Sa tingin mo hindi pa ba biyaya ng diyos ang makita nating may nagsisilbi sa tao ng walang sweldo tulad ng mga madre? Gumising ka sa katotohanan… Sana ma appreciate mo mga taong katulad nila. Dahan dahan sa pananalita tao ng diyos mga yan.

      • Please, nuns have salaries!!! I live with a family with an uncle priest and aunt nun. They both have salaries on top of their living expenses (housing, food, etc.) totally provided for by the church that’s why they are the richest amongst 10 siblings!!! Bihira (as in kakapiranggot) na lang po ang mga pari na may vow of poverty.

        • ai imposible po..ikaw talaga, mahilig kang gumawa ng issue..they may recieve an amount but it is in the initiative of the mission to give stipend for them..minsan tawag pa nito is service pay for the big effort na ginawa nila from the people within the chapel or parish…alam ko iyan dahil ang mga madreng misiyonaryo ay nabubuhay lamang sa donation sa aming parokya…

    • para bang pribadong hospital pag wala kang pera hindi ka aadmitten lol. ang maganda niyan huag ka na lang magkasakit…

    • hehehe tignan nyo kung sino ang management ng mga ospital yung nagpapatako kasi ang alam ko kinujuha na ng mga negosyante ang mga operasyon ng ospital. Punta sa Lourdes Hospital sa Sta Mesa at sa Cardinal Santos sa San Juan, tumaas na bayad kasi si manny pangilinan na ang nagpapatako, inupahan na niya sa mga madre at kaparian UGOK mag-researck ka at huwag maniwala sa sabi-sabi

  24. ok, given that they probably use those money for their charity work, etc… all i would suggest is for the church to include a teaching of how to invest for their church goers… idagdag kaya nila sa sermon kung paano maging debt free… o na ang stocks, bonds at mga ganitong bagay ay hindi lamang para sa mayaman na, kundi sa gusto rin yumaman… the sermon would probably be more interesting…

    • Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, there are some writers in the mainstream media who still do not recognize the authority of blogs and seem to forget that if they copied something even from a not-so-popular site, they are bound to cite or credit such as source. Let’s see if GMA News will have the initiative to edit their article and cite us as source.

  25. Hello.. I see that this article was written by a certain Mr. James.. I happen to be a writer for our school publication in a University here in Bacolod City and I was wondering if there’s any way I could talk to the him because I’m planning to include an article about the latest controversy faced by the church in our next newspaper issue..

  26. The Philippines is the only pedominantly Catholic country in the economic dragons of Asia. Our country’s economic developmet is similar to the 20 predominantly poor country’s of South and Central American countries because of the social cancer first exposed by Dr. Jose Rizal in his 2 novels and continung up to the present. For details, brownse your internet: Sinking the Titanic-A Jesuit conspiracy.

    Casper V. Inocalla

    • Dr. Jose Rizal only exposed those bad deeds of those holier than thou hypocrites but appreciates those who are really serving the God thru His church, nabasa ko kasi ng buo ang El Filibusterismo..

  27. nakikipag-agawan pa s pondo ng pcso ang dami naman palang nakatagong pera, ano n namang alibi ang paliwanag dito, ultimo sa mining may stocks pa, paging young jose rizals……. huwag nyong tantanan ang isyung ito…    

    • tapos ang daming mga ‘nagmamaganda’ na mga pulitiko at celebrities (na malamang may balak tumakbo) at nanghihingi ng donations para ibili daw ng bagong vehicles yung mga bishop na nagsoli ng SUVs sa PCSO.

      BAKEEEET kailangan ipanghingi ng donasyon??? Baket hindi bawasan yung bilyones na naka-invest at ibili lahat ng munisipalidad at probinsya ng kanya-kanyang vehicle o ambulansya kung kailangan talaga nila para sa community?

      yun namang mga gusto sigurong mag-tika o gumawa ng mabuti ‘nagpa-uto’ naman sa nag-umpisa ng donation campaign na ito at kulang na lang mamalimos nga para sa obispong ito na gusto pa naka-SUV eh kung need ng sasakyan eh pwede naman kahit ambulansya o pampasarehong jeep para mas maraming makasakay. aabot din naman sa opistal o far flung na lugar ang murang jeep, baket SUV pa ang gusto kung para talaga sa komunidad yung gamit ng sasakyan?

      sa simbahan namin sa novaliches madalas 2x mangolekta… laging me kailagan daw para sa simbahan, kailangan ipagawa, ipaayos, palitan, etc. Baket hindi humingi ng pondo sa Catholic church eh me bilyones naman pala sila?

      haaayyy pati simbahan punong-puno ng katiwalian!  

      • sa pagkakaalam ko, second hand lang po yun, at hindi naman alam ng mga obispo that it all came from bad…they are innocent by default..each charitable institution are encouraged to ask something from the PCSO as long as aprubado ito ng ahensiya nila… in fact, other sects and non-government organizations do also recieve from PCSO…and the reason why some bishops asked for a vehicle dahil sa mga missions nila, especially that some parishes of the Catholic Church are very far from the civilisation..

    • magandang mabsa na maraming investment ang simbahan, pero kalahati lang yan sa balance sheet kung nagaral ka ng accounting, ano naman ang expenses nila. ilan bang bahay ampuan at kawang gawa ang ginagawa nila. kung hindi mo iinvest ang pera mo, paano mo ito paiikutin. ikaw saan galing kita mo, saan mo inuubos, hindi ba may savings o current account ka rin sa bangko o sa alkansyang baboy sa bahay mo. TANGA

  28. sobrang daming tangang tao panay bigay parin ng pera sa simbahang to. o eto tingnan nyo kung pano nila iniinvest ang kinikita nila sa inyo. hahaha

    • mas tanga yung taong nagbabayad ng buwis sa gobyerno at alam niyang ninanakawan siya harapan. pag walang session si congressman, nasa bakasyon abroad gamit ang pera mo. ang simbahan binabalik ang nakukurakot, ilan ba ang bahay ampuan, feeding program at kawang gawa ginagawa nila, saan naman kaya nila kukunin ang pera sa bulsa nila at kung hindi iinvest ang pera, paano mo pagugulungin. ikaw paano mo winawaldas ang kita mo, hindi ba nagbabangko o nagiinvest ka rin. GAGO

  29. Ano ba yan hangang kailan tayo maging bingi at buta?Sabagay dian naman tayo mahilig, ang mag paluko at mag paapi. MABUHAY TAYO LAHAT!  !  !

  30. sa palagay ko po eh, “MAY KULANG TALAGA” dapat yung pinaka importante ang nailagay dito… kung “SAAN BA GINAGAMIT ANG PERA”? tsk tsk…

    two thumbs down for this info…

  31. sa palagay ko po eh, “MAY KULANG TALAGA” dapat yung pinaka importante
    ang nailagay dito… kung “SAAN BA GINAGAMIT ANG PERA”? tsk tsk…

    two thumbs down for this info…

    • and spends as much as in charities. so sa balance sheet, baka kaunti lang ang profit. nag-accounting ka ba? isang bahagi lang ang pinakita, investments o income pa lang, paano naman ang expenses

      • ikaw nag aaccounting ka ba? wala sa balance sheet and expenses. and why do they have to retain the “profit” from donations and accumulate 18BILLION worth of asset? dont you think that’s already too much and could be spent in advancing their pro-poor cause. it’s hypocrisy. your catholic church priest is no different from the mike velarde and eli soriano of this world.

        • as long as the Church in the Philippines invested that amount in order to help other people, why not….if you think it is wrong, then prove that investing is not in the Bible…

  32. is this for real? and, this is just the money that can be accounted for coz the stock market is public, right? they still have private bank accounts that, as is the case with The Vatican, is not shared publicly, am i correct? in light of the occupy movement, i think we have some of the 1% right here.

    • it is perfectly right to invest because you need your funds to grow so you can spend more. masyado one sided ang story, di pinakita ang expenses ng simbahan. Simple lang yan, kung isulat sa dyaryo ang asset at income mo hindi ka ba magrereklamo, eh kung marami kang utang at pinagkakagastahan. ,mag-isip naman po tayo

    • kiko, yan din naman ay maibabalik sa pamamagitan ng mga tulong na nagawa ng simbahan sa mga kapus palad natin sa ibang bansa. alalahanin mo, ang Iglesiya Katolika ang siyang may pinakamalaking nagawa para matulungan ang mga kapus palad sa Aprika, hindi pa kaya nitong pantayan kung icocombine mo lahat ng mga private charitable institutions din na parehas ang motives na kanilang isinagawa.


  33. pano di yayaman yan eh ang daming catholic schools and hospitals! ang masaklap pa dito pag di nakapagbayad agad ng tuition di ka makaka-take ng exam. Mas worldly pa ang nasa religious sector kaysa sa mga ordinaryong tao!

    • mali ka po, hindi mo kasi alam ang sistema sa love offering, may mga parokya na nangangailangan ng ikalawang abuloy para sa mga proyekto nito sa simbahan, bago pa man ipinakakalat ang mga basket para sa mga offerings sinasabi na ng lector kung saan paupunta ang perang malilikom nito. Malaya kang magbigay o hindi dahil hindi ka naman obligado na magbigay. kahit 5 centavos kung hindi naman labag sa gusto mo ay may malaking tulong na itong maiconcontribute para sa ikakagaganda ng serbisyo ng parokyang yaon. Ang unang offering naman ay para sa mga parish expenses tulad ng mga pagpapadala ng delegado ng parokya sa ibat ibang lugar like seminars etc etc, pambayad sa kuryente, tubig, pagpapasahod sa mga church workers at mga volunteers, pagkain, gasolina ng sasakyan ng parokya, maintainance etc etc. kaya hindi biro ang pagmimaintain ng isang simbahan, donation para sa mga misyonaryo na nasa ibayong bansa, mga kaukulang pangangailangan ng mga Catholic missions like charity, disaster relief operations etc etc at marami pang iba kaibigan.

      problema kasi ninyo, masiyadong malisyoso kayo sa mga gawain ng simbahan kahit hindi niyo naman alam ang punot dulo nito.

      at dagdag ko pa, hindi lahat ng parokya ay may second offering, kalimitan ay iisa lamang.

      aminin na muna ninyong payak ang inyong pagkakaalam sa gawain ng simbahan bago kayo pumutak nang pumutak…


    •  Exactly Angela A, ang dami talaga nilang ginagawa sa perang yan. they run charities, home for the aged, hospice, hospitals, schools, research centers, museums, farm, medical missions, taking care of the abandoned children, scholarships to poor students, low cost housing and many many more… ang dami talaga nilang ginagawa sa perang yan. Diba?

      • Correction. I am a volunteer in so many charities, and most of those run on DONATIONS, not from the church’s pockets!!! Please read my other post above how much they need to maintain 1 priest (from my own personal experience living with an uncle priest).

  34. That’s only in the Philippines.

    JUST IMAGINE the wealth of the Vatican church…

    If all money would go straight into the Pope’s pocket, he would be wealthier than Bill Gates.

  35. While we see the investments of the Catholic Church, please also consider in digging information about the Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans who are all members of Roman Catholic religious Orders. These are the so called prayle’s (Friars who molded the Pilipino’s religious beliefs). These are the same orders who raped the Pilipino people of their rich and vast claims of lands and pre-spanish titles that the government at that time honored. Take a look at the Jesuits, they are all over as board of directors of big mining or oil stocks. The Catholic church investments probably is just minimal compared to these other religious order. 

    • excuse me? you did not study the history pre, try to dig dipper on what happened during the spanish era…The do not own the lands just because they wanted to do something bad for it, instead the state of Spain gave a certain hectares for their missionary works and for the imrpovisation in the lives of the people in our country that time, Though as a whole, the spanish government did not do perfectly the best for our development, they left it to the spanish friars of which gave way for the so-called pensionados to exist in our society, and because of the church-run schools, there were many of which became notable Filipinos regarding education. especially that Dr. Jose Rizal is a product of a Catholic institution..

  36. ang mga yaman o amount ng pera na nakikita nyo na pagmamay ari ng Roman Catholic Church sa Pilipinas ay namana lang mula sa mga paring Kastila, take note ang mga kastila ang syang nag introduced ng Katolisismo sa Pilipinas. para mapangalagaan ito at hindi mawala they decided to invest their money into the biggest companies para lumago pa at marami pang matulungang mga charities like the Caritas. tell me may masama ba dun?? di naman gaya sa ibang religion jan na ang mga pera ng founders nila ay namamana mula sa ama anak at sa mga susunod pa sa kanila..

    • Oo nga, namana sa Kastila na iniba ang Catholic religion to suit their selfish intentions sa Pinas. Pag nagpunta ka ng ibang bansa, makikita mo gaano kaiba ang mga Catholic priests na galing sa Kastila at ang ibang totoong Katoliko. Ang mga prayle nun panahon ng Kastila ay ginatasan ang mga Pilipino with their own creative ways of twisting the Catholic doctrines at sadly, eto pa rin ang pinagpapatuloy ng karamihan sa simbahang Katoliko sa atin. Kelangan din magising ang mga Pilipino dito.

      • They weren’t perfect but they have provided good results (although not all the time), it’s good to know that morality or pera man ang basis nitong mga good results na ito, masaya ako’t pati mga apo ko at apo nila eh makikinabang pa sa malaking perang ito. sana lumaki pa.

  37. ginagamit nila ang pera to sustain the world’s catholic largest charity body which the The Caritas International and ung caritas dito sa pilipinas. 
    Caritas Internationalis is a confederation of 164 Roman Catholic relief, development and social service organisations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Collectively and individually their mission is to work to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed.

    • Saan naman yung sinasabi mo. alam mo ba na majority ng nililingap ng INC ay mga Catholics. Anong Social Service? Hindi nga alam ng mga Katoliko na may ganito. The best thing to do is magpaliwanag sila sa mga miyembro nila kung saan napupunta ang ganito kalaking pera.

      • boo! the reason why there was a Lingap Program of the INC is in order to indoctrinate poorly cathecized Catholics to become members of the iglesia ni manalo. and obviously, why are you boasting in here sir that most of those helped by the INC are Catholics? is there any connection to that on the comment of Email_jaakoo?

        and by the way, UN admitted that the Catholic Church holds the largest charity body as to combine all non-catholic/secular charitable institutions in the world…imagine how the church in Africa helped those who were oppressed by natural and not natural calamities…

  38. In comparison, Harvard University’s endowment is about 1.1 trillion pesos

    Assuming that the Church uses 5% of our wealth (I’m Catholic) every year, 20 billion pesos will yield 1 billion in income, or approximately 10 pesos per Filipino.  They could give each Roman Catholic in the country one round-trip jeepney ride per year. That doesn’t sound like their that rich to me.

  39. More stats:

    There are approximately 25,000 priests in the Philippines.  Assuming it costs say 3,000p per month to maintain each priest, then about 1 billion pesos per year are required for the entire country just to maintain the priests.  

    But remember priests are just a very small minority of church employees.  If the Catholic Church has as many employees as DepEd, about 450,000, and were paying them on average 4,000p per month (including benefits), the Philippine Catholic Church’s yearly payroll would be 21,600,000,000 or 21.6 billion peson.  If the Church sold all their assets, the Church may have enough for their employees salaries for a year or so….and that’s not paying for electricity, water, repairs, wine and communion bread, school books, MRI machines, chemotherapy drugs, etc.

    My best guess, if the Philippine Catholic Church sold everything it had it could live off the money for 6 months.

    Again, that doesn’t sound too rich to me

    • Just to correct, I don’t think maintaining a priest is only P3k! My uncle is a priest and he gets a salary of P25k++ on top of his free housing and food. The church also pays for his household staff’s salaries and his hospitalization. So his salary plus the donations he get for house blessings, etc. are all to his savings. That’s why he’s the richest amongst his siblings. He has built a building, can travel to so many countries in a year, etc.  Now, with all these, obviously MINIMUM of maintaining a priest is P50k. What more for the bishops, or higher-ranked priests? What are their monthly salaries?

      • hahaha.issue na naman..natawa ako sa iyo KV…i have been to a parish convent and I know how much money a priest recieves, minsan pa nga wala..nadadaan lang sa libre..lolz..kaw talaga KV…dakilang issue maker..lolz

        • Anong wala ini-intrego ba nila ang ang abuloy ng Parokya? Ang pagpapagawa at maintanance ng simbahan ay dinadaan pa sa Pa-Bingo at kung ano-anong raffle. Siyemre hindi naman lahat ng Pari ay corrupt, karamihan kasi mga Obispo ang may diskarteng malaki.

        • Ysrael, hindi lahat ng parokya kayang imaintain ang structure ng simbahan…Prime needs iyan ng isang parokya, at least ang raffle, hindi sapilitan yan, kung ayaw mong makilahok, eh di ka naman ititiwalag diba..kaya nga fund raising dahil kulang pa ito…marami sa mga parokya ang kapos sa mga pangangailangang materiyal dahil halos lahat ng perang nalilikom nito mula sa misa ay napupunta sa mga charitable institutions, mga scholars, feeding program etc etc at ang natitira ay sa kuryente, tubig at pagpapasahod para sa mga church workers…ikaw, bago ka magputak diyan, siguraduhin mo munang alam mo ang iyong sinasabi, mahirap kasi sa inyo, nakabasa o nakarinig lang ng issue, die to death na gagamitin itong panlaban sa simbahan. Pero kung pinapabeberipika naman kayo patungkol sa buong katotohanan ng mga issueng inyong nakalap, halos wala naman pala kayong alam…

      • If you are jealous of Catholic Church, you better make your own religion and eat your money, bitter pipol

      • Remember that many priests, but not all, take a vow of poverty, and many do not keep the money they make either from their salary or from blessings, etc.

        But your point is a good one. We need to look at the ENTIRE ledger and not just the assets. What’s the church’s income? What’s its expenses? Etc.

  40. More number crunching….

    Let’s round off the BPI investment to 20 billion

    Let’s say that represents 1% of the wealth of the Philippine Catholic Church, meaning it is worth 2 trillion pesos.

    If the Philippine Catholic Church liquidates it could give every Filipino (man, woman, and child) 20,000p.  Not bad but not great.

    Let’s assume BPI is 0.1% of the wealth, then every Filipino gets 200,000p. Much better but not exactly wealthy.  Wealth usually equals a car but this couldn’t buy you a car.

    • kapatid na bruce, mukhang may niluluto at gustong palabasin ang mga naglabas ng ganitong propaganda, nagtataka lang ako sa timing at motibo ng mga ito. sana lang wag ma single out ang catholic church dito, pakibuksan narin sana ang iba pang church at religious entities para hindi maisip ng marami na parang may tinitira ang mga naglabas ng ganitong propaganda. just thinking out loud…

      • luigiMario, RCC ang isyu dito bakit mo pakikialaman ang ibang Church. Panahon pa naman ng Kastila ang ganitong kalakaran at hindi na tayo nakapag-move-on kahit na nagpaka-bayani na si Rizal sa Pang-gogoyo na ito ng Katolisismo. No wonder tayo ang pinaka-panatikong katolikong bansa sa Asya.

        • alam mo Ysrael, huwag mong isensationalize ang mga pangyayari ng nakaraan, paulit ulit na yang issue mo, at paulit ulit na rin yang sinagot, problema mo kasi, namumulaklak yang imagination mo to disagree sa lahat ng ginagawa ng Iglesia Katolika sa ating bansa. Kaya napuput up ang ibang churches because diyan, nababalance ang issue, puwede nga lang isali ang PATAS (grupo ng mga atheists) at ang Filipino Freethinkers (na nakakatanggap ng pera mula sa pork barrel ng mga pulitiko), basta magkalabasan lang ng baho, puwede naman eh….

  41. Lots of literature on the Catholic position relevant, recently Pope Benedict on the financials crises and look also into Rerum Novarum, it had themes on labour capital at investment. I guess nowadays people are used to being spoonfed, the literature is all out there!

  42. i am very sad to hear that the catholic churches owned so much money, and they are not getting taxed, for their own investment.. and why not spend some of it to help rebuild catholic churches around the philippines, sa mga tao pa nila hinihinge ng donations.. shame shame shame

    • imagine if the INK is the most dominant religious group in the philippines. 80 percent of filipinos are catholics and yet the church collect millions or billions even if those who goes to church drop a peso during mass. If 80 percent of filipinos are INK or any other protestant sect, they are required to contribute 10 percent of their income. that could mean trillions or zillions.

      • Haring Felipe mali ang info mo there is no such thing as 10% sa INC. Walang corruption sa amin at walang investment.

        • Are you really that knowledgeable there’s such a 10% in that church and there’s a corruption/investment and in your religion there’s none because its your religion? Are you a member then?

          You only believe it because someone told you so. Why? because you are a catholic and INC is not your faith.hence, the enemy.

        • bakit alam mo ba talaga ang lahat ng pamamalakad sa buong Iglesia? that you are so confident to give that answer that’s because you believed considered yourselves walang dumi, kapintasan at ang bayan ng Diyos? I can disagree because I can proved.

      • you must be all-knowing. are you an INC member then? if not, you don’t know what you’re talking about. what you have is gibberish and fond of believing rumors.

  43. I am ashamed and at the same time apalled being a carholic with this revelation this enrichment is botdering greed and insatiability to wealth which the church is supposed to have dis avowed ( vow of poverty)……

  44. Church or Religion is the best business in this planet, not just in Philippines but around the world. Many of the church leaders now have billions because of thr church. People, don’t just listen to what they preached, but read the word of God with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The truth is in the Bible, but many of the people are in trouble to follow what is really the truth because of wants. No religion can save the human race but only Jesus Christ, no priest or pastors or any other person but Jesus Christ.

    • wait, but why still listen to a pastor if he/she won´t help you be saved? and why go to a church if religion will not save you?

      • Ask yourself, if I am a Muslim, am I wrong to you for not being a Christian just like you do?

        Now, consider this. If I am a Christian, am I wrong to you for not being a Muslim just like you do?

        • why? are we talking about the default beliefs of a certain person? or his/her affiliated religion? are we engaging as to whether who´s church or religion is right or wrong? You were the one that opened this kind of statement:

          “No religion can save the human race but only Jesus Christ, no priest or pastors or any other person but Jesus Christ.”

          this means for you that God compromised all religion as long as they worship Him. The initial stand you said might be right for those break away Christian heretics of the middle ages up to the modern era, but the orthodoxy on the teachings of Christianity in dealing them is contrary to what you believed to be true. If you are a Christian, you would have read James, if you are a muslim, you would have read the hadith and the Qurán concerning one true relgion.

          Now, clear first your question before throwing it to me because what I am referring is that you believe in INDIVIDUALISM, while engaging to Communitarian system of knowing what your faith is….It´s actually an oxymoron for you La Li

        • oxymoron to a point that your belief is right more than the others. hence, self-belief is deceiving and not always true. but i guess you are right and I am wrong. Damn me. Your religion must be true than the way it looks now.

        • oxymoron to a point that your belief is right more than the others. hence, self-belief is deceiving and not always true. but i guess you are right and I am wrong. Damn me. Your religion must be true than the way it looks now.

        • of course! the religion I am in is more questions about it, because you are now resulting to emotions once you cannot defend your stand. You have to accept that what you are dealing is the false premise of INDIVIDUALISM. How can Jesus accept that kind of ideology? ask yourself iho

  45. The author just helped out the Catholic Church by telling readers that this is the evidence that the Catholic Church don’t have to ask/accept bribes from politicians because of the money they have. 🙂 The readers’ mixed reaction on the other hand………………. Well, my reaction: I just see figures and names, it did not mention whether the practice or money is illegal, etc. I just see figures and names and I don’t want to interpret it into something that is not. 🙂

  46. And just to be fair, most of the money invested came from rich Catholics donating money to the Church. You wouldn’t be surprised how many Catholics are there in the Top 10 Forbes Richest Families in the Philippines. They don’t just donate millions. So you guys telling that the money came from poor people, better double check what you are saying. The Catholic Church does not FORCE people to donate (just like the Iglesia Ni Cristo or other Christian Churches) when I go to mass, i see few people donate money and most of those who donate are rich people. 😉

  47. wala din para parin… para paring tayong sakop ng kastila! please Christians open your eyes!! read the scriptures!! follow God hindi kung sinumang TAO!!
    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children

    verse for this article

    “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can not serve both God and Mammon.” – Matthew 6:19-21,24

    poorest nations under Catholic Dominion (Philippines, Mexico etc)
    please exercise the separation of chruch and state!!!

    Romans 13:1-7 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience. ..

      • behold, jampol. This guy can interpret the Bible more than you do because he’s religious and have the sole authority to give its interpretation. So be warned.

        • i never said I can interpret the bible more than he does. as I said, have you read the bible verses you quoted clearly? because he misinterpreted it the way protestants do it many times to attack the Catholic church

  48. This is “DISGUSTING” as hell…!!! These mother fuckers collects money from The poor and not paying taxes! And not really helping people. They just use the church and ignorant people!!! No wonder millions of people in this country are fucked up!!! Monsters in uniform!!! Stupid

    • wait a minute, they have moderated their greed. have you forgotten that they used to own the entire philippines, including hacienda luisita. so, i think they have lost a lot. but part of church loot goes to the poor as well, unlike politicians who pocket the lion’s share of their pork barrel

      • poor insight, did you know that it is not the church that owned the Philippines many years back? was it the Spanich Empire? did you know that the church only affiliated their clergies to the government in order to help organize the Philippine Islands into one colony of Spain? You really don´t know what you are saying iho..

        • no but it seems. they used their ReLIGION as a goodwill alibi in conquering us. that’s why they’ve made it for over 300 years. luckily jose rizal got wake up, abandon his faith and starts bloodless revolution.

        • fool La Li, your history teacher will laugh at your opinion, while the church took advantage on the plan of the Spanish Empire to know unknown lands and conquer it, still the Catholic Church never planned in owning the country, hence the church only dedicated her clergies to win souls and know Christ..And by the way, Jose Rizal´s initial attacks on the Catholic Church was true, but he retracted before he was executed…comprende?

        • I am dumb. How foolish of me but that’s interesting. If that’s the case, you can also take advantage of NASA and start conquering Mars if your Church really want it. The problem is there’s no people yet to be found there. So, there will be no churches I guess.

          Now, supposed Ferdinand Magellan was a Catholic, did Lapu-lapu made a mistake against him? What about the other Muslims? Will he and the others not be saved?

          You know, religion suppresses people including the intellectuals that were curious to know more what is beyond measure. Yet they’ve been punished, extradited, confined, burned for explaining Earth is not the center of this galactic system.

        • why? was it the fault of the catholic church as on why there was a fight between the camp of magellan and lapu lapu? i see nothing but mere competition of lands..

        • In the name of Christ walang hindi ma conquer…kaya nga ang Vatican nasa Rome dahil pinakita lang sa lahat na Christ is more powerful than the emperor of Rome who crucified Him.

    • brod..malaki siguro ang naibigay mo sa simbahan ano? kaya ang subra nang galit mo…mabuti pa huwag kanang mag bigay sa mga kabitbahay mong pobre idiretso ang pera mo para hindi ka mag alboroto…o mag volunteer ka kaya sa GK para makita mo yong helping people mo?

    • Of course, the Catholic Church pays taxes. It just doesn’t pay ALL taxes. The Church pays VAT, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, travel taxes, terminal fees, road taxes, import duties, etc. Its employees pay even more taxes.

  49. Kya kayo mga kapatid Kung gusto nyo hindi kayo mapatungan ng tax mag pari pari din kayo Tapos sabi nyo foundAtion para Hindi magalaw ang asset nyo!!

    • the biggest hospitals in the world are finance by the Catholic church…the biggest debtor of the Catholic church is America!!! pinakamalaki ang utang nang Amerika ay sa Vatican…walang katiting ang sinasabing China..

  50. Who is the head of the church? Did Christ involve money? What can you say in Mark 12:17, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”
    Did the church grow with money investing or grow with grace? 1 Cor. 3:6; I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.
    What you think? Therefore the church should be separate from money investing. But if the church involve money investing, you know who is the head of the church is!
    As member of the church, you contribute for financial assistance not for investing. Instead the people are making to trust in God but they trust in money making. Think about this guys!!!

    • YES! CHRIST INVOLVE MONEY TO PAY TAXES! this is just a proof that the Authorities of the Church do not only rely on donations of Catholics. They have the right to invest to use money for CHARITABLE WORKS

      • For Christ’s sake, the Church don’t pay taxes. The government does not get a single centavo from the Church. The Church is exempted.

        • They are tax money-exempted because they are unusual in collecting moneys because of their “holiness”. yet they engage on investing on this mundane activities. how silly.

        • fool La Li, you are trying to throw a mud in the Catholic Church while you in your camp could not even justify why your Filipino Freethinkers and PATAS are overwhelmingly receiving big amounts from atheist politicians…lutong macaw yang ginagawa mo..

        • You seem pretty sure i am a member of those? Sad but you must have it mistaken. I am one person just plain asking.

          Fool? Well, you can call me whatever you want! You can even summon all of your Spanish Armada to do atomic bombardments on me. You can do whatever you can when you feel your Faith is questioned and threatened. You can bring back the 16-17th European Wars of Religion if you wish; be a Knight of your own 702-year old Crusade that had resulted to pointless ends of lives.

          But here’s the thing. How much can you take and can you do being a religious defending your faith? Are you also like to be the ones who had burned Giordano Bruno and other intellectuals in centuries old? See? The cycle of hatred never ends. It always starts with religion.

          Think about it. I am fool for questioning your faith because you said so. Now, what happened to the ideals of being a loving Christian?

          May God bless you defending your faith by the ones who just merely questioning it even it means to kill just like an Islamic extremist does. The’re no really that difference whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim.

          Religion vagues me and you can call me fool out of that way of thinking. Lutong macaw ika nga. Ano ba problema being Macaw?

        • hhaha..did you know that it was not because of religion why those european wars happened? it was actually a political conflict between different competing countries of which the church discouraged them to fight, the problem is that those kingdoms are dissidents to the faith, so the response of the church, they provided missionaries to promote the faith and in order for those tribes and people of these countries not to fight against these dissidents. but still these people insisted their claims on lands, territories and nations…so don;t blame it to religion..blame it to those who misused the term religion…

        • the bible says, “if you cannot be be trusted in small riches, how much more the true riches in Heaven.” kaya tama ang ginawa ng mga simbahan…good stewardship yan..

        • What? Of course, the Catholic Church pays taxes. It just doesn’t pay ALL taxes. The Church pays VAT, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, travel taxes, terminal fees, road taxes, import duties, etc. Its employees pay even more taxes.

      • Tama ka diyan…kaya nga sabi ni Kristo hindi man lang nyo napadami sa negosyo yung iniwan ko sa iyo, sana nilagay mo sa bangko..kikita sana yan…ang mga pari..hindi marunong mag negosyo at walang panahon para diyan..kaya yong naipong mga barya na naibigay natin iningatan nila sa bangko…kaya dumami…

    • meaning pay your TAXES for the state, and TITHES to your church. They were talking about temple tax in that verse…nagbayad kaba nang tamang buwis mo? o nagbayad kaba nang buwis?

  51. yan eh natutunan na din ng mga ibang churches kaya nagsulputan mga ibat ibang simbahan diyan.
    pero mas gustuhin ko nang magbigay sa RCC kasi puede kahit piso lang. yung mga nagsusulputang mga churches 10% of your income DAPAT. kalokohan. may God burn me now if I don’t give 10% of my income to the church.

  52. i believe in god but i not in religion. there are lots of controversies which involves the church. people should be more cautious and think if these religious groups are making them a better person. God wants us to enjoy life and make the most of it. as long as you’re not making harm to other people, be honest,make use of your god given talents and abilities to improve your life and other people as well.

    • INC has bought an abandoned city in the U.S. for its congregation..they are rebuilding that city similar to that of the Mormons in Salt Lake City in Utah..

      • and also the Catholic Church has bought the famous Crystal Cathedral of the Protestants in Orange County in California now named Christ Cathedral..served mostly by Filipinos..

  53. With this great wealth, one can only expect that no Filipino Catholic member should be wallowing in poverty, unable to provide food. clothing and shelter for themselves. Surely, the Catholic Church organization has invested great amounts in these profitable stock market shares with nothing in mind and no other purpose but to get richer, influential and powerful. But the Apostle Paul already said: “But those who seek to become rich fall into temptation and a snare and into many useless and harmful desires which plunge men into destruction and damnation. For covetousness is the root of all evil and some, in their eagerness to get rich, have strayed away from the faith and have involved themselves into many troubles.” 1st Timothy 6:9-10.
    Can the “venerable” Catholic hierarchy deny the fact that the Catholic Church has indeed strayed away from the faith and has persistently been involved in many troubles? What is the truth behind the present pope’s resignation or abdication or retirement?

      • All religions are good..with good intentions..if it teaches about love, unity, peace, caring, giving, service, financial stewardship, etc..but if it teaches about jealousy, doubt, distrust, envy, disunity, war, divorce, abortion, etc. that is evil…where do you belong?

        • I belong to my ancestors that participated in the Crusade Wars. I belong to the ones who burnt down Twin Towers and the like of terrorism. I belong to the one who have massacred innocent Jewish lives.

          There’s no unity. The unity you’re talking about is the Unity of having different gods and different ways to worship each. Results? => jealousy, doubt, distrust, envy, disunity, war, divorce, abortion, etc. all of which that your talking about.

          Religion only does good to those who favors it.

    • Follow what they say, do not follow what they do. If the Church teaches righteousness, then be righteous. If you see the authorities of the church doing sinful ways, then let it be your lesson, do not do the same for you know it is wrong.

    • This is not great wealth. If the Philippine Catholic Church dissolved itself, sold off everything it owns, and gave it away how far do you think it would go in a country of 100,000,000 people? Even 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) would only amount to 10,000 per person. That would hardly end poverty.

      And yet this article is not talking about trillions or even hundreds of billions but only 10s of billions. The Archdiocese of Manila’s investment in BPI is worth about 17 billion pesos of about 170p per Filipino, less than one half of one day’s minimum wage.

      • wala namang sinasabi na paghatihatian yun ng mga Pilipino. ang issue dito bakit ang laki ng investment nila, samantalang napakaraming Pilipino ang nagugutom? bakit hindi nila i-share kahit kalahati lang besides they have the so called “vow of poverty”. tsk tsk isn’t it ironic?

        • We have already established that this is not a lot of money. Taking all the funds and giving it away to the poor would last one day. What is wrong with investing it so that it generates funds forever to help the poor?

          Many, many charities operate with endowments. Well-run organizations do not spend every last peso that they have. They invest large donations. They build up a fund to support in perpetuity their good works. Isn’t it proper for the Archdiocese to do so as well?

          Remember diocesan priests do not take vows of poverty. Maybe they all should but they do not.

          However this doesn’t matter, since we are not talking of priests but of the diocese. Should the diocese save funds? Should the diocese have an endowment?

          We have already established that given the population of Manila and the Philippines that this is not a lot of money.

  54. asked ko lang, may nakakaalam ba dito kailan nabili ng simbahan ang mga shares nila sa mga nasabing company? most cguro na nakabasa nito indi pa pinanganak, may shares na sila sa bpi at iba pa.

    • kung hindi galing sa iyo…sa mga nagbibigay 10 percent sa kinikita nila…marami yan sila…tahimik lang…mga mayayaman na mga mababait sa mga tauhan nila..,kaya umuunlad mga negosyo nila…Penshoppe, Julie’s Bakeshop, etc..marami pa…

  55. I am happy that the church is investing their money since it will be used for their good works. However, what saddens me is the fact that they are investing in Companies which indirectly or shall I say directly contradict their advocacies. Imagine, they are investing in mining industry where in the first place they are against it. Hmmm.. sounds confusing… please enlighten me with this. I am still a Christian, though.

    • yeah. what a paradox universe we have.

      I just can’t stop laughing the idea whether priests for once in their lives have sang and danced loudly throughout their lives as what ordinary people seemingly do. If they can, they can also do what “businessmen” can do. After all, they’re all just humans right?

  56. Hindi na bago ‘to….. kaya maraming nag lipana na mga christian christain fellowship na yan… e ang mga uto-uto naman na mga pinoy ang daling mabola. i served one of those fellowships2x na yan dati pero nung nalaman ko na may mga donations lang nilalagay diyan for tax sheltering.. e that made an impression to me na pambobola lang ginagawa ng mga ‘to medyo na uto din ako dati hahaha. sikat yun marami artista sumasali dun sa fort main office nila.. hays alam niyo na yun. Most of the sons and daughters of corrupt government officials nandun. That’s it. It’s all a big lie.

      • How do you know Satan has been attacking? How did you picture it? Is he/she ugly? Why not your Pope obliterate Satan so none of these would happen. Perhaps your God if it’s that all powerful? And why other Protestant keep telling that your Church is the new Babylon and with a whore on it?

        Gosh..why are you all keep fighting in the name of your faith? There’s more to life than this.!

        • did you know that Satan is the promoter of divisions? if protestant churches are of God, then why the hell are they living with disunity amongst themselves concerning christian doctrines?… that is because you are BLIND! be realistic and obvious sometimes, ok…

        • Well, you seemed to be the expert who knew and can ‘see’ all this stuff. Damn! You must be so GENIUS. OK. I am flattered. I am just a monkey around the corner sitting blindly and you are that alpha male in the pack who knows more and who can ‘see-it’ all through. The fact is you’re just like the rest of us.

          Speaking of disunity, what about your sect? Is it not divided? Come on. Christianity is divided and you exclude yourself! All divides seeking autonomy. Even Islam as well as all other religions. Say, you have one religion, tomorrow it will have more, each with only different configurations. Just like the rest. Like a breed of monkey. What makes you think yours is different?

          You’re only being selfish. Oh, did I forget to mention that religion is selfish?

        • no La li, the Catholic church in its existence is not divided in doctrines, it you are asking about the whole Christianity, of course, it is divided but not on the side of the church I am with. I am not also genius but I am only speaking in behalf to what I learned about the Catholic Faith. Protestant folds is different from the Catholic Church, as what I said, Protestant churches are divided in doctrines, not that Christianity is divided, so if you are meticulous with the words I said, you should have noticed that..

      • Satan has been attacking the Catholic Church? I thought this Church is depicted as the Whore of Babylon as what other sects have complained. Come on…Which one of you is ever closer to the truth. You make me downward sick!

        • Oh..I’m sorry if I have made you sick..but still I love you! God bless you!

          Knowing God,
          Learning His Ways, and
          Doing His Work!

          “Food For The Poor Is Food For Our Soul”

        • wrong. you are inclined to your own opinion, did you know that some churches outside the catholic church never depicted the whore of babylon or the modern day babylon as the Catholic church but actually the United States of America?

  57. If this article proves anything, it is that the Filipino Catholic Church is very transparent.

    Unlike Protestant Churches and INC and El Shadai which uses its money for its members, the Catholic investments props up the companies, preserving jobs, jobs not exclusive to catholics.

    That’s right, I am a Catholic, and I will defend my choice tooth and nail.

    • What’s so good about a religion being transparent engaging in such activities that aren’t religious in the matters of spirituality? You making me sick that a religion is just a money business using people’s offerings as its capital.

      • the good thing there is that no corruption has been done..The church only protected the money of the believers by investing it to big companies so that it will be used in future aid. No matter how you will defy the activities of the church, if you still get blinded with facts, then it shows you are out of your mind. Why not ask more how Filipino Freethinkers and PATAS received money from atheist politicians and foreign anti catholic groups just in order to attack the Catholic Church…

        • Dear God, struck me lightning for I have question their Faith on You that made people think of me that I am out of my mind just by questioning their holier-than-though ritual acts that really deep on their conscious minds seemed to appear just like mere habits of their everyday mundane lives like toothbrushing and repetitive oration prayers so You may hear them. (Matthew 6: 7-8)

          They seemed also to be master-of-the-universe types that knows everything under the sun. They seemed to be pretty sure confident just because their people are holy and religious they can’t do such unjust acts of corruption. I bet this guy must be an internal auditor of his church throught his life.

          They seemed also to invest more on stocks than their own Faith on You.

          God, if you are the only INVINCIBLE ONE, why made so much religion that confuses me. Is it just a part of Your grand design? I am sorry for I have failed my humanity. Being a creationist believer, I still believe in You but I just can’t be part of their schemes. If there is One Christian God, there must be Only One Bible with One RELIGION. Yet there’s so many even the bibles. There’s even that Quran. Now, which place here on this Earth I should sit. Guess, I’m just live my life and wait for that day for me to die?

        • No religion can save is only you who can. Your relationship with God depends upon your relationship with your neighbors and your enemies. It is a lie to say that you love your God whom you can not see but you do not love your neighbor whom you see. Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and treasures. Then love your neighbor and enemy as you love yourself. If you can do these, and if everybody do these, then there will be peace! Take care and God bless you!

        • Yeah. But they’re all promoting and advertising not to mention Fighting over their holy lands. Why people keep pushing me around to go to their churches so I can also be save just like them? Judgment Day is yet to come but they already proclaimed themselves in advance. So much for their faith that eventually it becomes their OWN REALITY.

          “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” – Walden

        • show me a verse that no religion can save you?

          show me a verse that deep relationship is not coinciding with religion? tell me….

      • honor the Lord from your wealth, and from the first of all your produce (Prov.3:19), also read (Deut.8:18). more on (Malachi.3:8-10). why are you so mad? how much have you contributed to your church, if ever?

  58. the money of the Catholic church belongs to the Church… not like other so called “Christian” churches, where their money belongs to their “pastors”

    • ‘agree with that..they don’t know the other side of the coin, hope they will get also the side of our catholic priest, i know they could hear valid reasons y such investment has made, we knew may basbas yan ng head of congregation..

    • Accusation ang sinasabi mo sa mga Pastor, samantalang ang article na ito ay katibayan na nag-invest sila ng malaking halaga sa mga pribadong kumpanya. Sino ang gumawa nito siyempre ang mga Kardinal at Obispo. Sila ang mga signatories nito. Tanong nagpapagawa ba sila ng mga simbahan? Saan napupunta ang mga perang ito? Malaking porsiyento nito siyempre mapupunta sa Vatican.

        • is giving money to the church a payment? may presyo ba? wala!

          and by the way lali, your religulous documentatry is a mess..

        • A mess? Take example of their celibacy. Oh, 1 Timothy 4:1-3 said something on that. Explain that to me. If you can answer it obviously right that even a kindergarten kid can, I might as well change my views on your religion for the fact that it allows people to make their own dogmatic rules and unfortunately turns out to be self-contradicting to their own translated version of their own Bible that they’re using. Isaiah 29:13-14 (NIV)

          What was debilitating to me was a priest once said to me that the BIble isn’t enough for a man to be saved.

          That’s why I understand the word PURGATORY just came out of NOWHERE! So much for all of their authorities that I think God maybe laughing on them. I wonder who would be the winner in the Judgement Day. Luke 13: 26-27

        • La li, the issue is all about the technicalities of a religion that created war, but the bible itself is saying that religion that is pure is to do good things for other people, so you are really cherrypicking events. so lame

        • So lame that religion teaches people to treat each other right and teaches people to shoot each other at the same time?

        • La Li, you are trying to divert the issue, but let´s take it seriously for the sake of the readers of this comment section. 1 Timothy 4:1-3 is speaking on celibacy as making it part of their doctrine. The Catholic Church never encouraged nor forced the faithful to become celibate because celibacy is only applicable to priests, nuns, monks and brothers. The practice of it is not even implemented by the Church as a doctrine but only a strict law for them so that they will remain chaste and focused in their mission as missionaries of the gospel. In fact, St. Paul is even celibate and informed the people that celibacy is a gift from God and wishes that all were celibate like he is (read 1 Corinthians 7:7). Now if you want more verses, ask me and I will share it to you like.

          Now, the priest is correct when he said that the Bible isn´t enough for a man to be saved. If you think that it is only through Bible Alone, then you should be contradicting the words of St. Paul regarding the written works and Oral Traditions are important in knowing the truth (read 2 Thessalonians 2:14-15). In fact, the Bible did not claim exclusivity, if you disagree with me then tell me where can we read that the Bible is the exclusive source of our faith?

          Now you go on ranting about Purgatory? my goodness, So when you laugh about the usage of the word Purgatory, then you should also laugh why Holy Trinity came out of nowhere and the word “Bible” also came out of nowhere?…lolz

        • Tell me exactly where I can find in that Bible of yours that ‘purgatory’ word of yours and I swear to God I will shut-up? You can’t. That’s exactly the point, Mr. Lolz. We make things and turn it into our own laws, creeds—-man-made-written laws that “we think what we think is what God think”.

        • La li, you are ranting about purgatory yet you cannot tell me as on why the Holy Trinity existed in the doctrines of the Christian church…tell me first how it has to be cherry picking on issues?

        • You asked me about holy trinity? like that solid, liquid and gas thing? I don’t know you tell me. That’s why I ask in the first place. OK. I’ll ask again then, tell me exactly where I can find in the bible that explains trinity and I swear to God I will just shut up?

        • you are giving me the burden to talk about the Holy Trinity yet I was the one telling you about how purgatory is connected to the Holy Trinity? come on…isn’t this a diversion tactic of yours?

  59. I hope tulungan nila ang goverment sa pagtatayo ng mga relocation site para sa mga nakatira sa mga estero. Paano nila natitiis ang kalagayan ng kanilang mga miyembro na majority dito ay mahihirap at nakatira lamang sa sa mga estero at tabing-ilog na siyang nagiging dahilan ng pagbaha sa Metro Manila.

  60. I just don’t understand. Why when I pray to God, I pay? Why when I study the Bible for years, I pay. When I need to hear God’s sermon, I pay? When I go to Church, I pay? Even when someone dies, I pay?

    Does God really care money that much?

    I thought religion is all for that spirituality thing.

    Don’t give me wrong about the idea that “religious offerings” are just “tax-exempt payables” in disguise in exchange for the services rendered by a religious entity like for say during a mass.

    The more I reason it, “Money”, might as well be used as a lone ticket to my salvation. The more I offer, the more sure possibility God will love me more. Is that it?

    I’m telling you, I am on the brink of a total mental breakdown about religion. I am starting to think seriously about it so much that I want to free myself from any belief systems imposed on me and live a peaceful religion-free life.

    Say, the competing religions believes and claims that they are the only ones going to be saved. If that’s the case, well everybody must be right and everyone is SAVED. PERIOD.

    But One thing I just hate. They just don’t stop arguing each other about that matter ending themselves on a never ending cycle of hate, anger perhaps employ the use of deadly forces in the name of their own God and RELIGION. I thought religion should supposed to be peaceful; like a classical music but is blended with a hard metallic rock suicidal theme. Just saying.

    Stop brainwashing people in the name of your God. Stop making poor people poorer telling them what to do.

  61. Dear God,

    I have a message. They seemed to invest more on stocks rather than to have Faith on You. Seems like you made them insecure.

    Best Wishes,
    The One Who Cannot Trust God Without A Money On My Pocket?

      • What I only see is they collect tithes. Bags become full and that what makes them think ‘powerful’.- the rest are managerial covert issues.

        • yes, and you are obliged to give tithes on many pakulo..if you are an INC, they call it about in the church you are with?

        • Nope I am not obliged but these mongrels are playing on my mind and they are very good with it. A technique called ‘GUILT TRIP’ heard of this before?

        • of course, so you now understand why the Catholic Church invested the money of the faithful? that’s the bottomline of the issue.

        • what is INC? seems like you hate them? guess what? which of us here that has religion does not hate each other?

        • INC=Iglesia ni cristo, I do not hate them per se, but I abhor their doctrines, so what is the problem of refuting these heretics based on their doctrines and not about their personal imperfection? you have to learn the way Jesus refuted and rebuked the pharisees in their misinterpretation of the Tannakh..

          learn with it…

        • La Li,, they do not do it..they also hate the whole Catholic faithful, the propaganda of pinpointing individual mistakes right? remember?

  62. My brethen, don’t jump into conclusion. Who are we to judge the church? We keep our faith with the lord. I believe the church is doing its thing, its commitment to us. Dont be deceive.

  63. pagkatapos n mpadami nla o mpalago nla sa negosyo o kung saang investment san mpu2nta ang pera?sa bulsa b nila o sa papa sa roma?eh paano nman kung matalo o malugi sa negosyo ang perang ininvest nla na galing sa mga tao o sabihin na nating pera ng simbahan?

    • NOOB! the pope doesn´t have money when he dies. Homer, may asawa ba ang Santo Papa? this kind of extra-Hypocritical dumbness leads you to become foolish with regards to investments. Prove to us that these investments were used to make the pope rich? remember, there are many Catholic Charitable institutions that the church sponsors brother. So these money are not intended for the pope or the clergies, but for the faithful and non-Catholics iho. Diyos mio…

      • Sa totoo lang ang Vatican ang isa sa mga 300 people POWER people in the world. Sila ang may ari ng mga lahat na nga drug smuggling business, investment banker yan sila sa buong mundo secretly. Sila ang nag rule ng world and manipulate the economy. Meron silang bagong order yong 300 na mga taong yan.

  64. Oh
    my?!…It’s not the bureaucrats alone raping the whole economy…can
    you believe this?! And not a single centavo is paid for taxes?! They
    earn a lot from mass donations and others and even repairs of the church
    are solicited from its members. Oh boy, oh girl…now I know. It seems
    as though we can identify the real culprit of poverty in the country. I
    can’t help imagine the enormous wealth gathered from its own flock.
    Maybe, it’s time to legislate to require churches in the whole country
    to pay taxes to the government. How about that?

    • Raping? why are you jumping into conclusions? when you say “raping”, meaning using the money or resources for their own personal gain. But did you ever see any acts using the investments of the church mentioned as part of making it prestige for their own personal gain? you know what, it´s been 500 years since Catholicism had spread out in our country, but it took many years before they´ve earned those such because most of the time, the money donated by the faithful were used in helping other people, a lot of dioceses sacrificed their resources to help the people even in a simple way in order for them to survive. Now, let´s talk about your so-called “bureaucrats”, for a century-alone, in a glimpse of an eye, many of them, automatically corrupted large amount of money from the people in order for them to survive from their expenses during the election. How many elections did our country conducted? MALULULA ka sa dami ng perang kanilang ninakaw…

      Now let´s talk about taxes, even if the church never paid an amount for it, but their clergies, nuns, brothers, missionaries and even the lay people are paying undoubtedly taxes on goods and resources, you do not have to deny that brother, So, your reasoning of using the tax exemption is not an excuse in order for you to blabber about your HATRED against the Catholic Church. You should have studied more the Catholic Faith than FEEDING from the HYPOCRISY of these anti-Catholics. Marami ang namamatay sa maling akala. …BROTHER…


    • exactly, then why these heck of anti catholics think that as if they´re clean? is the Catholic Church claiming these such? partly yes, but this does not mean the church invested the money for their own gain. In fact, the church is spending those such for many evangelical, parochial, charitable works, are these people BLIND IN THE REALITY?

      • di mo rin ba naisip na mahal ang serbisyo ng simbahan at galing din sa mga mahihirap na parokyano ang perang yan..nararapat lang na may pay off kahit papano ang mga taong nagbibigay! In the nationalistic sense,may maitutulong ang simbahan kung binuwisan sila,diba nagbibigay ang RC ng Pilipinas sa Vatican Taon taon? Mahal ang mga institutions na pag aari ng simbahang Katoliko..di ka makakita ng simpleng estudyante sa mga unibersidad at mga eskuelahan nila kung di ka may kayang pamilya.. at yun ang hubad na katotohanan..

        • iho, hindi mo ba naiiisip na faithful members who wanted to baptize, get married etc inside the Catholic Church are not obliged to pay big amount o sundin ang basic amount na icocontribute para sa serbisyo ng mga pari sa misa,. In fact, most of the time, simple or even libreng kasal ang nagaganap sa bawat parokya at kadalasan nito ay hindi na kinakailangan pang iadvertise ng mga parokya dahil hindi naman ito necessarry, iyan ang hindi mo ata alam iho…iho, regarding tax, bakit kinakailangang pagbayaran mo ng malaking halaga ang simbahan para sa tax eh lahat ng transaksyon ng simbahan especially sa basic needs nito ay nakabalandra na ang EVAT…kaya nabigyan ng prebelehiyo na hindi na magbayad ng tax para sa mga donations na natatanggap mula sa mga miyembro ay dahil ang mga pera naman na natatanggap ng simbahan ay ginagamit naman ito diretso sa mga basic needs ng simbahan at sa pastoral works nito…tripleng tulong na yan kaibigan, …yan ang kailangan mong pag-aralan…

  65. In light of the PDAF Scam, It is also time that our Government investigate how the churches were able to accumulate riches. Let us read a passage in the Bible to know if God required us to give money offerings to the churches:

    But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.
    2 Corinthians 9:6-7 NKJV.

    This is what the religions/churches read to convince their followers to donate huge amounts of money, because they were made to believe that the higher the amount of their donation, the greater the (financial) blessing of God will be bestowed on them.
    To whom shall we give – what Church – Catholic, Protestant, Church of Christ?

    And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.
    As it is written: “He has dispersed abroad, He has given to the POOR,
    His righteousness endures forever.”.
    2 Corinthians 9:8-9 NKJV.

    “He has given to the POOR”- It is to the poor that we should have shared such tithes and not to ANY Church. Since it is written that we should give to the poor and less fortunate and not the Church-This means that all the money that humanity had given to the churches was supposed to be for the POOR.

    Now if the Church says that they are only the ones whom God had chosen to administer such money offerings to be given to the poor, we will read another passage:

    God gave the following decree through His prophet Moses as to why God required His people to give tithes or 10 percent to the less fortunate:

    So you shall rejoice in every good thing which the Lord your God has given to you and your house, you and the Levite and the stranger who is among you. “When you have finished laying aside all the tithe of your increase in the third year – the year of tithing – and have given it to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, so that they may eat within your gates and be filled, then you shall say before the Lord your God: ‘I have removed the holy tithe from my house, and also have given them to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, according to all Your commandments which You have commanded me; I have not transgressed Your commandments, nor have I forgotten them.

    Deuteronomy26:11-13 NKJV

    “When you have finished laying aside all the tithe of your increase in the third year – the year of tithing – and have given it to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, so that they may eat within your gates and be filled, “ – As we can read, in God’s law, the year of tithing comes every three years meaning it is not done yearly as some Christian denominations do to their followers.

    In God’s law, the people will distribute the tithes they had set aside not to God but DIRECTLY and equally to the stranger, the fatherless and the widow and to the Levite- who are the ones who assist the prophet Moses before in ministering God’s law to the Israelites. In our time, the “Levite” represents our Government , for it is the Government who is enforcing the Laws to maintain peace and order in our society and not the Churches. Thus, we can see God’s righteousness because the tithes are not for Him but for the less fortunate and for the Government. It is not done annually, but every three years.

    It is clear that God did not assign any church to administer such money offerings for the poor. We are the ones who should directly share it to the poor in our community. If people had learned this direct “sharing to the poor” and had done this long ago in their individual communities then poverty should not have existed anymore in our time. The problem is, the churches made us believe that they are the ones sent by God to collect such offerings when in truth, as we read in the Bible- they are not.

    Thus, it is the churches who are the true institutions of graft and corruption, for all the wealth that they received from their members were not for them, but were meant by God for the poor.

    Read more about how the religions deceived humanity :

    With the said link, may our government as well as all governments of the world open a great investigation about the credibility of the doctrines of the religions if they were indeed sent by God and given by God the authority to receive such money offerings and donations.

    • This is the reason why I don’t give money to the church. I’d rather give it directly to the needy. What a shame! they even invested the money on philex which is a mining corporation. tsk tsk.

      • why “this is the reason?” are you saying that the church is not allowed to invest the money given by the believers in order to use it in times of calamities? why “what a shame?” you don´t give money yet you are complaining about the investments of the church? why not ask the corrupt politicians in our country who not just used the money for their own gain, but also did crimes for the sake of their prestige worldly splendour? think about it..

        • They’re the priests. They’re closer with God so all of their actions must always be right. Isn’t that right?

        • but it does not guarantee perfectibility of a priest La li, you are trying to make them as lords…lol

          and the church does not say, priests are always right in their personal life…

        • NO, actually the Priests mostly morally corrupt. In my province, inanakan ang assistant doon sa simbahan. Yong isang pari naman, ava na late nag memesa at soot soot ang shade, dahil late ng gumising dahil na lasing kasama ang mga lalaque (lalake), yong isa naman brother ng classmate ko ava, ang babae ang pumupunta doon sa kwarto nya, kalat buong lugar naman yan. You’re saying they are closer to God, i would say NO. Wala naman sinasabi sa Bible na dapat meron tayong mediator. The Bible is teaching us people to pray and talk to God directly. I also understand that we need church leaders pero naman pls yong according at nag follow ng totoo ni Lord, hindi yong nag papayaman. Nasa history natin yan, na Niloloko na tayo ng mga Katolikong Pare noon pa sa panahon ng mga Kastila.

      • some how yes. Tell me if Jesus created religions to bang each other’s head.. Jesus Christ wanted his disciples live in the simplest form of life..coz if Jesus Christ wanted his followers to be rich,he will not highlight the widow who gave penny to the temple! He will somehow highlight the rich man who gave his wealth to the temple! The Church should live the way Jesus lives! My God billions from the sweat of the followers..Tas ang mahal ng serbisyo ng pari! Sa kasal pa lang,sa binyag at sa patay plus bayad sa padasal.. Misan naisip ko tuloy negosyo na! May billions na dapat murahan naman konte..

        • but we now have so many religion. boon or bane?

          Who’s to blame, satan?[yes!]

          who created satan? God? [Remember didn’t God made everything? No, not this one, perhaps?]

          If so, should I blame God why Satan exist? for the confusion?

          If not, why not obliterate Satan so no more confusion? why wait?

          Why is Satan still keeping up if prophecy was made that It won’t last long?

          Is this just one heck of a show? Again should I blame God?

          Guide me genius along with your purgatory or whatever that is!

        • La li, we have many religions because heretics founded their own..ask them why, not the Catholic Church

          Who’s to blame? yes, satan deceived you

          Who created Satan? God created Satan good, angel or bearer of light, but how come satan became evil to our eyes and ears? BECAUSE HE WANTED HIMSELF TO EQUATE WITH GOD..

          Should we blame God? no!, it is himself (satan) should be blamed

          Because God gave us the freewill to choose, God condemned satan to the eternal damnation, but still people chooses evil over good.

          You blame our own weaknesses, because that strengthens satan..

          so tell me, is this not obvious for you?

        • As obvious as the way it sounds just like what Zeus did to Chronus-like any of the stories with common themes: Rebellion. I hope we didn’t copy any of those ideas in the bible.

          Anyways, I have more questions more enlightening than its answers:

          1. Is satan really that kind of a human: a person (a guy) to address ‘him’ as ‘he’?

          Presuming satan is a guy,

          2. Is satan himself ‘idiot’ enough to go against the Almighty? What was he thinking?
          3. Did he find a way to God’s weakness?
          4. Is doing Evil strengthens Satan: would that be a leverage to overthrow God?

          At the Garden of Eden,

          5. Did God didn’t know that satan was sneaking in God’s Garden of Eden in the form of snake?
          6. Did God let the snake to come through to scam the first humans?
          7. Was that really a snake that actually flied? How did it flew without its wings?
          8. If the snake was speaking and doomed only to crawl for its eternity, how come the snakes are not speaking now?

          Man, I gotta go back to reality.

        • you have loaded questions La Li, I thought your church have taught that, ok, let me help you out answering these questions of yours.

          1. We can speculate that Satan is masculine, how would we term him? (IT?)

          2. Satan knows his decisions, he took risky decisions, and that is to equate with God, or even overpower Him.

          3. He never won, God even condemned him.

          4. Yes of course, if goodness is the way to salvation, then evil is the way to eternal damnation. That will not overthrow God, because even if the whole humanity will hate Him, He is still more powerful than Satan, why? because He owns everything, that satan do not.

          5. God is aware that Satan is just everywhere on the garden and knows that he (satan) will use the forbidden fruit to fool Adam and Eve, that is why He reminded our forefathers not to eat those. So what makes the fruit forbidden? it is not that evil created it because that fruit was actually good, the only thing that made it bad because God actually have the foreknowledge concerning the attempt of satan to poison Eve thru that.

          6. No! never God wanted evil to lurk into us, He gave us the freewill to choose but they (Adam and Eve) chose Evil because of the attempt of Satan to overpower God.

          7. The term is actually a serpent…

          8. Because it does not mean the whole serpent that should be damned, there are snakes but not serpents (satanic) in orientation. Some say, it is the symbolic satan of the past.

          9. Because God has no control to his decisions, he still have the freewill and since man is feeding satan thru doing evil, his existence can’t be done for.

          So you believe, Genesis is not a reality…I guess you are not really a Christian.

        • Genesis, not a reality?
          it could be or it could be not. It is really up to us.
          I thought you might want to know why I’m asking these questions…because I am inspired by the idea, ‘The best cure for Christianity is reading the bible’ .

          And whether I’m a Christian or not I am just a person caught in the middle by the roars of the deafening sound these religions create – all promising salvation, all equipped with idea that they are the Almighty’s most favored children – a prejudice so selfish and poisonous that it incites conflict and brought menace in the human species for centuries old. I guess, religion really is that selfish.

          …don’t know what to believe anymore. After all, we are what we believe and it goes without saying, ‘Our perception is our reality’.

        • whether you are not a Christian or not? lol, how can we say this, you are the one having the hard time dealing with your own delusions. I guess you are one of the members of Filipino Freethinkers hiding in the cloak of theism. You are asking many questions, why it has to be like that? do you have nothing to search on in the internet concerning your problems of interpretation? that’s laziness.

        • Oppression to the freedom of inquiry is a specialty a religion that is based on traditions, assumptions and authority is good at.

          Not asking whys, not observing, being close-minded to only one thing is my friend LAZINESS.

          And for my Delusions?

          Like as if I only care to think that in my whole life my religion is the only one favored by God;

          Like as if I only think that this whole wide world exist only because of my religion.

          How’s that for delusion?…and…… “WHY IT HAS TO BE LIKE THAT?”

          Trust me! 🙂 We ALL have our what-you-call “delusions” as if we’re so immersed to it that they’ve become religion. And when it becomes religion, it becomes our reality. And when it becomes our reality, it becomes our Truth. And then, you cannot ask why. How’s that for Laziness?

          P.S. I don’t even know how you came to know that Satan is a guy. Yeah, right! Assumption. Who can argue with that, really?.

        • La li, you are not really understanding what I said, I used he as to signify or speculate his name because it is technically masculine by nature. But since, he was once the angel of light, He is neither the two. So I can use “he” as analogical and not literal. So in the first place, either you are not reading my replies or you are not understanding what I said.

          Oppression to inquire is not my habit. I was only telling you that you are lazy enough in asking these questions because it is not related to the topic discussed in this article. The World Wide Web is broad and as www been defined, “Wide” so why not do it for the sake of not diverting the issue to religion. Common sense right?

          Delusion does not mean to what you said. Delusions are your presuppositions and based in your opinion without even understanding the situation that is happening in your backyard. It is there that made you like that and not on the claims of defaults.

          You are thinking that religion contradicts the Bible or it makes us being war, etc etc, those are your delusional thinking my friend. You have to understand that religion is not created to make war, but to make love. It is the people who abused the term. St.james already told us the good intention of religion, it is you who is not aware with that.

          I guess you are a member of the Filipino freethinker. just be honest with your affiliation ok?

        • No, I am not. Call me atheist, agnostic etc. but no. I am not. I just can’t believe what my eyes are seeing.

          holy war, jihad etc. etc. Am I delusional for observing things that aches my eyes?

        • how is Satan’s name “technically by” masculine in nature? What nature? What makes the speculation technical?

        • i did not make it automatically as a male, as i said, it is ANALOGICAL and not LITERAL, so it is purely as speculative term because angels are neither male nor female in nature. It is only for the sake of completing a sentence. What should I use in a paragraph after I used the tern in the first sentence? is it going to be (he), (she) or (it)? think about it.

        • come on. the WORLD WIDE WEB is there to research about that. For God sake you are referring to islam while I am referring to Christianity, what on earth is happening to you?

        • 1 Samuel 15:22
          But Samuel replied: “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

        • Actually, ginawa na nila yang negosyo, why charge such huge amount of money mag mesa ng kasal or patay or binyag?

    • I guess religion cannot function without money, eh?.
      That’s what makes the world go even more round, oh technically I’d say more oblate spheroid.

      • I agree na kailangan ang pera to function sa isang religion,, to advance the Kingdom of God, pero kailangan ba talaga ang ganyan kalaki na 12B na pala investment nila. kapag may mga disaster govt. lang ang nag fifinance, dapat sila din dahil nagbibigay ang mga tao weekly. duh. Scam.

  66. The love of money is the root of all evil as the bible says, And the two masters(money or God) cannot be serve altogether. I agree with this article,but not only the Catholic church, but other religions as well they have one thing in common using the bible and religion to gain enormous amount of fortune.

  67. You are thinking that religion contradicts the Bible or it makes us being war, those are your delusional thinking my friend.If so, should I blame God why Satan exist? Because God gave us the freewill to choose the condemned Satan to the eternal damnation, but still people chooses evil over good.

    • Why on earth that these catholic church doing investments business? Sa bagay in the first place noong panahon pa ng mga Kastila mga Pari, niloloko na nila ang mga Pillipino. Huge money ang napupunta sa Rome, not sure how many percent.

  68. dami pala pera ng simbahang katolika eh bakit nanghihingi pa sa gobyerno, pagcor, nag pa pa bingo pa at raflle maipa gawa lang simbahan.

    • syempre para hindi na mabawasan ang pra sa investment na milyon milyon. imaginen ninyo, lingo lingo pumapasok sa kanila ang dagdag puhonan sa libre lang dahil sa pera collected from church goers, talagang yayaman. dapat ang mga mahihirap na walang pang gamot dyan hihinge sa mga church na yan.

  69. That’s it? This is all the Catholic Church owns? That is not a lot of money when you consider the SIZE OF THE CATHOLIC POPULATION.

    Imagine if the Church sold all its holdings and distributed the money equally to all Catholics. How much would that be, per 100,000,000 persons? 1,000 pesos? 500 pesos?

    For comparison,

    Henry Sy is worth 546 billion pesos.

    The Ayala Corporation has an annual revenue of 94 billion peso. One of its malls is worth 51 billion pesos.

    I could go on, but why bother. The fact is clear. The Catholic Church is not wealthy when one looks at it honestly, in context, without an agenda.

    • You are comparing the church to a million dollar corporation. The fact that they can go head to head with huge companies and businesses that makes money through world wide market should tell you something. That’s about $400 million dollars by the way. I wouldn’t have any qualms about that kind of money if the people of the Philippines, probably the most religious country in the world next to Italy, are as wealthy as the church. Or receiving visible benefits. By comparing the Catholic Church with Ayala corporation, business tycoons, you’ve made the fact that the church is now considered a business perfectly clear.

      • INC. spends $258m to buy an aircraft from their worshipers money. Catholic church put it as an investment. The question is where did they put the earnings of that investment. Base on your replies on this article it clearly states that your against a church which you don’t have knowledge of.

    • Tanga tingin mo ba magbibigay sila ng pera yung pulubi nga sa tabi ng simbahan di mabigyan ng pagkain pera pa kaya , alam mo ba pinagsasabi mo hindi pa ba mayaman yung may 30 Billion pesos buti nga yung mga negosyante may capital sila eh , yang katoliko ang puhunan salita ng Dios na labag naman sa Biblia

    • kaya pala pati patay, binyag at ibp ay may donation, kawawa naman mga pari at Obispo…..sana pag bayarin sila ng real property tax katulad ng ordinario mamayan.

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  71. The filthy wealth of our corrupt and rotten politicians in the government is peanuts compared to the filthy wealth of the Catholic bishops in the Philippines. Poch Suzara

  72. malinaw na nanloloko ang simbahang katolika, kinukwartahan lang ang mga taong bayan…. can you imagine magkano ang collection ng simbahan sa isang araw sa isang bayan sa isang misa… dati ang misa ay tuwing linggo lamang ngayon halos all days of the week may misa at ilang misa ang hini-held nila sa isang araw, ilang simbahan mayroon sa isang bayan, dito sa amin ay may simbahan sa lahat ng sulok and i mean kasama pati mga kapilya… so do the math… tapos tuwing mayroong tinatawag nilang na birthday ng isang santo nanghihingi ng donation sa mga estudiyante ng catholic school… huh??!!! wise at corrupt ng mga pari ng katoliko… satanas sa imahe ng isang maamong tupa… come on wake up people… hindi lang government natin ang nagnanakaw sa atin pati din ang simbahan…. pag nag-enroll ka sa catholic school di pwedeng walang religion subject at pag bumagsak ka sa religion subject.. di ka ga-GRADUATE… huh???!!! pag ipinanganak ka.. bayad ka sa kanila para sa binyag at kumpil… pag nag-asawa ka bayad ka ulit sa kanila… pag namatay kay bayad ka ulit sa kanila…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. pero ang taong bayan ipinagtatanggol ang ganitong gawain ng simbahang katolika kahit na harap harapan na silang niloloko… LOL…. ang gobyerno ba sinisingil ng simbahang katolika ng buwis… HINDEEEEE… kaya taong bayan gumising kayo… ang DIYOS ay nakikinig sa mga dasal natin ng walang bayad…. at hindi rin sinabi ng DIYOS na magbayad kayo pag ipinanganak kayo at maging kasapi ng simbahan… pag ikinasal kayo at namatay…. basahin nyo sa BIBLIA….. walang ganitong policy o utos ang DIYOS…..

  73. “Blessed are the poor in spirit” does not mean what the article says it means. It means blessed are those who realise that God is the ultimate provider of everything – wisdom, wealth etc. (whether they are wealthy, or whether they are poor). It is God who decides whether all the work you do will bear fruit or not. The Bible also says words to the effect that he who has will be given more, but for he who doesn’t, even what he has will be taken away. But the proper interpretation of this is that, he who realises that all he has comes from God will be given more; but for he who doesn’t realise that what he has comes from God, what he has will be taken away.
    The Catholic church does not tell people not to work; it teaches that work was created for man; that man must work in order to survive and live – this is found in the book of Genesis when, after Adam and Eve sin by disobeying God, God tells Adam that he will have to toil hard to make the earth produce (He also tells Eve that He will increase her pain in childbearing).
    The assets of the church may or may not surpass those of the Philippine government, but either way there are about 1 billion catholics worldwide. And when you divide all the assets up amongst those 1 billion people, it probably doesn’t amount to much per person. Rather, I think you should look at the assets of the United States alone and then compare those to the assets of the Roman Catholic church and you will see that, by comparison, the church is not wealthy. It has just about enough to support its activities. Bear in mind that the core function of the church is to provide priests and churches (not to provide hospitals etc. – these are extra things that it takes on). Giving to the poor is something that every Roman Catholic is supposed to do personally (in addition to making his contribution to the upkeep of the church itself).
    But it is a good thing that people should enquire as to exactly how the funds they give to the church are being applied. They may be quite surprised that the church cannot really actually do much more (as the article says it can), than it is doing now. In fact, it is really the Philippine Government that can do much more than it actually does now. Do people inquire as to how their hard earned taxes (which are compulsory, as opposed to the voluntary contributions made to the church) are being spent? How much accountability do Philippinos demand from their government (at the time when the church was helping the poor etc., Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were draining the country dry and people were celebrating them and cheering them on). For instance is there proper justice in the Philippines or is it rough, arbitrary justice, like in much of the developing world? How much control do the Philippine people (including the poor amongst them) have over their government?. These are the really important questions.

    • The church makes just enough to keep its bishop filthy rich. Setting aside economic talk, the church’s main goal from the start is not only spread the word of God but to help the children of God. We have seen them talk the talk. They are great at that but it’s as if their responsibility ends their.

      Based on Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) 7 July 2011 records, their
      holdings in corporations are now worth a whopping
      P18,040,238,371.80. You say it’s small but to country this small and desperate it is almost too much. And That is about $400million dollars That is way higher than the GDP (Nominal) than the top 10 Economic Power countries combined like Europe, Usa, China, Japan, UK, Canada, France and Brazel combined ( THIS IS IN PHILIPPINES ALONE! If the church is really pro-poor, then there are many things they can do with that money. Build up homeless shelter, more orphanage that entertains anyone. What other church ‘activities, pray tell, would warrant such amount of money? Those money were funded by the pocket of the people. They gave it to the church expecting the same things they had expected from the government before it failed them. And now, because of too many secrecy about the expenditures of the church, it’s happening right before their eyes and they don’t even know it. It’s like what you said, the Marcos were draining the country and the people cheered. The case is so similar to that of the church.

      Think, use your imagination, what they could do with that amount of money. These ‘pro-poor’ billionaire bishops, with expensive cars to what? use to drive around to spread the words of God and telling the poor that they are blessed while they alone can’t live humble lives and preach in humble churches to help the people in need.

      You say ‘important’ question but you should know that there is never just one important question. There are many questions out there that needs just as much urgency as the corruptions of our government. It’s time to accept that the church is one of them. Don’t let your religiousness fool you. Didn’t God himself say ‘Give to Ceacar what is for Ceacar’. The moral compass of the church has gone astray. Like everything else that holds power in this country.

      If you want proof here:

      Let’s think.

      • The GDP of the USA alone is about 12 trillion dollars. The 400 million dollars, that the Philippino Catholic Church is said to own is not anywhere near this.
        Secondly if the Church is managing its resources well that is to its credit and it should not be blamed because the government has not managed its resources well. It is the responsibility of the public, not the church, to ensure that the government is managing its finances and other resources properly.
        The failure of the Philipinno government and therefore its people is not the fault of the Catholic Church. Complain and take action against your government not against the Church that is innocent.

  74. Sa tagal na ng Catholic sa Pilipinas cguro naman tama lang na makaipon ng malaki. The Catholic Church is not asking a 10% na abuloy sa simbahan. Halos 90% ng nang nagsisimba di nagaabot ng aboloy. kadalasan pa ng nagbibigay coins. Kaya ito ganagawa ng Simbahan to finance ng mga project nila.

    • Sino nagsabi syo na ang reason is to finance their project , pinasok nga nila sa stock for financial purpose , pano kaya nagkaroon ng 30 Billion ang Catholic Church kung coins lang ang binibigay ng members , and how sure you are na 90% ng catholic eh coins lang ang binibigay

  75. it is not the inc, catholic, but all the religious organizations that involves business investments. have u know that religion is a big business? if u want to be rich and known, why not create a religion? religious denominations are free from tax….

  76. Chito Dimaranan;

    Of course, true to form, the R media outfit again comes out with a stale story that asks a question that has long been answered ad nauseam. “How much money does the Catholic Church have?” Again, too, true to form, all the anti-Church bashers come out in full force from the woodwork’s seconding the motion and throwing in their even more stale and lame arguments against the Church. The lowest form of intelligence is contradiction, and coming out with a story that begs all the questions, in my book, is even lower. Why, these writers who call themselves journalists whose best obras are nothing but a pack of innuendoes based on ill-digested questionable “data” and produce not solid journalism but propaganda, are nothing less than despicable.

    These are some things I would like at least my friends to know …

    1) The Catholic Church is monolithic only in terms of dogma and moral issues, and in the way it runs its own internal affairs, its governance. There is no central financial institution that “owns” the assets that really belong to the people who comprise the particular churches called dioceses. Therefore, to talk about the “riches” of the Catholic Church is not the same as talking about assets owned by multinational firms like Shell, Enron, Microsoft, Apple, and countless others. Whilst the Church at large owns assets like the buildings and works of art found in the Vatican, said assets are not translatable to cold cash, for one simple reason … they are a patrimony of the human family as a whole. The Church safeguards it, but in the name of the whole human family. No single Pope owned it solo. No single cardinal can do with it what he wants.

    2) Every diocesan Bishop is sovereign in his own diocese. Whilst every diocese, again, owns assets, those same assets are just in the name of the corporation sole which is the Diocesan Bishop. Some dioceses are relatively well-to-do, but not rich. Most are poor and struggling, especially those in the rural areas.

    3) It is stupid to count the buildings owned by religious orders and congregations and diocesan clergy in their schools, hospitals, orphanages and other mostly charitable institutions as “riches” at least in the way the world defines them. They are assets alright on paper, but they cannot be liquidated without doing immense and incalculable harm to the dependents they feed, clothe, and house, and/or educate or heal in clinics and hospitals. I speak for my own congregation. We have buildings and assets, and not one of them belongs to anyone of us. Again, they belong to the “corporation” that is the congregation, and we cannot sell those assets for pure personal gain without doing harm to the mission we do as educators.

    4) Those who continue to harp on the number of hospitals that they impute mistakenly to the “Church” and interpret them as worldly assets do not have the faintest understanding of religious life and religious culture and its life of mission. The Church does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT build hospitals in the same way and motivation that MVP would build one. When businessmen build a hospital, that is called investment, meant to be for profit. But the shallow blanket condemnation of the Church building hospitals and schools for profit, show the utter ignorance of these haters and bashers of the issue of MISSION which is not equivalent to the token CSR (corporate social responsibility) of most for profit companies. When we religious and diocesan clergy build hospitals and schools, they are not primarily for profit, but to create legitimate sustainable works to be able to help those who otherwise cannot afford to pay for them. These propagandists and ignoramuses who love to perorate against the Catholic Church but gloss over other religious groups show nothing but their bias or hatred against the biggest charitable institution in the world.

    It only means one thing … Their aim is really not to find out the truth and expose it, but to expose their own preconceived truth and their own brand of truth to mislead, and to sow doubt and confusion in the unsuspecting minds of people who take everything such fake journalists say, hook, line and sinker.

    I notice one thing though … Those who comment in favor of what the fake journalist online journal called R are regularly reporting (almost on schedule, and timed for maximum readership on certain occasions), are most likely the same people, using the same stale arguments, designed not to ferret out truth or contribute to the search for truth, but to foster anger and defiance against the hand that probably fed them. (Yes, many were and are recipients of the largesse of the Church, but either without them knowing or they simply deny them). The negative comments are done by people, who, in the first place, already have an axe to grind against the Church for reasons best known to themselves. And they simply love to come out of the woodworks on occasions like now, when the Church occupies center stage in the hearts and minds of people, with the impending visit of the Pope.

    N.B. Incidentally, I write from a school that has no assets to speak of, liquid or non-liquid. These ignoramuses always say we charge high tuition fees, but they never bother to ask how much of that goes to personnel and operations. To survive, I had, and still have to beg the help of Catholic friends who have the wherewithal and the know-how to help us keep afloat. And yes, we priests and brothers who run the school do not live off the non-existent fat of the land, but by the sweat of our brow, very literally, yes … including washing our own clothes and cooking our own meals on occasion, for one simple reason … we cannot afford personnel especially on holidays that are getting more and more by the year. I have no reason to complain, but I do have reason to rant against fake journalists like those of R who seem to be overfocused on their imaginative “riches” of the Catholic Church. Now, if they do real research, not based on hunches, they might want to tell us where those riches are, apart from the usual, stale, and old arguments like the paintings of Michelangelo and the few buildings in the tiny state called the Vatican.

    This is meant, not as a rebuttal against people who already made up their mind, but for friends who, on account of such lies and misleading articles, are getting confused.

    • SHut d Ef up…puro ka satsat….sige i convert natin sa $….sabihin na lang natin. 3 million dollars na lang? naliliitan ka? wala ka naman yatang. $5000.

  77. Is this the Kind of Church that Jesus plan to establish here on Earth? We are asking the Security Exchange Commission to tell the truth and nothing but the Truth. So, help us God.

  78. ang yaman yaman pala ng catholic church . dapat sila ang tumulong sa mga nasalanta ng kalamidad at pagawan nila ng bahay yong mga squaters para wala na tayong problem sa squating. napakaganda sana ng pilipinas kung makipag tulungan itong katolikong simbahan sa gobierno. hindi totoo na mahirap ang pilipinas , nsa simbahang katoliko pala ang pera ng bayan na pwedeng gamitin para wala ng pilipino na nag hihirap.

  79. in the interest of fairness, dapat malaman din ng lahat kung gaano kalaki naman ang inilalagay nila sa charity work nila. We would like to see them spending more for projects that help the poor than for themselves. Sabi nga nila, simple at payak na pamumuhay ay masaya dahil mapalad ang mga naghihirap, di ba? Iresearch na natin yan. Since they have a very strong say in philippine politics, and they are so keen on scrutinizing political decisions and national programs, there should be nothing wrong if the catholic church opens up for scrutiny as well. It will allow them some space to proove themselves as true bastions and advocates for the poor. Kasi kung lamang ang kabig kesa sa pagbigay sa mahihirap, nako, ewan. Wala silang ipinag iba sa mga prayle at pharisies noong panahon ni Jesus. Mga tao lang sila na may mga intensyon na pangtao, at hindi totoong makatao. Negosyo lang din.

  80. All they preach they did not practise I remember wayback in highschool a priest says in his sermon that their are rooms in heaven that full of ears and mouth only, since most of the time only the ears listen and the lips service so that is why only the ears and lips goes to heaven


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